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The course ENGL001 English Composition is conducted at Saylor University which is located in Washington, D.C. This course as the name suggests is associated with the English subject and helps in preparing the students to write a composition in a compact manner. It also focuses on ensuring that the students are able to implement all the information that they have gathered on the given topic in the most precise manner within the short composition itself. In other words, it also focuses on the critical thinking part and then the writing skills which is present in the student and finally polishing both to ensure that the students will be able to write the composition which would typically include all the important factors and information, as well as the writing style, will also be professional rather than looking weak making the understanding process extremely difficult for the readers. Therefore, the main purpose of this course is to change the way a student thinks critically and then perfect their writing skills of the person.

This course will ensure that the students begin to see the importance of writing as a process that can be difficult at some points but it is certainly a productive process. It will also show the students the ways in which a piece of writing or composition can ensure that the students gain enough understanding about how to structure writing and also how to search for relevant information or points for the composition. The course will begin by first changing the perspective of the students on the ways of writing.  It will also ensure that all the students are able to formulate a good thesis statement and then back them up with solid evidence to prove the point that is raised.

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Unit Details of ENGL001 English Composition

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code: - ENGL001

Location: - Saylor University, Washington, D.C.

Study level: - Undergraduate level of study.

Brief on ENGL001 English Composition

The assessment will mainly focus on testing the ability of the students in implementing the various concepts and frameworks that are learned by them within this course. It will first test the ability of the students to lay down the most important points that are directly related to the topic. In this case, the students are expected to list down the points that they wish to include in the composition. There need to be at least three to five points that need to be provided by the students. They will also have to justify their choice of points through a question and answers session. The students will then be expected to show their ability to effectively formulate the composition by blending the gathered information in sentences. The students in this case will be evaluated on the basis of their ability to form a composition with efficiency in general.

The last part of the assessment would be creating a composition that will adhere to the standards of a powerful composition in general. The students will thus have to create a composition that is structured as per the topic and the rules of writing a composition. The ideas are supposed to be flowing freely rather than being overlapping ideas where none of the information will make sense. The information in the composition will also have to be relevant rather than dwelling on too many details or mentioning general information which is not a credible source of information.

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Weightage of this ENGL001Course Code in Their Semester

This course does hold importance within this semester and this course forms an integral part of the semester which is mainly focused on helping the students in having a stronghold over the English language and also the writing style. This course is extremely important because firstly it helps the students in opting for critical thinking on various subjects and topics rather than simply believing the aspects that meet the eyes of the students. The students are also taught about credible sources and how information can be collected from authentic sources and then use them in such a way that it helps in justifying the point that is raised by the writer in the piece of literature. This course also focuses on improving the writing skills of the students which can be extremely helpful to the students not just in this course but in any profession that the students get involved in. They also learn to interpret the information that is available to them and then use them in writing compositions.

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