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Answer: Weekly Portfolio Learning Table Description of topics including reading samples Learning outcomes of the course Learnings from your experience, this and prior course reading, assignments Supporting documentation including your prior learning Week 11 Topic: Argument; Logic; Ethics.   The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy;   Emotional Intelligence;   QLD Government negotiation advice;   YouTube: Popular Videos – Negoti ... Read More Published : 23-Oct-2021  |  Views : 11
Answer: Tasmanian Gourmet Vension Private Limited is a reputed wholesale butchery firm in Tasmania, which is looking for funds in order to diversify its business diversification. The aim is to establish retail butcheries in Launceston and Hobart. Amount of needed finance:             The organisation needs funds of $500,000 for its business diversification in order to form its butchery outlets. The organisation requires funds to buy new ... Read More Published : 23-Oct-2021  |  Views : 11
Answer: Statement of Percentage change between year 3 and year 1 Particular Percentage (Increase / Decrease) Food & Beverages 251.58 Other Operated Department 576.58 Total Sales 257.42 Rooms 150.18 Food & Beverages 180.07 Other operted Departments 282.15 Administrative & General 104.30 Sales & Marketing 73.86 Property Operation & Maintena ... Read More Published : 23-Oct-2021  |  Views : 11
Answer: The business rules of the MediRAY chain of pharmacies are as following. Each of the patients must have an digital record if they have visited MediRAY chain of pharmacies The doctors who had worked there and currently working must be registered within the system For different pharmacies different registration must be done A doctor will be seeing at least one patient A patient must be visiting one of the physician Several drugs can be prescribed to many patients at the same time ... Read More Published : 23-Oct-2021  |  Views : 11
Answer: A technical report could not be imagined without some kind of graphical illustration for supporting the text (Asadi Someh and Shanks 2015). However, with the rapid growth of digitalisation, the developed reports need to be attractive as well as interesting for gaining an insight of the complex data. This could be illustrated with the help of graphs, tables, pictures and charts. However, the criteria of evaluation could be established in different ways based on the way of apprehension. ... Read More Published : 23-Oct-2021  |  Views : 11
Answer: Heartbeat oximeter is a therapeutic instrument that can recognize heart - rate and oxygen immersion as marks of our level of wellbeing condition. It can be executed as a little gadget, and subsequently, has been utilized generally in various applications. The center hypothesis behind  pulse oximeter is the changeability of the assimilation coefficient of photons experiencing human tissues at various wavelength. Since individuals are thinking about the measure of oxygen immersion ... Read More Published : 23-Oct-2021  |  Views : 11
Answers: The research paper that has been taken into consideration deals with the relationship between neighbourhood public disorder and child conduct problems. The following research paper aims at explaining the relationship between the two mentioned aspects with the help of Broken Window Theory.              Broken window theory is the method that would be applied in this research paper to conduct the research that has been framed ... Read More Published : 23-Oct-2021  |  Views : 11
Answer: AIDS or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is a series of devastating infections that are caused by the HIV or the human immunodeficiency virus. It is a retrovirus, which attacks and kills the white blood cells, which are essential to the body's immune system. In the 21st century, still no cure has been formulated for this devastating and frightening disease present in the world. AIDS and HIV continue to affect million lives around the world. The principal modes of transmission are th ... Read More Published : 23-Oct-2021  |  Views : 11
Answers: There are different types of business structures such as sole proprietor, partnership, limited liability partnership, and corporation[1]. Under sole proprietor structure, the business is controlled by one person. This type of business structure is preferred when the business is to operate at small scale. The proprietor is the whole and sole of business in a proprietorship firm. When the business grows, it would require more capital and more people to control and manage it. In that ca ... Read More Published : 23-Oct-2021  |  Views : 11
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