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IBU5HRM Human Resource Management can be defined as the strategic approach to the efficient and effective management of the employees in the organization or company in such a manner that they enable their business to achieve a competitive advantage. It is generally fabricated to enhance the overall employee performance in the service of the strategic objective of employees. HRM (human resource management) is fundamentally concerned with the overall administration of the individuals in a company that focuses on the systems and policies.

Human resource departments are primarily responsible for managing employee recruitment, performance appraisal, training and development, reward management, and employee-benefit design. Human resource is also concerned with the industrial relations and organizational change, or balancing of the organizational practices with respect to requirements or needs that arise from the governmental laws and collective bargaining.

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The overall objective of HR (human resource) is to assure that the company has the ability to attain success via the workforce. Human resource professionals administer the human capital of the company and emphasize implementing procedures and policies. They can generally specialize in recruiting, selecting, finding, training, and developing the workforce as well as sustaining employee benefits or relations. Training and development professionals assure that the staff is trained and then have the required continuous development. This is generally done via reward programs, performance evaluation and training programs.

Employee relation generally addresses the concerns of the employees when the policies are broken like cases including discrimination or harassment. Administering the employee benefits incorporates building up compensation structure, discounts, parental leave programs and such other benefits for the employees. There are certain other HR professionals like business partners or HR generalists who could operate in every area or be the labor relation representatives operating with the unionized employees.

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Phases of the Human resource management

  • Pre-hiring phase:  The pre-hiring phase is generally the recruitment phase. This is generally the phase when this HR department conducts its recruitment function. Generally, the pre-hiring phase will determine which position requires to be filled in an organization, it will write attractive and detailed job descriptions for such positions, it will typically post open positions in the advertisements in distinct places and it will curate job aspirants that demonstrate their interest to discover the best one. Mostly, human resource managers will take participate in the scouting activities throughout this pre-hiring phase and then attend the recruiting events or visit the college careers offices. When the human resource department finds out some appropriate aspirants, it will carry out interviews with these candidates, followed by salary negotiation and background checks.
  • Training phase: When the new hires join this company, the 2ndphase is to provide training and orient them for their empty positions in the organization. They will be introduced to their respective leaders and their colleagues. This will be also taught regarding the code of conduct and policies of the company as well as the external compliance problems. They will be also provided training on the job so that the new hires know the outs and ins of a particular area in which they are involved.
  • Post-hiring phase: In this phase, the staff is settled in their latest position in the organization. During such phase, the human resource department works as the connection between the manager and workers and it also operates as an arbiter in conflicts that might form between the colleagues. HR will also provide advice to the top managers regarding what actions should be taken in caseworkers are charged with inappropriate conduct. Moreover, they will also combine with the accounting department so as to handle the compensations and any training expense of the worker.

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Significance of the Human Resource management

Human resource management is the modern approach of sustaining and administering the employees at the workplace that emphasizes development, maintenance, utilization, and acquisition. A human resource department is a development-oriented approach. It is a general concern of the managers of each level and gives space for employee involvement, growth, and performance. Many organizations in recent times prefer human resource management to personnel management as HRM has a crucial role to play in sustaining the quality team of the working employees.  Besides, this HRM has various importance that is explained below:

  • Maintaining the work-life quality: Quality of the work-life is generally a perception of the staff about the link between the management with the working condition. In simple words, it is the link between the overall work environment and the workforce. The quality of the work-life is mainly concerned with the perception of the employees of psychological as well as physical wellbeing in the organization and it can be generally obtained by sustaining work freedom, rewards, belongingness, job recognition, work autonomy, and so on.
  • Enhance profit and productivity: HRM assures the right quantity and quality of the personnel in the organization, apart from which, it develops opportunities to motivate and facilitate the group of staff or individual staff to advance and grow their career. Inspired and motivated staffs work really hard and effectively to attain their individual career goal that directly effects the productivity of the organization. Enhancing profit and reducing cost is the essence of productivity.
  • Match supply and demand of human resources: Human resource management (HRM) probes the HR in some interval of time so as to recognize if the organization has appropriate numbers of staff or not. In case the organization has insufficient human resources, HRM carries out certain activities such as selection and recruitment to match the demand. Similarly, it can lay off or terminate unskilled and inefficient staff in case the organization has an excessive workforce.
  • Retaining and motivating employees to achieve the company’s goal: the utilization of the human resource (HR) to their fullest and sustaining them in the organization for the long run is the key function of the HRM. Under such function, human resource management carries out tasks such as offering fringe rewards, compensation, and benefits to the most efficient and deserving staff. Such activities do not only enable the organization in retaining the staff but also in attaining its overall goals efficiently and effectively.

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Weightage of this HLSC122 Course Code in Their Semester

The Weightage of this HLSC122 Course Code in Their Semester is mainly at the levels of 15 credit points.

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