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PROJ6016 Employer Based Project is a 4-unit postgraduate topic meant to allow work-integrated education at the student's present job and to be included in the student's current program's volume of learning. Like any other topic, the student is expected to put in 120 hours of active learning time in addition to their regular job responsibilities. This topic demands the student to develop and record a unique and novel project that will be funded by and benefit the company, as well as bridge the theoretical-practical knowledge gap. If approved, the student will be assigned an academic supervisor who will work with them throughout the unit to help them bridge the gap between theory and practice.

The Employer-Based Project is a four-unit postgraduate topic designed to allow work-integrated learning in the student's existing job, which will be included in the student's current program's volume of learning. PROJ6016 assessment answers demand students to complete and record a unique and fresh project that will be funded by and benefit the business, as well as bridge the theoretical-practice gap in their expertise. Employer-led projects and challenges provide an opportunity for you to engage with real-world scenarios and issues affecting the industry.

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A short-term employer-led project is an innovative approach to gaining work experience that may frequently be done alongside your studies throughout the school year or during vacation time. They're ideal if you have little job experience and want to expand your resume. There is an expectation that the student will participate in 120 hours of active study outside of their typical work tasks, much like any other subject.

Unit details of PROJ6016 Employer Based Project

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code:- PROJ6016

Location:- Ashford University, Clinton

Study level:- Undergraduate

Brief on 1605ENG Sustainable Construction

The evaluation for the Employer-Based Project topic is aimed to ensure that the student builds on their knowledge over time by incorporating the activities of their Employer-Based Project into program-based learning. The following five assessment components are used to grade this subject:

  • Assignment one – project business case and scope
  • Assignment two – fortnightly progress reports
  • Assignment three – final project presentation
  • Assignment four – supervisor evaluation

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Intended Learning Outcomes

At the end of the subject, the student should be able to:

  • Integrate working knowledge of major elements of their course
  • Reflect on professionalism as it relates to contemporary work environments
  • Deliver a major project to the employer

Project-based employment is becoming more popular. According to a recent global study, 91% of the firms asked hired outside freelancers. Hundreds of thousands of employees in Norway fit into this category, and Sonar is the firm that helps organizations and project-based job searchers connect in Norway. However, why would someone want to work as a temp? What are the benefits of utilizing Sonar in particular?

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Being recruited on a project-by-project basis also means you won't be in the same boat as many full-time employees — locked in a dead-end job for a boss you despise. If you don't enjoy working for a certain firm, project-based employment allows you to go on to a different project with a different company after the project is over. You may develop new talents and extend your capabilities by working in diverse scenarios and with different individuals.

Another benefit of working on a project basis is that companies recognize your contributions. They want someone with the expertise and ability to get up and running quickly and efficiently manage the task. Sonar matches you to positions that fit your skills and are right for you, so you can be a productive member of the project team right away. At Sonar, we can fill vacancies in most fields, with an emphasis on building and construction, finance and accounting, and business and management.

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Weightage of this 1605ENG Course Code in Their Semester

This course comprises 12 subjects, which include 8 core subjects and 4 elective subjects. Each subject involves 10 hours of study per week, comprising 3 hours of facilitated study and 7 hours of self-directed study.

International students must not enroll in more than one-third (33%) of online subjects over their course and must study at least one face-to-face subject each study period.

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