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The University of Canberra is a public research university that is located in Bruce, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. The university offers a wide roster of courses and departments with both undergraduate and post-graduate courses which cover fields like Health, Art and Design, Business, Government and Law, Education, and Science and Technology. Due to the availability of different courses, the university experiences enrollments from both domestic students as well as international students. Through such partnerships, the university creates a pathway for students to get placed in the university and this access is available for both international and digestive students alike.

11633 The Long Decade of Digital Disruption PG examines effective digital strategic communication in an environment of technological change and digital disruption. Students will develop a critical understanding of key historical developments in digital communication, shifting professional communications practices over time, and the multidimensional character of the contemporary communications space. This unit will examine the implications of these developments for effective digital communication and explore contemporary ethical considerations in strategic communication. The course also sheds light on the effect that changes the fundamental expectations and behaviors in a culture, market, industry, or process that is caused by, or expressed through, digital capabilities, channels, or assets.

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Unit details of 11633 The Long Decade of Digital Disruption PG

Unit details of this course include the following: 

Unit Code:- 11633

Location:- Canberra, Bruce

Study Level:-Post Graduate

Brief o11633 The Long Decade of Digital Disruption PG

The main learning outcome of the course is to be able to establish the skill for recognition and critical analysis and effective description of digital communication issues, critique and assess key historical developments in digital strategic communication and how these have shaped organizational strategic communication practices; The course offers an introductory understanding to the different types of communication practices that may be a part of digital strategies by and how it affects the functioning of the organizations. Students will also be expected to be able to identify and examine and engage with a range of contemporary ethical issues that may come up in the implantation of strategic communication. Through the following course, the students will be able to learn how to compare the basic elements of digital communication and identify approaches that result in the boosting of strategic connection and communication. Finally, the students will also design and implement digital strategic communications practices for incorporation into organizational strategic plans, including execution, maintenance, and evaluation of these plans.

Through the completion of the course, the students will; be taught and expected to exhibit and employ up-to-date and relevant knowledge and skills. They shall be able to effectively communicate on a professional level using simple languages so that the means and approaches to digital communication can be understood by anyone.  Students will also be indulging in the analysis and evaluation of both professional and academic literature o the topics of digital disruption and digital communication and compare the past and contemporary practices and approaches. The students will be able to adapt to complexity, ambiguity, and change by being flexible and keen to engage with new ideas and also be able to evaluate and adopt new technologies in the implementation of new digital communication strategies.

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Weightage of 11633 The Long Decade of Digital Disruption PG

The course is purely on-campus and has a total weightage of 3 credit points. The student in this course shall be evaluated on the basis of assessment items. In order to gain a passing grade, the students will have to ensure to successfully attempt all assessment items. Additionally, the students must secure a minimum score of 50 percent in all of the assessment items.  At the same time, the students will have to an aggregate of 50 percent in the course in order to gain a passing grade. Throughout the duration of the course, the students will be taking part in compulsory group discussions and be presenting a report based on the discussion of the course topics. This daily grade, although not included in the total weightage of the course, will have an influencing factor in the overall grade that will be assigned to the students upon completion of the course. The course is also available for both on-campus enrollments as well as online classes.  

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