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11549 Business Ethics course is taught at the University of Canberra under the Faculty of Business, Government & Law which has three credit points in total.  The study level of the course falls under level two of the Undergraduate Intermediate Unit.  The course is designed in order to ensure that students are able to develop a strong sense of ethics in the field of business. Thus, the course will help the students to realize the importance of ethical frameworks as well as they will be trained to handle and analyze the importance of a professional code of conduct. This is very important, especially for those who want to be financial advisors because it is important that they render options and take decisions which are best for the client.

Along with this, the course is very important as it will give students the opportunity to solve a lot of problems and also tackle a range of ethical dilemmas as well which will continuously crop up in any professional setup.  Having said that this course will definitely equip students to become better financial advisors for any individual or any organization because good business as well as the overall development of the employees as well as depends on the kind of decisions that are being taken.

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Unit Details of 11549 Business Ethics

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit Code: 11549

Study Level: Level 2 - Undergraduate Intermediate Unit

Location: University of Canberra, Canberra, Australia

The unit is designed in a way to render students the knowledge with an ethical framework that needs to be applied in a professional context. The unit will also teach students the importance of the code of ethics which is very important in order to become financial advisers. The students will also learn to apply the ethical framework to solve the different kinds of dilemmas that might crop up in the professional setup. And the unit will also teach the students the importance of financial advisors in order to provide people with the best interest and the unit will also teach the students to justify the need for due diligence and will also train them to maintain the client files as well as records. Furthermore, the students will also learn the importance of different kinds of professional codes of ethics and how they can help in solving real-life issues.

11549 assessment answers include learnings from different reports as well as cases and journal articles as well as textbooks in order to further develop their understanding of the different kinds of ethical standards. While the ethical standards in a contemporary context are important it is also important that the students are able to learn and gather knowledge from the Royal Commission on Financial Services. Along with this, another important aspect of the unit is the fact that it renders the students with all the required information with regards to the importance and relevance and the application of the code of ethics.

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Brief on 11549 Business Ethics

There are different kinds of assessment in the course in order to assess the knowledge base as well as the performance base of the subject. Thus, in order to reveal that the students have to compulsorily participate in a number of group as well as individual assessments. The students thus have to pass in different kinds of tasks which are task 1, as well as task 2 ,and task 3 as well. The students have to participate in all these tasks which are designed in a way to help the students demonstrate what they have learned about business ethics throughout this course. With this, some of the assignments are also very important in inculcating how they can develop and conduct themselves in a group.

Along with the academic knowledge it is also very important that the students are able to reflect their understanding of how they will be able to apply this in the professional setup as well. Most importantly while these things are covered by the assignments, the assessments also require the students to reflect a range of foundational skills like communication skills as well as negotiation skills. They also have to reflect the understanding and exhibit a greater amount of leadership skills which will help the students to tackle and respond to all kinds of complex industry-related problems. Having said that it is also important that the students are able to able to unpack the different kinds of ethical frameworks which is very important in their practice as well.

Along with this, another important aspect of the assignment is the fact that it lays a lot of stress on the academic integrity that the students have to take responsibility for. This is also considered very critical for the students learning as the first step which will help in building ethical standards of the students as well. Throughout the assessments thus the students have to mandatorily use and maintain ethical standards.

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Weightage of this 11549 Business Ethics Course in Their Semester

It is a three-credit course with a series of assignments to assess the strength that students have gathered in the subject. Having said that it is also very important to note the fact that in this course both the individual as well as the group presentations are compulsory and the university takes them very seriously.

Along with this, it is also very important that they learn how to communicate effectively, how they can employ and use relevant knowledge in their practice. Having said that it is also very important that the students are able to use creativity as well as critical thinking through the different kinds of assessments that are given to them. However, one of the most important aspects of the assessments is the fact that the students have to pass all the assignments in order to get a distinction in the course.

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