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The 102143 Families and Intimate Life course is based on the critical examination of the sociological perspectives on family and intimate life. The course builds on the different kinds of approaches and theories that have been introduced to the students in the first year of college. The students have once been introduced to this particular chapter at the beginning of the first year. The sociology studies on family have been effectively described in this particular course. A thorough and efficient study on the subject can make the students knowledgeable about the subject in an efficient and professional manner.

The familiarity of families and intimate relationships will be put into question in this particular process. The students who will be undertaking this particular course can have a detailed idea of the development of sociological perspectives that can be important for success in the modern-day process.

The course provides details on the need to implement their sociological perspectives on different relationships. The students who undertake this particular course will also be asked to examine their beliefs, different myths related to the naturalness of the family and question the person. Families and intimate relationships can be said to be a part of the larger social structure. The wider social structure of the families has the facilities to develop and design the culture, economies, globalization policies, technology and social policies.

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Unit Details of 102143 Families and Intimate Life

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit Code: 102143

Location: Australia

Study Level: Post-Graduate

Brief on 102143 Families and Intimate Life

The 102143 families and intimate life present the opportunity to the students to demonstrate the historical and cultural specifications of the nuclear family. Such knowledge can help gain ideas on the development and implementation of the creation of social inequality and the differences in society among different people. The presence of different forms of social institutions is an important part of the development and maintenance of social stability.

The presence of efficient social stability is key to the growth of society. The course offers the students the discretion to study all these sociological institutions and their works from different sociological perspectives. Such a study helps the students to gain knowledge of the following from a practical point of view and assess their utility in the maintenance of social harmony.

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The study of family and its intimate dimensions is one of the most important elements of success in the following course. The different social aspects of the family are considered in the study which helps students to get knowledge of the family and their intimacy from a social viewpoint rather than a biological viewpoint. A number of theories and frameworks will be analyzed by the students who will undertake this particular course. This includes the likes of; different theories like conflict theory, symbolic interactionism, functionalism, and many more as such. All these theories present the best opportunity to develop deep knowledge on sociology in family and intimate life.

The family life of an individual, the different forms of social constraint, intimacy in relationships, intimate bonding, mutual respect, and love in between couples, love, and bonding in between relatives, evolving trends of relationships are some of the major areas that the course will be based on. The course will also provide a generalized idea of the changing attributes of modern behavior among people which is certainly an important part of the sociological process. Some of the major courses that the 102143 families and intimate life unit code will be based on are as follows;



· Bachelor of Arts (Pathway to Teaching Primary)

· Continuing

· Bachelor of Arts (Pathway to Teaching Primary)

· Current

· Bachelor of Arts (Dean's Scholars)

· Continuing

· Bachelor of Arts (Dean's Scholars)

· Current

· Bachelor of Tourism Management

· Continuing

· Bachelor of Tourism Management

· Continuing

· Bachelor of Community Welfare

· Continuing


The university offers the 102143 families and intimate life unit code with the much-needed expertise that is important to deliver great results. Apart from this, regular online classes from the part of the expertise can ensure success in the most efficient process.

Weightage of this 102143 Course Code in their Semester

The weightage of the course code plays an important role in the course as it can help to make the course more effective and developed. The course code has been segmented according to the assignment schedule and term of the work. The university has also provided a part of the marks for punctuality, presentation and discipline. The weightage of the assignment has been presented below;



1st week


2nd week


3rd week


Discipline, Punctuality





The university will provide all forms of support once a student undertakes this particular course. Meeting the deadline is highly important for the course. Plagiarism of any kind or any form of unethical case is not allowed.

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