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Have you ever tried to persuade someone of a certain fact? Then you will know the efforts required to address people’s falsely held beliefs and correct them with relevant evidence. Now imagine doing the same through an essay that will be assessed by your professors. A persuasive essay is not just about putting your perspective forward. It’s more about justifying your perspective.

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Our Persuasive Essays Define Perfection

Our persuasive essay writers use facts, valid reasons, analytical examples and quotes

Australian professors are very strict when it comes to assessing your persuasive essays. They assess your papers by keeping specific criteria in mind. We are able to meet your professor’s expectations because we know what they look for in your persuasive essay.

Check out the elements your professor wants from the essay and learn how we fulfil them.

Criteria: Purpose and audience

Our take: We persuade your readers to adopt a unique point of view

Many Australian students fail to attain good marks in the paper because they did not understand the purpose of their topic. You can heave a sigh of relief since we are here to assist you in writing paper. Our persuasive essay writers will analyse the question by using relevant process words and write the essay accordingly. We will use logic and reasoning to show that one idea is more legitimate than the other. Get persuasive essay writing service  from us now.

Criteria: Effective content organisation

Our take: We follow the format as specified by the student’s University

We write your essay using the standard persuasive essay format as specified by your university. Our writers include the persuasive essay introduction, a body where we develop the arguments and a conclusion. We also write a strong thesis statement in the opening paragraph to grab your reader’s interest. If required, we will send you the persuasive essay outline before writing the paper. Let us know if you want any changes.

Criteria: Effective Development

Our take: We master the link between our arguments and evidence

Worried about your persuasive essay structure? Don’t be. We don’t leave any room for unanswered questions in the body of your persuasive essay. We present credible facts and real-life evidence for every argument that we provide in the paper. Our persuasive essay writers use counterarguments to rebut opposing positions. We will bowl your professors over with our credible resources.

Now, do you believe that we are an expert at exceeding your professor’s expectations? We will also choose persuasive essay topics and ideas for you in case you have not been given a topic already. From the persuasive essay introduction, to the conclusion, we got everything covered.

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Writing a persuasive essay is equal to watching your favourite TV series. How? Let our experts write the essay for you, and you can do whatever you want. Watch a movie or go on a vacation. Persuasive essay writing is no less than a cakewalk for our writers. Leave your worries to the experts of and focus on your priorities. Here’s how our persuasive essay writers will deliver a paper worthy of an A+.

  • Appropriate vocabulary

From writing persuasive paragraphs to stating the facts, we use appropriate vocabulary throughout the essay. Our PhD qualified writers will make sure your persuasive writing paper stays ahead of the curve no matter what. Take our persuasive essay writing help now and boost your grades.

  • Relevant facts, statistics and quotes

We use credible evidence, facts, statistics and quotes to produce the best persuasive essay to our clients. Our writers use numerical and visual evidence to establish the arguments in the paper. Opt for our persuasive essay writing services to deliver the best paper in your class. Check out our online persuasive essay examples to understand how we write the essays.

  • Citations of all the resources

Have a look at our persuasive essay sample papers, and you will understand that we cite the resources as well. From high school level essays to university level essays, we will take care of the referencing requirements, no matter what. Our citation specialists are well versed with MLA, APA, Harvard, Oxford, Chicago, etc. referencing formats. Buy persuasive essays from us now and enjoy academic success.

Our writers will always walk that extra mile to deliver a unique persuasive essay. Other writers in Australia will not put as much effort as we do.

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Are you looking for reliable persuasive essay samples? Have a word with our writers right now. Besides writing the essay, we will also help you with persuasive essay topics for middle school, high school, college and kids. You don’t have to search for persuasive essay help once you visit us.

We have worked on topics such as:

  • Capital punishment is a crime
  • Euthanasia should not be allowed
  • Humans are the main cause of climate change
  • Students must be allowed to carry an electroshock weapon
  • Commercial testing on animals should stop.

Our writers are familiar with all sorts of persuasive essay topics. We have samples on persuasive essay topic for abortion, smoking, global warming or the death penalty. Call us and we will provide you with the samples for free.

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Most Popular FAQs Searched By Students

Question: What is the primary purpose of a persuasive essay?

Answer: The primary goal of writing a persuasive essay is to convince the targeted audience about an idea, opinion, or a viewpoint. The act of persuasion automatically implies that the views on the subject can be argued. Written arguments should be supported and positively explained by substantial evidence.

Question: What is the most crucial part of a persuasive essay?

Answer: The most important part of a persuasive essay is the introduction. It should be clear and concise, defining your point of view. You must "hook" your readers using a fact related to the topic, a quote, or an anecdote. An introduction must flow seamlessly towards the body paragraphs and keep your readers interested in your paper.

Question: What are the five paragraphs in a persuasive essay?

Answer: The five paragraphs in a persuasive essay are:

  • Introductory paragraph: Give an overview of the topic/argument and end it with a thesis statement which reveals the main point of argument
  • Body Paragraphs: The number of body paragraphs varies depending on the topic. Each section should focus on one piece of evidence with supporting details.
  • Opposing view paragraph: Describe and refute the opposing view.
  • Concluding paragraph: Summarise and restate the thesis with supporting details.  

Question: What are the key features of a persuasive text?

Answer: Persuasive texts are written to convince readers about an idea or do something. The key features of a persuasive text include:

  • Repeated words
  • Alliterative words
  • Emotional language
  • A strong argument with relevant evidence
  • Rhetorical questions
  • Humour
  • Bold, colourful, capitalised font 

Question: How do I write a persuasive essay?

Answer: For writing a strong persuasive essay, you need to pay attention to the prewriting phase.

  • Research about the issue and carefully pick the side you want to advocate.
  • Understand yourreader's perspective – whether the reader is undecided or inclined to favour a party
  • Conduct extensive research to pull valid information
  • Identify the convincing evidence and critical points of your and the opposing view.
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