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These 102061 Assessment Answers are going to concentrate on the provisions of healthcare as well as social care to individuals, communities, and groups inside a specialist community service. The focus is on the development of the competence of the student as well as the confidence and expertise in the assessment of the needs of the clients and the working in partnership with the clients to make properly informed holistic health choices. The main aim for the student is to mature into an individual with proper skills, knowledge as well as understanding to function as an important member of the community and become a reflective evidence-based innovative practitioners as we deliver appliance Centre program care. This course is going to teach the students about the problems of direct relevance to personal and professional development and the chief mental status as a school nurse.

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102061 Assignment Answers is also going to explore the latest research as well as practices in the healthcare industry and develop a huge range of public health nursing skills that are important to nursing. There will be the development of sensitivity as well as understanding in relation to cultural as well as religious values; ethics beliefs abilities and the requirements of individual groups and populations. This course is also going to teach the students to gain a proper understanding of the proper evidence under which the care interventions will be taken in order to promote evaluation and design interventions and with critically developing effective questioning techniques to enhance proper communication skills.

The student will be benefited from the self-directed and student focus to guide learning that will use a huge variety of teaching methods which include e-learning work as well as problem-based learning and role-play. This course is going to teach for an assessment and interventions in specialist community and public health nursing. It will also teach the different policies and principles in specialist community Public health nursing. It will also teach about the transformation of public health through nursing. The students will learn the basic as well as the more complex strategies of nursing so that they can provide the best possible service to the clients and the patients. They will develop the knowledge and understanding is to become successfully registered nurses and will be balanced with a deep understanding of proper skills which are required to empower people in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The students will have proper expertise which will be required to qualify as a register or not and the students will gain a piece of specialized knowledge to understand health problems and increase the well-being of the client. The course will balance contemporary theory as it has an extensive placement structure to explore a common approach to involving community engagement, policy development, and research. The students will have a common degree in nursing and public health which will give the advantage of learning skills in different facets of the industry. They will learn about biostatistics, environmental health, health sociology as well as planning and evaluation.

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Unit Details

Unit code: 102061

Name of university: University of Canberra

Location: Canberra, Australia

Brief on 102061 Assignment Answers

Students are going to be assessed on their teaching and learning strategy which is designed to have immediate professional relevance along with drawing expertise by experience. The main feature of this course is the huge dynamics of assessment tasks that would include those that will allow the students to undertake workplace-relevant assessments, which can have a positive and immediate impact on their practice. These assessments will include a range of possible facets such as a portfolio of learning, OSCEs, case studies, Along with a written examination of reflective accounts as well as community profiles and presentations.

The students will also have to submit journals as well as report writing and each of the completed assessments will enable the students to demonstrate the proper ability to critically understand as well as evaluate relevant and complex problems to the healthcare industry and effectively convey the teaching to a huge range of audiences. Each of the completed assessments will enable the students to have a proper critical understanding of the complex issues which are relevant to healthcare.

These strategies will inform the proper methods of assessment for each individual unit inside the course and will be based on Master's level research and description. There are proper professional requirements that are specific and to the unit for passing the course. The students need to understand the laws as well as the theories which will be needed to write the answers related to public health nursing. They need to be added to it not only the social logical and political aspects of nursing but also the medical aspects of nursing. We will also have to pass with more than 50% marks in order to secure a Certificate of the course.

The students will also learn about the different procedures of nursing and the laws which are associated with nursing. They will also learn the roles and responsibilities that they will have in public health and they will understand how to make positive changes through policy reform and community building. They will also have to go through practical examinations of how they can handle crisis situations and come up with a favorable solution for the clients as well as the patients. Lastly, they will also have to give a presentation in order to show a proper case study and the solution that they have come up with for the case study as a public health nurse.

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Weightage of 102061 Integrating Nursing Concepts Assessment

The weightage of the scores is almost 50% and it will include both class studies and assessments along with the mean assessment. The students will need to pass in all their assessments as well as the project work that will be taken up in the final term. The students need to write logical and coherent frameworks and models that they have learned in the course In order to secure good marks in examinations. They will be able to take a re-examination of the final assessment or the class assessments if the marks are lower than 50%.

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