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NUR250 Nursing Care Of A Patient With A Medical Condition

Nursing is an important field of study for medical individuals. Not all patients may be in the same condition pre or post-treatment and it depends on the skills and knowledge of the nurses to treat the patient correctly. The idea is to take care of all patients correctly and properly. For this knowledge of medicine as well as the practice of basic medical tools are important. They need to be ready to properly assist patients in all kinds of situations. In this clinical course, students focus on the application of contemporary competencies and practice guidelines for the delivery of safe, quality patient care. Laboratory experiences provide an opportunity for further development of nursing judgment applicable to the clinical environment.

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Students provide direct care for patients across the lifespan who are experiencing non-critical medical-surgical conditions in the acute care setting. Satisfactory grades in the laboratory and clinical experience are required to pass the course. Only theory knowledge is not enough students have to go through simulation and practicals to be able to learn properly. Nursing encompasses autonomous and collaborative care of individuals of all ages, families, groups, and communities, sick or well, and in all settings. Nursing includes the promotion of health, prevention of illness, and the care of ill, disabled, and dying people. Advocacy, promotion of a safe environment, research, participation in shaping health policy and inpatient and health systems management, and education are also key nursing roles

Medical science is a huge branch and universities tend to cover all branches to cater to a much wider group of audience allowing them to specialize in anything and everything. The code discussed is related to nursing and is associated with the Excelsior college in New York.

Unite Details Of NUR250 Nursing Care Of A Patient with A Medical Condition:

Location – New York

Study level – Graduate or certification

Unit code – NUR250

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Brief On NUR250 Nursing Care Of A Patient With a Medical Condition

In terms of delivery, the college has an only offline method for the course as it requires a lot of lab work and practical practice. On top of that, the simulations and some of the scenario-based analysis requires a realistic simulated area of study. They still have an online student platform for student support. All study materials are uploaded there from which the students can access any materials.

The course is such that both skills and knowledge are required. Extensive knowledge of current medical practices is also important for nursing. That is the reason why the university has made sure that the course has enough case studies based on current scenarios and simulations along with situational analysis. This will help the students with knowledge as well as skills to be able to be good ethical workers. The course will have three broad subject’s health promotion, self-patient care, and professional behavior or standard of practice.


  1. Health Promotion/Disease Prevention
  • Patient-Cantered Care/ Caring/Working with families/Family dynamics
  • Physical Assessment
  • Use of Evidence-based Practice Assessment Tools
  • Plan of Care
  • Client Teaching
  1. Safe Patient Care
  • Application of National Patient Safety Goals
  • Safe Medication Administration/high-risk medications
  • Critical values
  • Parenteral/ Intravenous therapy/TPN/Central venous access devices/Blood & blood product transfusions

Behavioural Health

III. Professional Behaviours/Standards of Practice

  • Reporting incidents/variances
  • Information Technology
  • Communication
  • Quality improvement

On completion of the course, there will be some expectations from the students in the professional field. If the course is done right then they should be able to deliver certain things the learning outcomes for the course are:

  • Use a caring holistic approach to provide and advocate for safe quality care for patients and families in an environment that values the uniqueness, dignity, and diversity of patients (Patient-centered care)
  • Apply the nursing process to make nursing judgments, substantiated with evidence to provide safe, quality patient care across the lifespan. (Nursing Judgment)
  • Use principles of management and delegation to implement plans of care with members of the interprofessional team to achieve safe, quality patient outcomes. (Professional Identity)
  • Apply principles of leadership and interprofessional collaboration to improve patient outcomes (Professional Identity)
  • Integrate evidence-based findings and technology into the provision of patient-centered nursing care for patients. (Spirit of Inquiry)

The course outcomes will be more direct as students should be able to plan and implement certain patient-centered care in different stages. The students are also expected to evaluate the effectiveness of patient care that falls under nursing judgment.  Must apply all ethical and legal means under no circumstances should the resort to illegal medical practices. Use evidence bass study to constantly improve them and also find breakthroughs in methodology to help the patients better.

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The Weightage Of NUR250 Nursing Care Of A Patient With A Medical Condition

 When it comes to assignments and grading the course has plenty of divisions. The first is the discussion part where the faculty will create groups and give relevant topics of discussions or situations that the groups have to discuss amongst themselves. This assignment has 20% weightage and students will be scored based on their speaking skills, knowledge skills, and relevancy. If the discussion is online then they will be required to post something relatable on the forum which will be later reviewed and grades will be presented based on relevancy and authenticity. Next is the nursing care paper that will have 50% of weightage. There will be a total of two nursing care papers that students have to submit.

The topic will be revealed later, however it is to be noted that the nursing care paper assignment can have case study analysis or situational analysis or any other specific topic to perform research and present report. Then there is the most important assignment that is the simulation which will have 20% of the weightage and this is very important because this will test the skills and attributes of the students of how ready they are for the job. That last assignment has 10% of weightage which is a journal reflection where students will be given various options to choose from. Apart from these, they have clinical and lab assignments that are not a part of the credits so no direct weightage however passing in these two is important for the certification.

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