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FELM4026 financial economics for managers is related to financial literacy for managers’ autumn. The course aims to define and demonstrate the financial acumen of the managers that will help them to cope with various challenges in life associated with financial management. Managers of the age need to be proficient and smart enough so that they will be able to guide their companies in tough times. Hence, knowledge of economics or financial literacy will help them a lot about different aspects of financial management of their company and its resources.

This unit will establish a robust skillset that will encompass various attributes of financial knowledge and professional expertise that will encompass the basics of macroeconomics and how it plays a crucial role in the modern global economy. In the fast-paced world, various economic sectors are emerging gradually. Most of these sectors require a different level of knowledge that depends on various levels of skills associated with financial management. However, ensuring documentation and the basics of the subject keeping in mind its relevance in business operations makes a course valuable and praiseworthy. The course will exactly do the same and the students will be able to pass the course with a good package with their hands.

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Unit details

Location: - Meridian House, Royal Hill, London SE10 8RD, United Kingdom
Study level: - Undergraduate and vocational
Unit code: - FELM4026

Brief of FELM4026 financial economics for manager Assessment

The course seeks to establish the basics of financial management. It will assess an individual’s ability to understand the core of every student if they are capable enough to manage tough financial challenges and safeguard their companies from such unforeseen crises. The area includes the assessment of cash, expenses, credits, and profitability management. All of the students will go through assessments that will go through various kinds of evaluation processes encompassing satisfactory objectivity related to the present financial settings. Moreover, the course seeks to offer extended support to the managers of the present students to bear a 360 degrees view of finance, revenue, and asset management that is sufficient to deal with all unforeseen challenges of financial nature. Financial managers are entitled to directly report to the senior managers, and in turn, the directors. Hence, short-term capital management and assessment of other areas such as capital management and its assessment with respect to changing dynamics of business settings are at the heart of the course. Focus on managing product cycles, managing international funds, foreign exchange, FDI, FII, and other crucial parameters will be covered in the assessment of the course. Additionally, management of financial risk and corporate financing will be taught to the students. Not only, these areas will just be touched, but greater depth will be given to all of the subjects. Moreover, treasury management will also be given importance not in terms of practical skills but with a good to moderate depth in their application in modern corporate contexts.

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What is the Weightage of this FELM4026 financial economics for manager Assessment in Their Semester?

The course will give weightage on assessing the designs and settings of changing economic scenarios. Across all the lectures, one thing will be similar, which is to impart a controlled education among the students. Inclusion of elevating the learning outcomes of the unit will be decorated on the basis of practical application with major impetus on addressing every single criterion of the course. On the basis of scheduled timelines and performance criteria, the students will be trained to develop their competence in financial management. Periodic and scheduled outcomes will be centered on the line of the unit’s practical application of demonstrating competence and business acumen. Apparently, the students will be going through tough assignments and class works that will assess their ability to grasp the concepts of macroeconomics and financial parameters. Major impetus will also be given on relevant product and service designs related to business economics. Along with that, amending the test results, working on the level of individual flaws and weaknesses, circumnutating the procedural and process designs, basics of audit and accounts, and management of all the organizational requirements will be taught seriously.  

The university will always help the students, by understanding their specific requirements, and how the students are progressing will be a major concern for them. Hence, to safeguard the rights and interests of the students, the university will aid them to their best. Description of the documentation process, analysis in the context of the present business economy, and documenting these issues with an academic approach will be the sole purpose of the course. It is often observed that most MBA students do not have a proper approach in life and they always focus on the package and the other associated benefits. However, a major impetus will be given to the course that will enhance the financial literacy of the students or the soon-to-be managers. Moreover, the course will give weightage to various policies related to an organizational setting and its operations. Proper documentation of these policies, strategic implementation, and safeguarding the concerns of the people will be at the center of the course. Additionally, the managers shall also need to have proper knowledge of business parameters and associated factors.

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These factors are largely ethical and legal in nature. Hence, knowledge of these factors and the regulating actors shall be taught to the students of the course. Keeping an organization out of all forms of operational, economic, and financial vulnerabilities will be addressed in the course. The students will also be guided in terms of skill development and proper application of these skills in favor of their business. Massive weightage will also be given in organizational seminars and workshops. The lists of the documents, business brochures, gazettes, and associated papers will be encompassed in the course. Hence, the course seeks to deliver an all-around approach to financial management with jurisprudence and sagacity that will empower future managers to work more accurately on financial matters and lead their organization forward.

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