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A Brief Analysis of Aussie Pooch Mobile Case Study

Aussie Pooch Mobile, since its establishment in 1991, has been a growing company. The dog washing with value-added accessory services makes Aussie a dominant market company. The franchise system was rapidly introduced to increase profit margins, and the corporation continued to pursue its effective franchising strategy. Aussie Pooch Mobile considered itself to be a more international corporation. Rising competition can greatly affect all Aussie's decisions so they need to be conscious of the demand in various nations before they expand globally.

It remained in Australia until 2002. This strategy had the benefits of knowing market expectations and market conditions in Australia, and cultural barriers in countries near Australia were easier to overcome (the French territory New Caledonia and New Zealand). Malaysia is riskier in terms of investment on the ground of geographic distance and population complications. In the UK, probably the most challenging decision was to enter the European market. Assignment Help Service Main Advantages

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Aussie Pooch Mobile is one of Australia's best-known franchise companies. The company belongs to  Christine Taylor. She has helped hundreds of individuals to fulfill their dreams of owning a company and making it amazingly high. This business is related to providing the dogs appropriate love and care that they deserve. Numerous individuals have dogs as their lovable pets. This story started in 1985 when the age of Christine was just 16. She loved dogs and chose to start a part-time dog washing business in the backyard of her parent's house. She only washed dogs, but soon individuals began to notice it and phrases spread like fire. Christine began to get more. Her passion has been converted into a real enterprise. Gradually, she saw that households with dogs are also located elsewhere in Australia; not everybody can come to her home from far away. She then began with her Hydro mobile bathing system in 1991. This concept became so popular that her mobile service from Aussie Pooch became a brand name, and people began taking their franchise around the world.  In our company, we have handpicked homework helpers from marketing fields. 

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SWOT analysis of Aussie Pooch Mobile

The marketing case study of Aussie Pooch Mobile must start with a Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis of Aussie Pooch Mobile. It is vital to guarantee a logical flow in the Aussie Pooch Mobile case study.

  • Strength: The marketing case study of Aussie Pooch Mobile discloses that its prime strength is its mobile service which meets consumers' requirements at home. It has also been found that it is still another strength in the business of Aussie Pooch to have a service cost lower than its competing companies. The organization delivers extra services, for instance, aromatherapy and blow-drying. In addition, Aussie Pooch Mobile has added strength to its business by offering consumers additional information regarding nutrition, skincare, grooming, and so on. In addition, it should be regarded that the corporation has a friendly work environment as an extra internal force. Furthermore, it should be acknowledged that a flat organization, which has added versatility, has offered the Aussie Pooch Mobile the opportunity to participate in a flexible decision-making procedure.
  • Weakness: Aussie Pooch Mobile (APM) is suffering from certain weaknesses which seem quite intuitive, as shown in the Aussie Pooch Mobile marketing study. In its hiring policies and practices, Aussie Pooch Mobile has encountered a long time, and this has created some particular weaknesses related to human resources management (HRM). In addition, a case study by Aussie Pooch Mobile also discloses that, up until now, there have been particular franchise issues faced by the company. In this regard, it should be indicated that difficulties with the franchise have led to certain stability issues and that the small capacity of the trailers of the corporation has added to these difficulties.
  • Opportunities: The Aussie Pooch Mobile has some special expansion opportunities and business development despite certain vulnerabilities. The Aussie Pooch Mobile marketing case study demonstrates that the service industry's total growth worldwide enables Aussie Pooch Mobile to grow its market both domestically and globally. In addition, the increasing demand for dog-wash services in Australia, specifically, should also be regarded as an opportunity for Aussie Pooch Mobile to expand and grow. Moreover, Aussie Pooch Mobile has a sufficient chance to grow in the Australian market. However, All credit goes to the changing household model with two or more individuals working (with less time spent on grooming and dog care).
  • Threats: Growing industry rivalry should be seen as a major threat to Aussie Pooch Mobile. Aussie Pooch Mobile has also revealed a deficiency in understanding the prospective global market as a domestic market-oriented corporation. This deficiency of understanding should be seen as a threat to Aussie Pooch Mobile's business progress and growth. Furthermore, Aussie Pooch Mobile's business should also be regarded as a threat to the British trend of inadequate dog washing, interfering with the Australian socio-cultural realm. On a long rationale, the Australian government may pose a significant threat to Aussie Pooch Mobile by restrictive frameworks to create the bottleneck impacts on the Australian franchising sector.

Pestle analysis of Aussie Pooch Mobile

This brand is now considered the greatest and best-known brand in Australia in dog washing. It also provides consumers with high-value-added services to enhance their positive reputation and credibility and effectively deal with them. The technology enables and ensures that the providers purify the dogs, experience the skin conditions, and achieve the right objectives. Their principal objective was to attract and keep millions of clients. In this way, the business level also rose through essential newsletters, telephone services, and professional advice supporting the promotional activities.

  • Political factors: Political regimes did not impact Aussie Pooch Mobile operations in Australia as the government was responsive to technological progress.
  • Economic factor: At times of international expansion, organizations should consider the significance of effective franchising approaches. According to the author named Taylor, the profits are expected to increase by 20 percent, which will also help to take into account the significant aspects for the host nation. The analysis must rely on the system of franchisees and should also be premised on financial assistance that helps to achieve great success. The increased competition in the industry must also be given great attention.
  • Social factor: Taylor can expand the business through franchising and deliver value-added and quality services to several fields that assist in developing various services and relate with enhanced start-up capital, royalty, and publicity fees.
  • Technological factor: It will also be willing to enlarge and build strong connections with good control in the growth and location of the business. The greatest drawback could be that the selection process with high priorities and methods could be hard for the organization to regulate and manage.
  • Legal factor: There is a requirement for an appropriate chance to begin a successful business with the established brand to understand a perspective and strong relationships better. It can concentrate on the provision of properly identified services. Increased delivery can be handled in geographical regions. The advantages and drawbacks in time will alter.
  • Environmental factor: The other option is that it may be effective in countries or cities. The company can concentrate on entering large cities and can concentrate on making rich areas successful. Therefore, rebates and promotional offers for new users are available to ensure that dog washing services are provided.

Relevant information on Aussie Pooch Mobile

The author's recommendation strategy builds on the strategic alternatives for appropriate global expansion. It is premised on an increase in operations and strategies with the right operational activities in other nations. The Aussie Pooch Mobile must try to expand its marketplaces to distinct nations, helping the company to succeed and helping the company to grow worldwide. If the company, namely Aussie Pooch Mobile, stays in the nations discussed (United Kingdom, Malaysia, and New Zealand), it will quickly and easily increase the number of consumers. It will also be capable of retaining more consumers. It requires a study of better services and lucrative business in the right areas. Because of attractive pricing, case study assignment help, and essential services, for instance, dog washing and care, the large cities should consider the major nations known as the United Kingdom, Malaysia, and New Zealand. Thus, an individual's behavior will create significant benefits and advantages for the Aussie Pooch Mobile, bringing revenue. It also offers high-quality and essential services and added value for better customer satisfaction and customer retention. Therefore, the company must offer the best practices and high value to the consumers, who help to gain more value and amount from the consumers. Some other researchers' recommend that Aussie Pooch Mobile must expand its business globally because Jim's Dogwash and Hydrodog are becoming increasingly saturated in the Australian market. For Aussie Pooch Mobile to develop, it must discover more international territory and open its doors to nations with enormous and underserved possibilities, such as the United States. In nations such as the United Kingdom, Aussie Pooch Mobile must also promote Word of mouth more seriously because it is the best.

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