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Shell Case Study


 The paper provide a brief insight into Shell Company and PESTLE as well as SWOT analysis.  Shell Oil Business assignment help is the United States-based exclusively possessed subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell. It is a transnational corporation "oil major" of Anglo-Dutch heritages, which is amongst the largest oil businesses in the world. Around 80,000 Shell personnel are grounded in the U.S.  The HQs are U.S in Houston of Texas. Shell Oil Company along with mutual companies as well as its share in equity business are highlighted as one of America's largest oil as well as natural gas producers.  Shell Oil Business are also   natural gas marketers, gasoline marketers as well as petrochemical manufacturers which bring them huge revenue around the globe.

Shell is currently market front-runner through about 25,000 Shell-branded gas stations.  It is also serve as Shell's most visible community communication around the globe.  In various stations, Shell delivers diesel fuel, gasoline   as well as LPG for the vehicles. Shell Oil Company was a half partner with the Saudi Arabian government-owned oil company such as Saudi Aramco in the Motiva Enterprises. It was a refining and marketing assignment help joint venture   that operates three oil refineries on the Gulf Coast of the United States. However, Shell is currently divesting its interest in Motiva. Shell crops include oils, fuels as well as car services as well as exploration, production, and refining of fuel products. The Shell Oil Refinery also situated in various place such as Martinez, California, the first Shell refinery in the United States, supplies Shell and Texaco stations in the West and Midwest. Shell gasoline beforehand included the RU2000 as well as SU2000 lines but they have been outdated by the V-Power line.  The following paragraphs will provide a brief insight into PESTLE as well as SWOT analysis.


 SWOT analysis:

  1. Strong Market Position:

Shell has upstream as well as downstream operations in over 70 countries around the world. One of the largest oil businesses in the world as well as has various fuel brands under the umbrella of Shell.  A strong global market position gives shell an important bargaining power in the industry.

  1. Vertically integration:

The operation integration of the company in exploration and production of natural gas, crude oil etc. In the upstream market, Shell is complicated in examination as well as production whereas, in the downstream market, is involved in marketing refined the raw material which is an advantage over quality control and cost benefits.

  1. Strong research arena:

 It has been continuously trying to improve its equipment for decreasing its carbon footprint as well as develop assignment help approaches to discover more fuel in less effort. Shell has  offered the persistent investment in its R&D  with series of patents under its banner. Strong R&D provides the competitive benefit and assistances in decreasing outflow of the company.


  • Violating corruption laws is the first limitation as In July 2007, Shell was involved in violating exploitation laws in the US along with violating corruption rules from the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).  Approximately $30 million penalty was imposed on the company. Such desecrations often disturb brand image as well as goodwill as observed for the company.
  • The Growing Debt is another weakness of the company.  Shell has knowledge increase in debt in the past few years. The business’s debt augmented from $37774 billion in year along with $58379 million in FY2015.  The constant debt increases commercial risks along with a subsequent share of the cash flow is compensated in interest. Increasing financial obligations may affect the business in future.


  • Increasing demand of global energy is first opportunity.US Energy Information Administration (EIA) suggested that the whole world energy consumption will increase by 40% in the year 2040. Request for cleaner energy possessions is also increasing and hence, it has an equal opportunity for addressing  the potential demands in the future.
  • Strategic Merger of the BG Groupis second opportunity.   The company collaborated with BG Group in the year 2016 that provide a great insight into doing business in the offshore of Brazil and Australia. The underlying reason is that Brazil and Australia have rich oil and gas resources which enable the company to gain the competitor advantage.  
  • Planned Expansions Groupis third opportunity. The company  has been focusing on expanding its operations strategically across the globe in order to cater to energy demands of the developed and emerging nations in the future. The company has also entered merger or JV deals with companies in some nations like China to set up its footprint in those markets.


 Climate change concerns is major threat of the company.   The underlying reason is that with cumulative energy demands along with carbon dioxide emission in  major threat of the company I which must be under control for Shell as the company must find solution to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions.

 Pestle analysis:

Political Factors:

 The statistics of the company must consider the political influence as external factors.  While micro environment factors such as competition standards impact the competitive advantage of the firm,  various factors influence the major revenue of the company.

1) Exchange rates as well as stability of host country currency.
2) Talented personnel in Major Combined Oil and Gas industry.
3) Unemployment rate

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