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Explain 15310 Project Integration Management Assessment Answers

The 15310 assessment answers unit forms part of the post-graduation course offered by the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. 15310 project integration management unit focuses on the integration management that includes planning, initiation, implementation, handover and review throughout the life of the project.

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The subject matter of 15310 assignment answers course are provided to the students with the help of readings problem-based learning which involves simulation and role play, and discussions. The students will be taught to integrate the processes that are critical for the success of the project. The stakeholder and teamwork management are the fundamental skills that are required for successful delivery of the project. The subject requires to manage, plan, deliver and review the stimulated project while managing the team and fulfilling the expectations of the multiple stakeholders. The subject in 15310 assessment answers course emphasises critical thinking and the ability of the students to integrate multiple tasks and manage the teams so that they could achieve the desired outcomes.

Subject learning Outcomes

After the successful completion of this unit, the students will be able to:

  • Apply foundational Project Management Knowledge
  • Effectively communicate in writing in project environments
  • Think critically
  • Reflect on, improve, practice
  • Define and conduct research projects.

Course intended learning outcomes

This subject also contributes to the following course intended learning outcomes:

  • Ability to develop and adapt project management knowledge to meet contextual demands.
  • Ability to effectively use written communication in projects at a professional level.
  • Ability to apply foundational project management knowledge in projects.
  • Ability to think critically and synthesize complex data
  • Ability to actively reflect on, and improve, project practice.
  • Ability to manage the project activities from an organizational perspective.
  • Ability to define, initiate and conduct research projects

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Contribution to the development of graduate attributes

The term CAPRI is used for the five categories of graduate attributes, which are presented below:

C = Communication and groupwork

A = Attitudes and Values

P = practical and professional

R = Research and critique

I = Innovation and creativity.

All the students learning outcomes of this unit are linked with the graduate attributes.

Learning and Teaching Strategies

Strategy 1: Students Preparation for Learning

Students can use online references and resource resources to familiarise themselves with the subject's topics at their own speed. A pre-workshop written assessment will evaluate learning from readings and recorded materials. The readings and individual pre-workshop assessments are intended to create the groundwork for student participation in the case study.

Strategy 2:  Workshop discussion and recorded materials

In 15310 assessment answers course Students will be introduced to the essential principles, tools, and procedures of project integration management through video and other materials. The recorded materials are an important learning resource for this subject, and students should go over them early in the semester and revisit subjects as needed during the Case Study. During the Workshop discussion sessions, students are also invited to offer questions.

Strategy 3: Instructional Simulation

The instructional scenarios will be used to place the students into a pre-defined situations, a form of reality in which the students will interact with one another to apply the knowledge and skills learned by the students. The simulation assist the students to contextualise the learning and practice the tools and techniques studied in the course to achieve the desired goals of the organization. It promotes the use of critical thinking and evaluate the thinking process of the students. The situation or scenarios are made as real as possible so that it requires more engaging interaction among students.

Strategy 4: Collaborative Problem solving

In this strategy, the students will be required to work in groups and learn how to work together towards the achieved of the desired goals and objectives. It involves problem solving skills of the students in a group setting that are directly linked with the subject matter content. This approach will help the students in applying and demonstrating their learning through the cases that involves actual or hypothetical scenarios.

Strategy 5: Online Learning

The use of canvas are included in this strategy. The students will be able to access the 15310 assignment answers course content and engage themselves in student-led discussions on the important topics. The presentation slides are available for review on Canvas. The students will be able to post queries on the open discussion forums, where they will receive the feedback or guidance from the subject coordinator.

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Strategy 6: Ongoing Feedback

The structured feedback is often provided individually, at each tutorial, and to the subject group about group activities and assignments. A number of opportunities will be provided to the students to receive feedback during the workshop. The detailed guidance with respect to the assessment criteria and the provision for timely feedback will form an important part of the learning process.

Content of the topics covered in this subject

  • Project definition
  • Stakeholder requirement identification
  • Project proposal
  • Project charter
  • Project planning
  • Project scope definition
  • Scope change management
  • Project review
  • Project Integration

Unit Details

Unit code: 15310

Course Title: Project Integration Management

Study Level: Postgraduate

University: University of Technology

Location: Sydney, Australia

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Brief Of 15310 Project Integration Management Assessment

The 15310 assessment answers course is done from three different tasks. The first task involves the pre-workshop individual essay and analysis; the second task involves the development of a project management plan by working in groups while the third tasks involves an individual essay and analysis post-workshop.


Task 1

Task 2

Task 3


The pre-workshop essay and analysis gives students an opportunity to evaluate their self-directed learning and lays the foundation for delivering the first component of the workshop Case Study

During the workshop, students will be given the opportunity to implement their understanding of the subject topics in a hypothetical project scenario to demonstrate and develop their competencies in applying project integration management's tools and techniques in a role-play simulation

The post-workshop essay and analysis will give students an opportunity to reflect on their self-directed learning and their case study group work and contextualise this within their own work experiences.


This task addresses the subject learning outcomes 1 & 2.

This task addresses the subject learning outcomes 1, 3, 5.

This task addresses the subject learning outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5.







Group, Group, and individually assessed


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Weightage of 15310 Project Integration Management Course Code

  Task 1 Task 2 Task 3
Weight 20% 30%


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