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The course unit 102853 Assessment Answers cool green cities are associated with the university "Western Sydney University" where they will be introducing the students to the entire concept of green cool cities. In this course unit, students will be learning about the different aspects of green cities, their importance in today's world. The theories or the models will also be introduced to the students which will give a proper insight into the entire piece of the course unit. It is also important for the university to let the students know about the details of the unit, the brief of the assessment, and the marking criteria that have been allotted for the course unit.

The term cool green cities refer to or rather can be said as defines a kind of city that actually helps in promoting the efficiency for energy and engaging the renewable energies for each and every activity of the city space. It helps in promoting greener solutions, helps in reducing the usage of nonrenewable energy and the other important energies to save them for future use. In other words, it can be said that green cities are very much sustainable for the environment. These cities are engineered to make an improvement for a positive impact on the environment through better planning and management. The entire concept of the green cool cities includes the green spaces, solar-powered cities or households, or increasing the number of cyclists than the automobile cars.

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The main purpose of establishing a cool green city is to make proper improvement in the environment, to ensure the richness of the biodiversity is intact for the future, the air pollution in reduced to a certain point, helps in saving water, reducing noise and lastly the most important part which is to cool down the temperature for the better living. Moreover, the cool green cities also help in increasing the sustainability of nature and living as well.   

Many of the top researches have revealed that green cities have the biggest impact in the process of reducing waste or expanding the practices recycle which shall help in keep the help in nature. Apart from that green cool city help in achieving huge success in the economy by using the local resources. It also promotes carbon-neutral techniques for the production of renewable energy. With the help of the green cool city techniques, the cities are very well planned and it is also beneficial in promoting walkability or biking for the transportation system.

  • The importance of the course unit

The concept of green cool cities is not only considered as a benefit for the environment but also helps in the promotion of the improvement in the climate of the cities. The implementation for greener spaces is helping to keep balance in the biodiversity as well. For example, it can be said that almost 200 kinds of insects have been found living on the green rooftops of the green cities. Also, various kinds of birds or animals are coming back to the greenery for the living which is actually keeping a proper balance between the human and animal kingdom.

The students will be able to apply their managerial skills and creative thinking process in order to innovate new ways of the betterment of the green cool cities.

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Unit Details of 102853 Cool Green Cities

The unit 102853 cool green cities describe the deep knowledge, skills, and techniques that are necessary for the establishment of green cool cities. Topics like climate changes, urban expansion, or the reduction of the usage of renewable energies. The unit course introduces the theories, principles, or models that can be helpful for the students to understand the importance of the topic as well s practice them in the real world with better managerial skills. Putting more focus on the applications for the precinct or the suburbs scale in order to continue with the professional practices for the betterment of the green cities. The unit course helps the students to understand the impact of the green cool cities on the economic, social, and environmental factors in order to observe the positive and negative effects of the same.

Lastly, this is important to notify each of the students that the unit course requires proper documentation during the semester based on the topic. This documentation needs to meet the standard of the university which has been set while designing the entire unit course.

Location: USA

Study level: Vocational and further education (TAFE)

Unit code: 102853

Brief of 102853 Cool Green Cities

The 102853 assessment will be designed for the proper reinforcement of skills and techniques based on the unit course 102853 cool green cities. The entire unit will be delivered under a certain set of parameters by following the rules and regulations that are necessary for the learning process. This unit will be expected to be completed within a scheduled time. After the completion of the entire unit course, the students will be expected to deliver and demonstrate the theories and models that are included in the learning units. It will also help in initiating the critical thinking process in the practical sessions to make certain implementation and the improvement in making cool green cities.

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Weightage of the 102853 Course code in their semester

The main weightage of the course unit 102853 cool green cities is about 20 credit points for the semester. Apart from that, the students will be evaluated based on their performances, participation, and attentiveness during the learning course unit. As for the marking distribution, 20% of the total will be allotted for the theoretical learning process, 30% of the total will be marked for the practical sessions, assignments, and group discussion based on the topic. The remaining 50% of the total credit points will be marked based on the written examination after the completion of the entire course unit.

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