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BCO618 Mobile and Executive Computing will aim to shed light on the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the viability, of this sophisticated emerging new innovation of Mobile Computing and Mobile Cloud Computing, so that leadership can engage in trying to adopt such financially rewarding, encouraging, very convenient and helpful new tech without unwillingness or hesitation after gaining thinking and create into it. Prior to embracing such modern technologies, business groups must receive suitable advice and directives.

BCO618 task answers for the purpose to be productive in a company operating and so thrive in this savage strategic advantage, business organizations must be rebuilt from sources to meet and adapt current progressive IT technology. Mobile Computing, Smartphone Cloud Services, M-Commerce, E-Commerce, E-Business, and other catchphrases are extensively debated in the market these days, attracting industries in the market with some trepidation and uncertainty about how to modules this advanced software to help business fully operational processes and thus generate profitable business.

As a result, all functional aspects of this sophisticated tech of Mobile Cloud computing have been described in these sustainability reports, allowing the management cadre to make correct, prolific, and optimal judgments. The numerous mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), laptops, wearable computing devices, such as wristwatches, have become very useful to the company region by offering portable computing and cellphone cloud computing on the go, regardless of location constraints and time, which implies users can have access to information and process intelligence (BI) pretty much any time, anywhere, which has smoothened the productivity of the company.

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Unit details of BCO618 Mobile and Executive Computing

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code:- BCO618

Location:- Australia

Study level: - BA Honours

Brief on BCO618 Mobile and Executive Computing

BCO618 assessment answers is evolving at a breakneck pace, rendering conventional technologies outdated and ineffective. Smart apps have made a significant impact on the computer sector, transforming the way businesses operate. For businesses to thrive in today's cutthroat competitive environment, they must incorporate new technologies. In the past years, computer technology breakthroughs resulted in significant improvements in the execution of company transactions and everyday duties, resulting in increased productivity among corporate personnel.

Computer technology grew over time as a result of significant technological advancements. Computers used to be sluggish, with low computing power and storage capacity, but this has changed as computer technology has advanced to satisfy the demands of big corporations. Meanwhile, the web mechanism was brought into the corporate world, thereby taking control of the manufacturing sector's whole commercial procedures.

By placing degrees in business at ease, online technology has radically revolutionised the way businesses operate. In regarding internet technology, businesses have seen processing speeds of 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G broadband technology, with 5G frequency band internet technology on the horizon. Data Centers are a type of centralised data processing solution, and Cloud Computing, which replicates data over several servers, now takes advantage of the capability of Regional Data Systems.

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The responsibility falls of computing processing capabilities has been outsourced to Mobile Computing in recent years, which has transformed the landscape of commercial processes. The major drawback of smartphones is that they are useless in distant abandoned locations without access to the web, hence WiFi networking or mobile network connections like GPRS or 4G infrastructure is essential. Apart from this infrequent issue, the internet's capacity is highly strong currently, and it will be more so with the arrival of the recently introduced 5G internet frequency technology, which will make corporate processing tasks much easier.

Mobile Cloud Computing, which best leverages the processing capability of Cloud Computing technology, has enhanced and scaled the constraints of Mobile Computing. Apps have been a major factor in the rapid acceptance of smartphones in the retail market. From finding nearby eateries to keeping up with the latest sports results and playing online games, they have applications for all. Apps are likely to serve a similar function in speeding up the adoption of mobile devices in the workplace. Many corporate system providers are now pre-packaging smartphone apps, which can be downloaded from iTunes as well as other app stores, to allow their clients' mobile workforces to make rapid choices no matter how they are.

The use of digital technology throughout customer contacts not only helps businesses to be more accessible to their consumers but also allows companies to look larger and more resourceful than they really are. They may also use their cell phone to check the most recent business scorecards to see where they stand in respect of reaching their goals. Even small businesses may afford to smartphone their workers and expand their businesses since ERP and BI providers offer which was before mobile applications at no extra cost. The mobile and compute execution helps in employee production has grown. Flexibility in working hours is becoming more popular. SAP procedures have been enhanced, and users are happier.

All technology services are offered with the greatest concept of data security. The Mobility Value Assessment has shown cost reductions. Customers are preferring to communicate with enterprises through portable devices due to the excellence of the interaction of apps on such devices, which may use location, movement, and some other environment in their behavior. As a result, there has been a rush to get apps out as a competitiveness tool to build connections and improve its market position with exclusively web interfaces.

Weightage of this BCO618 Course Code in their Semester

This course code has a weightage of 100 marks in the semester. The students have to score at least 50% of the total marks.

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