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1607GFS New Communication Technologies, the purpose is the examination of the development of fields of the new media, such as the Internet, email, virtual reality, newsgroups, interactive televisions, and chat rooms. This coursework has been created to critically examine a large range of issues and debates which have been increased with taking up of the digital technologies as well as communication through computer-mediated in order to look at in which manner the new technology has been impacted on the society. The aim is also towards providing a higher awareness relating to the involvement of the economic as well as an industrial landscape within the context of the screen content delivery and production.

Communication technology is referred to the exchange of information through various mediums. It is also referred to the activity which started before human civilization and over the period of time, with the advancement of technology and use of different communication models, there has been a development being made which includes wireless communication and telecommunication.

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The new form of communication technology also consists of digital marketing communication were through the technological revolution, the market aspect has been changed drastically because companies are no longer relying on the traditional source of advertising in order to generate their revenue. The new communication technology is impacting the marketing sector where native advertising is resulting in customers reaching the website which is embedded with sponsored links within the news feed and provides value-added content.

Unit details of 1607GFS New Communication Technologies

Unit details of this course include the following: 

Unit code: 1607GFS

Location: Griffith University, Australia

Study Level: Post graduate

With the rapid development being made within the new technology, communication has been changed throughout the traditional media. With the professional journalists, utilizing print media as well as broadcasting media, who has to compete with the amateur news publisher, the attention span of the readers has become limited.

Brief on 1607GFS New Communication Technologies

Social media has further made public relations an even more challenging aspect, however, it has enables the organization to broaden its accessibility, where the public relations managers are diligently utilizing the communication technology in their favor. Previously, most of the high-level management members left the communication to the outside PR representatives. Therefore, the PR representative is becoming more educated and monitoring every movement of the organization, where they are even preparing for a crisis-related communication plan.

Since there has been an increase in technological device utilization, it enables every individual to be virtually connected within an organization or at home, through their smartphones. However, such connectivity might result in a risk of data breaches which the organizations are adopting to avoid working on personal devices which means that the communication and IT profession are being considered for the security of the sensitive work-related data utilized by the employees.

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1607GFS task answers has become highly accessible that the non-technologically sound professionals have the applications and devices to raise their questions relating to the business organization on how communication takes place outside the organization for the business organization. Here, the communication professionals are required to consider the requirement of the sensitive data. The benefits of the new communication technologies consist of the speed and formation of the communication with every one of interest, in an instantaneous manner.

The range of the emerging communication technologies mostly ranges from smartphones to social media to drones and voice recognizing software which has exploded within the last three to four decades and has enabled an average individual to come in contact with the whole world in a quick, easy and cheap manner. Emerging technology plays a major role in this which is referred to as the relatively fast-growing as well as novel and radical technology which is featured through a certain coherence degree persisting over the time period and has the potential to make an impact on the socio-economic aspect.

Weightage of this 1607GFS Course Code in their Semester

The weightage of the course 1607GFS New Communication Technologies Solutions in their Semester is 10 credit points as it is described in general of the course.

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