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COMMGMT3502 Human Resource Management

COMMGMT3502 human resource management course is a course taught in The University of Adelaide. This university is located in Adelaide. There are 4 campuses of this university. The main campus is in North Terrace and others are in Roseworthy, Waite (South Australia) and Melbourne, Victoria. The aim of this course is to provide learners a deep understanding of contemporary human resource management and the role of HRM in helping an organization to expand and build and to maintain its competitive advantage. Various policies in relations to human resource are covered under this course.  Areas involved in planning and recruitment, and the legal and ethical frameworks relating to human resource has also been covered specifically. Other topics such as employee relations and its maintenance, employee selection, development and training process along with performance management, ideas regarding compensation and associated strategies, OH&S, diversity management at place of work and human resource management (HRM) in a global perspective are also included in this course.

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Unit Details

Unit Details Of This Course Include The Following:

Location:  Australia

Study level: Under- graduate level course

Unit Code: COMMGMT3502

University :The University Of Adelaide

The course COMMGMT3502 human resource management offers a core understanding of human resource management to the students and explains in great details the role of human resource management in any business. This course efficiently links activities related to people with various business strategies and helps in the development of critical understanding among learners about the functions, roles and responsibilities about human resource and its activities in any organization. COMMGMT3502 will also provide students a view of the key concepts that relate to HRM, and the associated challenges and techniques.

COMMGMT3502 human resource management will cover human resource management and strategic human resource, HRM and associated laws, recruitment process, management of diversity, human resource planning, analysis of job and the job design, employee rewards, appraisals and management of performance, planning of careers, maintenance of industrial relations and maintenance of health and safety of employees, and evaluating HRM or conducting reviews. It is expected by students to devote at least 48 hours weekly for self study.

Brief Of Assessment

The course, COMMGMT3502 human resource management comprises of 3 units which is taught for about 3 hours per week. It is a pre- requisite to pass the unit COMMGMT 2500 or students to enroll in COMMGMT3502 human resource management course. Assessment is based on 4 principles which include the following:

  1. Assigning such assessment task which encourages the students and reinforces learning in a positive manner.
  2. Conducting assessment in a fair manner and enabling fair judgment regarding performance of students.
  3. Fair and equitable essay help assessment practices
  4. Offering students an opportunity to demonstrate their learning from the course
  5. The assessment should be designed such that it adheres to the academic standards

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Assessment of COMMGMT3502 human resource management involves tutorial participation, essays which are required to be submitted individually, group projects and presentation and a final exam. The tutorial participation weighs 10% of total marks, and individual essay weighs 20% of total marks. The group project and presentation weighs 30% followed by a final examination weighing 40% of total marks which is 100.

Attending assignment help tutorials is compulsory for all students. This is because allocation or marks is based on preparation and participation of students in lectures. Attendance of students is not marked, however maintaining minimum said attendance is also necessary a record of which is maintained by the teachers. It is required by students to secure at least 45% of marks to be able to pass the course. Obtaining 45% in any examination is essential and a total of at least 50% marks must be obtained in overall by the student. If students are not able to secure the minimum passing percentage in examinations then they will be awarded no more than 49%.

Students receiving marks between 50- 64 obtain a passing grade, those receiving marks between 65- 74 obtain credit (C). Other who receive marks between 75- 88 obtain distinction (D), whereas students receiving marks between 85- 100 are given high distinction (HD). Others who receive a mark between 1- 49 are marked as fail (F).

Weightage Of This COMMGMT3502 Human Resource Management Course Code In Their Semester

The course COMMGMT3502 human resource management assignment help is of extremely high weightage. This is because this course forms the core of human resource management. Students who undertake this course are expected to be able to identify and critically discuss the roles, and responsibilities of human resource management and its function in building and maintaining competitive advantage in contemporary organizations. Students are expected to be able to demonstrate basic functions of a HR, the associated methods, concepts, and theories and models of human resource management which inform human resource practices. It is expected by students to display an understanding of the regulatory frameworks which includes both the legal as well as the ethical issues in HRM practice and also be able to demonstrate understanding of how the legal structures impact employee relations. Students should be able to apply HRM concepts and technical knowledge that they will gain through this COMMGMT3502 course to critically analyze the issue, problems and cases related to HRM. COMMGMT3502 will ensure that students can understand HRM issues by making them create and deliver a meaningful, engaging and professional presentation related to this topic.

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The suggested resource to pass the unit R. J. Stone’s ‘Managing Human Resources’, 4th Edition, John Wiley and Sons Australia, Milton Qld. Other journals which can assist in learning human resource management includes Asia Pacific Journal of Human resources, Human Resource Management Review, Human Resource Planning, Harvard Business Review, Journal of Human Resources, Human Relations, Journal of Industrial Relations, and Training and Development. All of these journals are available online and they can be utilized by students to gain further knowledge of human resource management.

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