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102738 Australian Politics and Active Citizenship course revolves around Australian politics and Active Citizenship. We survive in a highly interconnected world where the foreign policy, the flow of the culture and migrant and the digital communication across the borders seems to undermine the significance of the national communities. Irrespective of this, day-to-day life remains profoundly influenced by decisions that the national governments made and the powers that they seem to exercise.

The unit seems to introduce the Australia-based political institutions, process as well as contemporary issues. It seems to trace the democracy beyond the representation of the parliament for encompassing active citizenship via which public opinion is not only expressed but also formed. Students shall identify the issues related to politics in contemporary Australia, recognize the responsibility of the political institutions and develop skills that contribute to the public debates.

The course code is associated with Western Sydney University. Initially known as the University of Western Sydney, it is basically a university with multiple campuses in the Greater Western region of Australia. It stands at 201st position on the rankings of the World University and has a review rating of 4.4 stars as per the review of the student.

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Unit Details Of 102738 Australian Politics and Active Citizenship

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code: 102738

Location: Greater Western Sydney, Australia

Study level: Studies in Human Society Not Elsewhere Classified

Brief on 102738 Australian Politics and Active Citizenship

The assessment focuses on active citizenship which refers to the active participation of the citizen under the law of the nation who have not only discussed but educated themselves in society and politics. The course also aims at the philosophy espoused by the organizational and the educational institutions that advocate that charitable organizations, individuals and firms have certain responsibilities and roles to the environment and the society. 102738 assessment answers also help the students to develop an idea as to how the active citizens might be involved in the public protest and advocacy working towards effecting the change within the communities.

Active citizenship might be seen as the articulation of debate over the rights versus the responsibilities. The course also indicates that if a body provides rights to people under remit, then the same people might possess responsibilities that they might uphold. This has been shown as an obvious fact at the nation-state or country-level while having wider scope such as the Earth or the internet. The implication indicates that active citizenship seems to fulfill both the responsibilities and rights in a balanced manner. The course also mentions that the problem associated with the concept is that even though rights are often written as part of law responsibilities do not seem to be defined well and hence there exist disagreements amongst citizens with regard to the responsibilities.

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The course also focuses on putting across a clearer definition of the responsibilities for active citizenship that is increasing problem in comparison to the list of rights. The course also focuses on the right to voting which is considered as the key responsibility by various people. The course also helps in pointing out those people who due to other issues or disabilities are not in a position to fully participate completely in the process of voting. Students also come to know that active citizenship is considered as someone who seems to take up a role within the community. Active citizenship is thus considered as the buzzword by some due to the vague definition. The examples seem to include donating, recycling or volunteering.

102738  task answers point out that developments in media literacy and social media seem to have changed the way in which scholars begin to look at and define active citizenship. Students will also come to know how active citizenship in politics holds the capability of leading an apparent consumption of engaged person instead of offering people with the informed and active opinion. The sites related to social media enabled people to not only spread information but in create events for providing opportunities for engaged citizenship. The internet and social media provide public access to the police and government affairs thus creating communities with similar concerns for recognizing the pitfalls of the governmental policies and the pitfalls of the government.

Weightage of this 102180 Course Code in Their Semester

As far as the weightage of the course code is concerned, it holds a certain weightage as it is part of the curriculum and has grade dependent on it. Through the course, the students will develop the idea as to how active citizenship themselves drives the change. Students will also gather knowledge about how active citizenship refers to people who seem to feel inspired. They are considered the people who are not only empowered but motivated for making difference.

People who have the drive and know-how ensure that ideas don't just remain as ideas. Students will also come to know that the course can encourage thousands and hundreds of people in undertaking action on issues that seem to care about most. This will enable them in undertaking a bigger challenge in the 21st century. The course will also provide an insight into the fact that anyone can become Active citizen. These citizens are the ones who connect to the people supporting them in developing their knowledge and skills and building more resilient and fairer societies. The key thing which Active citizens hold in common lies in building trust between and within the communities. This is done with imagination and resourcefulness.

The students will finally gather ideas on the proper meaning of active citizenship which indicates undertaking opportunities for actively becoming involved in tackling and defining the problems of the communities and in improving the life's quality. The course also focuses on how active citizenship allows for participation across the community, empowering the people for influencing decisions that impact their lives, understanding, and knowledge of the social, political and economic context of the participants so that they are able to undertake informed decisions. They also remain in a position of challenging the existing structures.

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