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1112 Assessment Answers Justice The University of Griffith is a public research university that is located in South East Queensland on the East coast of Australia. The university was founded in the year 1971 and began enrolling students in 1975. From the time of its inception, the university has been home to many generations of students looking for opportunities to pursue their higher education.  The University of Griffith was also one of the very first universities in all of Australia to introduce degrees in environmental science and Asian studies. This opened up a whole new wave of diversity and culture that can still be seen within the faculties of the university.

The university offers an array of different courses and streams which students can apply for and enroll in. Being one of the more culturally diverse universities in Queensland, the university attracts both domestic and international students from all over the world. Among the different courses, the school provides students with the opportunity to pursue the course of Health Law and Ethics. The course provides the students with the opportunity to be able to plan out and learn about the different means, methods, and approaches that can be taken for that there carrying out of research for the relation between the health interest between the individual and the community.

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Among the many courses that that university, one of the courses is that of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Criminology and Criminal Justice are similar yet slightly different fields of study with criminology being a social science that primarily focuses on the phycological and sociological study of human behavior in relation to crimes committed and criminal behavior. On the other hand, criminal justice refers to the study and application of criminology and the enforcement of the solutions established by criminology directly to the crimes themselves. The criminal justice system consists of different departments and agencies that are tasked with the application of the solutions that have been laid down by the practice of criminology. Through the application of the course at the universe, students will be undertaken aspects, criminology, and criminal justice and how they relate and influence each other.

Unit Details

Location: - offshore, in person, online.

Study Level: - Undergraduate

Unit Code: - 1112

Through enrollment in 1112 Assignment Answers of Criminology and Criminal Justice, students will get the opportunity to be a part of one of the fines criminology schools in Queensland. In the first year of enrollment, the students will be learning about the current crime trends that can be seen in both Australia and overseas. The Academic and professional experts will explain proven ways that crime can be examined, prevented, and reduced. You'll participate in courses that include the police, courts and criminal law, forensic psychology, and homicide. In the following second and third years, the students with beginning to streamline their focus into a particular area of criminology and criminal justice. This narrowing of the field will be based on the winning choice of the student and on the career path the student wished to pursue.

Students will have the choice of selecting an elective among the subjects of policing, corrections, working with offenders and victims, counter-terrorism, or crime analysis and investigation. In the final years of the course, the student will have the option to complete a professional placement and gain practical experience, which will help them be exposed to potential careers of interest and employers. The students can also gain the opportunity to study abroad and gain invaluable learning and experience that can increase employment opportunities.

Brief of 1112 Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

As a Griffith Criminology graduate, students may find opportunities in policing and security, intelligence, probation and parole, child protection, crime analysis, courts and justice services, government agencies, crime prevention, and regulatory agencies. Students will also be prepared for a career in law enforcement, working directly with offenders in welfare and counseling roles, and in criminological research and policy roles. Students will also have the opportunity to gain experience in cutting-edge criminological research through the Criminology Undergraduate Research Internship Program. The students will be mentored one-on-one by criminology experts and will be able to select an internship that suits their interests in a diverse range of research projects.

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Internship opportunities are offered on a competitive basis three times a year and usually last four to six weeks part-time. Through this internship, the students will gain the opportunity to gain priceless insights into the inner working of the criminal justice systems and how the field of criminology and criminal justice impact and build on each other.

Each of the topics covered throughout the duration of the course serves the purpose of developing the understanding and critical thinking of the students for the analysis and evaluation of the practices of legal health integration in the community and the provision of health services to the individual. Through the following of the course lessons, the students will be well equipped in the formulation of effective legal health strategies for the purpose of improving the quality of life.

Weightage of 1112 Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

The 1112 Assessment Solution of Health Law and Ethics will start from the second trimester of the academic year. The course shall be carried out through a blended model of both online Nd offline classes, the schedule for each of the classes will be provided to the students upon successful enrollment into the course. The students are expected to be punctual and diligent in attending all classes through the course, whether that be through offline or online modes. The total weightage of the course is 10 credit points. Throughout the course, the students will participate in three assessment tasks which include an online quiz, a written assignment, and a final exam. The online quiz comprises 20 percent of the total weightage father course. The written assignment and the final exam each comprise 40 percent of the course weightage with a combined total weightage of 60 percent. In order to gain a passing grade, the student must secure a minimum of 50 percent in each of the assessment tasks. Students are encouraged to show active participation during class discussions.

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