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Explanation of the 101596 Context Of Human Services Course Code

The course code 101596 Context Of Human Services is associated with the context of human service. The 101596 assignment answers unit introduces the students to the roles of human service within the political context. Students develop critical analysis towards the contribution of the state, market, and the community encouraging the reflection on underpinning the values. It will also help in identifying the change strategies that might be used and developed in each of the domains for bringing about social outcomes. Human service professional seems to benefit the entire community.

They develop a better idea of why one must choose towards working in human services. Working in human service acts as an endeavor that is mutually beneficial. It aids others in improving themselves. Students who choose the profession are able to enhance the quality of community life and make an acceptable living for them.

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A degree in human service also aids the graduates to remain in a better position for providing direct assistance to families and individuals since the coursework takes into account training within groups and tactics for individual support used at the advanced and the novice levels of practice. Students learn the ways of thinking in an introspective manner and use their own experiences in aiding clients to navigate a range of human emotions. It also prepares the students to mend the troubled relations thereby creating a stronger foundation of family orientation which acts as a catalyst for future prosperity.

The 101596 assessment answers course code is associated with Western Sydney University. This university is also known as the University of Western Sydney is basically an Australia-based university with multiple campuses across the Greater Western Sydney region of Australia. The university has been found in the year 1989 as one of the federated network universities having an amalgamation between the Hawkesbury Agricultural College and Nepean College of Advanced Education.

Macarthur Institute for Higher Education had been incorporated across the University in the year 1989. In the year 2001, the university had been restructured as one of the multiple campus universities instead of a federation. In the year 2015, this university underwent a rebranding that resulted in a change in the name of the university. It also provides postgraduate, undergraduate, and degrees in higher research and has campuses in Blacktown, Bankstown, Campbelltown, Liverpool, Hawkesbury, Penrith, and Parramatta. It also ranked among the top 300 universities across the world.

Unit Details

Location: Greater Western Sydney, Australia

Study level: Bachelor of Social Work

Unit code: 101596

Brief of the 101596 Context Of Human Services Assessment

The Bachelor of Social Work represents a four-year degree that is completely accredited by the Australian Association of Social Workers. The graduates of social work from Western Sydney University are generally prepared for working in a wider range of organizations associated with human service across diverse areas of practice including group work, casework, research, policy, and community developed. Students are found to undertake conventional academic units while completing the assessed placements including 1008 hours of Accreditation. The 101596 assessment answers course remains accredited by the Australian Association of the Social Workers (AASW) with the graduates remaining eligible for membership in AASW.

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Weightage of the 101596 Context Of Human Services Course Code

The 101596 task solution course code is part of the curriculum and has grades dependent on it and therefore certain weightage for the semester. The field of human service remains defined broadly that uniquely approaches the objectives of meeting human needs through an interdisciplinary base of knowledge, focusing on the prevention and remediation of problems and maintenance of commitment towards improving the quality of the life of service populations. The profession of human service refers to the one that promotes an improved level of service delivery system through not only addressing the quality of the direct service but also seeking towards improving the accountability, accessibility, and coordination amongst agencies and professionals associated with the delivery of service.

The profession of human service is one that seems to promote improved systems of service delivery through addressing the quality of the direct service along with seeking improvement in the accountability, accessibility, and coordination amongst the agencies and the professionals within service delivery. Standards of community skills help the students define competencies used by the workers of the direct service in a wider variety of service contexts within the community settings across the nation. The 101596 assessment answers course study is also designed to be relevant to vary and direct service roles such as vocational, residential, and therapeutic with the standards dependent upon the nationally validated analysis of jobs involving a wider variety of consumers, workers, educators, and providers of human service.

The skill standards of community support provide comprehensive descriptions of the responsibilities and the roles in close to twelve critical competence areas like community advocacy and networking, and empowerment. Enhanced with the illustrative performance measures and the scenarios, the standards provide the organizational trainers, leaders, policymakers, and educators with an architecture for a workforce development plan which is comprehensive. The shift in focus of the human service away from the bigger institutions towards decentralized neighborhood-related community settings has put across newer demands on the human service workers and the providers.

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Students also become aware of how as workers they should know the ways of working with the consumers and the families for weaving together an array of community resources, special assistance, and natural support for promoting empowerment, community membership, and wellbeing. The workers require training within a newer framework of the skills which incorporate profound changes that shape the field and assure a viable future within the field of human service. Students considering careers in human service should know that predictive analysis and telemental health shall play a key role within the industry. Predictive analysis refers to the process of data analysis that allows for making predictions for future analysis. On the other hand, telemental health refers to the practice of delivery of the services of mental health through the use of live conferencing which has gained prominence in the past couple of years.

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