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Explain BM7913 Performance Management.

The assignment is on a case study based in report format that makes use of headings for the essay. It is based on case study assessment that is an ongoing and constant process in clarifying the job responsibilities and development planning to optimise individual’s performance that aligns the strategic goals of an organization. The fundamental idea herein lies with how great people create a supportive work environment and provides content in development of a plan for creating higher value. On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of how HPW makes a contribution to employee engagement and competitive advantage in a situation.
  • Evaluate instances of performance management and demonstrate examples of how they can support high performance culture as well as commitment.

From the assessment it can be demonstrated that an ongoing and constant process in clarifying job responsibilities optimises on the potential for individual’s performance linked up to the goals. The ideas in performance management lies in creating a supportive work environment that focus on right targets to create ways in their achievement. In this aspect the assessment appears to have aligned to the strategic goals in order to run success levels.

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Unit Details Of BM7913 Performance Management:

The assignment is based on how performance management is linked up to optimise individual’s performance levels and achieve the desired levels of success. Upon successful implementation of the Unit details, a demonstration of how HPW contributes to employee engagement is developed within a specific situation. It also optimises how this Unit contributes towards competitive advantage with a specific organizational situation. Specifying on the unit details applies to how they are constantly clarifying on opportunities for aligning the strategic responsibilities for meeting its strategic goals. As such the Unit also applies to how it contributes towards employee engagement as well as competitive advantage for specific situations.


The assignment is applicable for the country of United Kingdom and taught in the University of Gloucestershire.

Study Level:

The study level for BM7913 performance management is in how it is applicable for graduate and post-graduate students in specific situation.

Unit Code:

BM7913 performance management

Brief On BM7913 Performance Management Assessment:

Understanding of how HPW contributes to employee engagement and competitive advantage in specific situation.

On a simple basis, higher engagement results in greater job performance for the employees. It is clear that employees engaged with in work are committed to their organizations that provides a crucial competitive advantage by inclusion of higher employee productivity and lower turnover by employees. The employee engagement is an important contributor to how strategic objective is attained for long term retention and high levels of productivity as well as enhanced work quality. In initiating employee engagement, organizational communication and managerial styles develop trust, respect as well as reputation for a company.

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One of the finest forms of employee engagement lies in being one of the true sources of competitive advantage. In attaining long term retention levels, this strategic objective brings in enhanced work quality and considers the engagement to be a successful factor. In absence of work, no work responsibilities exist. Higher retention levels occur as there is open and inclusive culture bringing employee relations. This kind of engagement has a potential to optimate on the key link between reputation of the company and initiating stakeholder value. Engaged employees have commitment for the organizations in which they are working with for highly engaged employees.

Different approaches to performance management and examples that support high performance culture and commitment.

The distinguishable approaches to performance management lies in reinforcing positive behaviour and encouraging open communication for empowering employees and collecting feedback. MBO is an approach in which managers and employees stress on a focused appraisal period. The performance appraisal method is in matching the overarching goals for setting objectives in an effective manner. In this aspect, MBO applies to how this process lays more emphasis on the tangible as well as intangible goals in achieving success levels. As such the performance appraisal method applies to how success is rewarded with in tangible and intangible goals for setting skills and commitment.

The concept of Assessment Centre Method lies in how it is polished to fit in to the environment where employees can get a clear picture about the impact it has on the performance levels. The advantage lies in the fact how assessing existing performance predicts onto future job performance for the individuals. The Behaviourally Anchored Scale (BARS) brings into qualitative as well as quantitative methods in appraisal process. BARS compares on to the levels for description of common behaviours that is routinely exhibited by the organization. Therefore, employees are judged upon by a capability that exhibits on predetermined standards applicable at to the job level.

Psychology Appraisals comes in that are handy to develop hidden potential for the employees. These appraisals are utilized in order to determine the competency in interpersonal as well as leadership skills. On the other hand, the Human Resource Accounting Method analyses the performance levels of the employees to have obtained monetary benefits evaluated on cost accounting methods as well as interpersonal relations that are taken into account. High level of dependency on cost and benefit analysis portrays the drawback on how this accounting method is applicable. As a result, high level of dependency implies the power for which memory acts as a drawback to HR accounting method.

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What Is The Weightage Of This BM7913 Course Code In Their Semester?

The weightage of BM7913 Course Code is in optimising the performance expectation that aligns with organizational strategic goals. The assignment provides content to the course code for focusing on the employees to have right targets and create the best ways to do it. The optimization of employee engagement lies in how competitive advantage is applicable in a particular situation. The weightage of this course code is in its setting right target and creating best ways to achieve onto them. As a result, performance management is applicable for how this law is applicable for meeting onto HR experience and their levels of experience for the management.

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