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BCO5501 Business Process Engineering is the procedure of planning, creating, operating, and executing a business. Appropriate planning, modeling, and presentation preparation are also required to start a business, and each department is responsible for the core of the business. Investors, workers, and several other individuals are needed to run and start a business. In order to run the operations involved in management, appropriate management is necessary. Various potential problems that may arise while running a business will be discussed by several authors.

A few issues may arise, such as behavioral uncertainty in the textual procedure or the viewer's understanding of business models. Another issue that could arise is the quality of the translation of the activity-centric procedure to the guard stage milestone. Misconceptions may occur between the worker and the customers as a consequence of a misinterpretation of text content. This misunderstanding could jeopardise the relations with clients. Various business organizations primarily conduct all of their interaction via textual processes, which can miscommunications. The widespread use of textual processes in organizations is due to everyone's virtual understanding.

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Numerous authors have contended that this circumstance of uncertainty refers to "Behavioral Ambiguity." Furthermore, these issues may arise when one person interprets the message incorrectly or is unable to determine what needs to be done and what does not, resulting in an ambiguous environment. Furthermore, according to some authors, there may be some textual description based on queries, so it is possible that the queries are not clearly definable, such as what to do and what not to do.

As a result, more than one interpreter is required to evaluate the correct meaning in order to make the correct decision. Other authors, on the other hand, have stated that a company may only have one trustworthy interpreter who conducts conversations with clients and makes decisions in the company's favor. These ambiguity or misunderstanding situations may jeopardize relationships with clients, stakeholders, or shareholders. Furthermore, incorrect interpretation of the description may result in the generation of incorrect decisions, which will have a negative impact on the clients as well as the company's hierarchies.

Victoria University is regarded as an Australian public research university located in Melbourne. It is one of Australia's only six dual-sector universities, offering courses in both higher education and technical and further education (TAFE). It also provides courses at partner institutions across Asia. Victoria University Melbourne is an internationally known institution, ranking in the top 2% of universities in the world and 56th in the world in the 2020 Times Higher Education (THE) Young University Rankings.

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From its inception until his death in 1947, Charles Archibald Hoadley served as the school's principal. His vision was to help students who had a strong technical background as well as an appreciation for the arts, sports, the outdoors, and community activities. He believed in teaching students "for life as well as for living and wanted students to see education as a means of opening doors to opportunities.

Unit details on BCO5501 Business Process Engineering

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code: BCO5501

Location: Victoria University, Melbourne

Study level: Postgraduate

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Brief on BCO5501 Business Process Engineering

The unit of study examines the strategic and organizational issues surrounding process management, as well as the use of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs) to achieve effective procedures. Businesses can gain significant strategic benefits by designing and implementing efficient business processes. This unit of study (BCO5501) will describe the major strategic approaches used to comprehend, evaluate, and implement effective business procedures. Techniques for modeling workflows, processes, and procedure models will be presented and practiced. As an instance of Enterprise Application Software, SAP S/4 HANA will be used to discuss this issue that students are likely to face when specifying, reorganizing, and implementing procedures in a standard business organization.

Business Process Management refers to the process of developing a business plan, analyzing the deficiencies in the current state of the business, and calculating the likelihood of the outcome. It also oversees the operations that occur while running a business. The business is run with the assistance of a variety of people, including investors, clients, stakeholders, employees, customers, and others. A circumstance may arise as a result of a communication breakdown or misinterpretation of messages. Furthermore, in order to make the audience understand a better business strategy or a better outcome, an appropriate business model must be present.

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Weightage of this BCO5501 Course Code in Their Semester

The Weightage of this BCO5501 Course Code in the Semester of Victoria University, Australia are as follows:


First Term


Mid Term


Final Examination


Presentation and Report


Class Performance+ Attendance+ DBC


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