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  • The concept of the unit

To start with the course unit, it is important for the students to gather a general idea about the topic, the importance of the course unit in order to understand the topic of the course unit. MGMT20140 is talking about the design thinking for the managers in an organization. In this way the students will be able to learn about the theories, models or the frameworks that can be used in the process of design thinking in an organization.

The term design thinking is a huge part of the design management which can be used in the development of compelling products as well as the services that are being offered by the organization. In this way, the services and the products resonate with the target customers. Thus it helps in providing consistency in the production for the financial reward for the company and build up the trust by the brand loyalty. Design thinking is a process which is human-centered and empathy-approaches for the innovation of the company and creative thinking.

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There are several underlying principles which can be used based on the needs, inspirations, wishes or even concerns about problem solving. The main focus of the design thinking is how a user should approach with their respective point of view in order to solve some of the basic or critical problems in the organization. By the help of the process, many of the insights are opened from the user end to find out the right solution for problem solving.

Design thinking and its underlying theories allows the manager of the design management system for the research, empathy or even for the reduction of the ambiguity. Lastly, it creates the easiest process to find out the point of the intersection that lies between the desirability or the feasibility and allows the scope for the proper creativity. There are four kinds of stage present in the design thinking such as: Clarify Ideate, Develop and the Implement. By following the stage the manager gets enough scope to run the design management properly in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the company.          

  • The importance of the course unit

There are various kinds of approaches and techniques that can be applied for the problem solving or innovative thinking process. The process of design thinking or the entire design management can be counted as one of them. In recent times, the importance of design thinking is constantly increasing in the organizations of the modern world. By the help of the design thinking process, the managers can easily establish a proper transformation in the operation of the organization where the development of the products and services can be observed along with the advancement in the strategies. It allows the managers to have an idea about the disability from the customer's end and understand the customer's perspectives. By the help of the design thinking for the managers helps in understanding the feasibility of the technology and the viability of the economic state of the companies. There are also some of the important aspects that can be achieved by the help of the design thinking process which are:

  • The main purpose of the design thinking for managers is all about solving the problems regarding the requirements from the customers end.
  • To be able to provide support to tackle all kinds of ambiguous problems occurring in the organization.
  • Driving the people of the organization for the great scopes of creative thinking.
  • It also helps the organization to keep up with the fast pace and rapid changes in the marketplace.

The entire course unit based on the design thinking for the manager of any kind of organization will be helpful for the students to adopt the skills and techniques based on the creative thinking and innovative mind-set.                        

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The details of the unit: Location, level of study and code of the unit

Unit details: The unit describes the skills and techniques that are necessary for the entire process of design thinking process for any kind of organization or the situation within the organization. The unit gives enough scope to the students to have a greater idea while applying the design thinking in the real world organization. All of the students will be exposed to the entire process, theories, tools and techniques that are useful for achieving the goals and objectives after the application of the design thinking. The unit course also requires the students to do the proper documentation for the unit course which needs to meet the standard of the university documentation process.   

Location: Australia

Study level: Vocational and further education (TAFE)

Unit code: MGMT20140  

Brief of MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers Assessment

The entire assessment will be designed under a certain set of parameters which is expected to be completed within a scheduled timing. The entire assessment will be designed based on the topic design thinking of the manager which might help the pupils to have proper reinforcement of skills and knowledge about the topic itself. At the end of the course unit, the students will be expected to demonstrate and deliver the theories about topics from the course. Lastly the students will be able to achieve the following learning outcomes after the completion of the course unit. These learning outcomes are:

  • To be able to apply the principles in the organizational practices.
  • To be able to practice the theories while developing the strategy for the organization.
  • To be able to identify the proper theories and frameworks before coming up with critical thinking and innovations for the organizational processes.

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What is the weightage of the MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers Assessment in their semester?

The main weightage of the course unit MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers is about 15 credit points in the semester. 20% of the total credit points will be allotted for the learning about the theories, frameworks and the case study analysis. 30% of the total will be allotted for the practical session and assignment based on the topic of the course. The remaining 50% will be marked after the completion of the written examination at the end of the course unit. Apart from those, the students will be evaluated based on their attentiveness and performances throughout the entire course unit MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers.      

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