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MCOM4040 marketing and communications are about marketing communication and enabling the students to have a command over the subject.  In business, marketing is the way the managers reach out to the customers and generate profitability for the owners. Marketing communication is often abbreviated as MarCom and it is a complex and fundamental part of global businesses. In business, an integral part of marketing professionals is to reach out to the customers via expressive and communicative means. Hence, MarCom signifies how a company attracts customers and how they retain them. Media and messaging are deeply involved in reaching out to the customers and developing nexus with them. The course will cover all the necessary areas of a marketing plan and how it will retain the customers. Marketing communication includes the application of sponsorships, trade shows, appearances, presentations, branding, packaging, and direct marketing. However, advertisements often negatively impact the way of ethical marketing which is however taught in the course how not to mislead the customers.

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Unit details

Location: - Greenwich, the UK

Study level: - Undergraduate

Unit code: - MCOM4040

Brief of MCOM4040 marketing and communications Assessment

The assessments will be based on the acumen that a student has developed that will help them in future business settings. Management of communications in business is the art that separates a company from its rivals. There are several ways to reach out to customers and boost sales. However, the course will emphasize the classical aspects of marketing communications. Marketing communication hence requires a special assessment of how one applies various communication techniques to approach their target customers. Positioning is the first kind of marketing communication that the course seeks to assess and develop among the students. Positioning aims to position a product or service with all the necessary ins and outs of how the pros and cons are related to the customers. After considering the ins and outs in detail, the customers take a decision whether to go for a product or not, and hence the process is often associated with nurturing and influencing the mind of the target consumers. There are other areas of MarCom in the course such as personal selling, direct marketing, social media marketing, promotion of products and services, and public relations.

The marketing mix is however the blend of the aforesaid means of business communications. There are generally 7Ps of the marketing mix that include “Price, Promotion, Product, Place, People, Physical Appearances, and Process”. These 7Ps collectively govern the fate of a product or service. Assessing the ability of the students to extent that they have developed the basics of these elements will be analyzed by the assessors. In service-based businesses, the attributes change slightly keeping a major onus on the aptness of the marketing professionals.

Marketing communication or MarCom includes several other areas and application of these elements judiciously. The areas are sales, branding, online promotion, email approach, cold calling, lead generation, and advertising in television or YouTube or in other social media platforms. Today’s world of marketing is rapidly changing concerning the business nature and the nature of the customers. Most people want their products or services online, and failure to provide such facilities or scope to the customers weakens the course of the business by disconnecting a major arena of marketing from the customers.

However, allowing the businesses to grow on their own empowers the marketing professionals which in turn puts pressure on their acumen regarding the way of communicating with the target groups. With the submergence of traditional means of marketing offline, marketing communications mostly take place via the incorporation of direct participation in selling products and services with the necessary details that can influence purchasing decisions. Brand promotion is another major area of emphasis that the course will assess, and the students are expected to deliver the right method of brand promotion and positioning.

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What is the Weightage of MCOM4040 marketing and communications Their Semester?

The course has 33 assessment points this semester that will encircle a wide range of assessing factors such as internal marks, assignments, unit tests, and marks for participation in other academic activities and assessment units. Major Weightage will be given to the understanding of marketing communication by involving promotions, advertising, positioning, and public relations activities. When successful branding takes place, the audiences appreciate the marketing program of an organization. Hence, advertising starts with communication and the better is the communication, the better will be the sales and brand promotion. Addressing the communication barriers also has a major weightage in the course that helps the students to generate a root-cause-analysis study of the barriers and how they are impeding the growth of the brand and hence the marketing communication. Removal of clutter and noises are desired to be ousted in the first place and so is the case for weak information design. Often brand parity and consumer apathy happen as a consequence of unsuccessful marketing communication. Having an eye on what demotivates the customers and why they are not interested in a particular product can diminish the size of the business of an organization. Effective communications, skill development, responding to the real demands of the customers, and coming up with exactly the same product or services can serve the purpose significantly. Marketing research is another area of MarCom that has major weightage in this course. At times, some projects require more focus and emphasis on marketing research and the status of the target customers. Thus, the expectations of the customers are known prior to the manufacturing of the products or delivery of the services. Hiring talented individuals and students with extraordinary communication skills is a major part of a marketing manager’s job role. Hence, they shall have a deep knowledge of product advancement, public relation campaigns, new and innovative ideas, and products, and harnessing several changes in the processes, operations, manufacturing, and the entire way of seeing marketing communications as not a separate and isolated but as an integrated and inalienable part of the business operations.

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