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MGMT6012 Management Perspectives is offered by Torrens University, Australia. Management perspectives course deals with aspects of planning, communication, leadership, and many more such aspects required for an effective and efficient management process.

The Management Perspectives Courses focus on the following aspects:

  • People Management– This aspect focuses on how to develop practical objectives, how to communicate the objective to the co-workers; evaluate and monitor the performance of the workforce in accordance with the goals of the organization; how to make orders follow; how to develop time management skills; how to assist the co-workers to enhance their skills and personal qualities.
  • Managing change– Many times changes are required for the efficient functioning of the organization or any business. This part emphasizes how to identify the need for change, how to plan for the change; how to develop strategies to execute the plan required for change; it provides strategies for monitoring and evaluation of the tasks.
  • Project management– It focuses on strategies on how to develop a project, its, scope, requirements, and results it will provide; how to manage the workforce and the available resources in the project; how to develop a guide map for the execution of the plan related to the project; how to fit it within the given time frame and budget; how to develop an efficient budget; how to evaluate and monitor the performance of the co-workers; how to develop and maintain records, how to re-develop strategies and plans for any type of modification required in the project.
  • Performance evaluation– It provides knowledge on how to develop strategies for monitoring and evaluation of the workforce, resources, and the project as a whole. Developing future plans, for effective execution of similar projects; how to enhance the skills and performance of the workforce to further benefit the organization; identification of problems, loopholes, and conflicts and development of resolution strategies for them.
  • Planning– Planning is an essential part of the success of any type of management process. The course material focuses on how to plan the utilization and optimization of the available resources to the optimum; how to develop plans; how to monitor the performance of the workforce; how to develop plans to fulfill the goals of the organization; how to manage change and plan new strategies to suit in accordance to the change required.
  • Communication– This part focuses on developing effective communication skills and strategies; How to communicate one's views and opinions; how to explain things, how to convince people, and influence them; how to enhance one's listen to skills and conflict resolution skills.
  • Team Management– This includes aspects related to team building; inculcating efficient communication skills among the team members; building team cohesion and team spirit among the co-workers; how to plan teamwork and execution strategies; how to lead the team; how to provide encouragement and developing positive spirit among team members, and how to build a positive image of the team as a whole.
  • Leadership– Leadership plays a vital role in the success of any management project. The course provides strategies to enhance leadership quality in individuals; it provides knowledge on how to become an effective role model; how to motivate co-workers to achieve the organizational goals; how to provide support, guidance, and advice to the co-workers for generating positive vibes among them. How to establish a sense of trust, loyalty, and confidence of the co-workers; how to effectively resolve conflicts.
  • Enhancing Personal effectiveness– It focuses on how to improve oneself through introspection about their weaknesses and strengths; it educates one about strategies to improve one's communication skills, leadership skills, conflict resolution skills, organizational and management skills. It also enlightens about helping others to overcome their weakness to move towards achieving the organizational goals and objectives.
  • Development function– It emphasizes how to use various strategies to increase the efficiency of the workforce; how to develop a good work environment; how to organize workshops for skill up-gradation and personality development of the workforce; how to develop a positive and supportive atmosphere and team spirit; how to develop confidence among its members and how to develop a positive feedback system.
  • Client focus– It focuses on how managers should develop strategies to understand the requirements demands and needs of the client or customer of the organization; how to identify customer needs; how to cater to the needs of the clients.

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Unit Details Of MGMT6012 Management Perspectives

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code - MGMT6012

Location - Adelaide, Australia

Study level - Bachelors, Vocational

Brief On MGMT6012 Management Perspectives

This course has three assignments. The first is a question-answer on the fundamental concepts carrying 30% of the total marks. The second is an individual case study report carrying 30% of the total marks and the final assessment is a group report and presentation carrying 40% of the total marks.

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Weightage Of This MGMT6012 Course Code In Their Semester

This course, MGMT6012 has 100 marks in weightage in their semester. The students must score at least 50% of the total marks to pass the subject.

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