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116401 Crucial Marketing Communication Theory for Practice course on Crucial Marketing Communication Theory for Practice is provided by the University of Canberra (Australia) as both online and on-campus modes of delivery. The course is provided in UC Canberra, Bruce under the guidance of the Faculty of Arts and Design. The discipline which provides the course is the School of Arts and Communications.

The unit provides knowledge regarding advanced marketing communication theory and making essential and significant connections with the professional practice. The course will teach the essential competencies necessary for the strategic management of communication through adverse range if challenging as well as practical communication scenarios. The students will be able to improve their knowledge regarding the influential theoretical as well as research perspectives involved in human communications. 11640task answers will equip the pupils with the critical tools and the theoretical underpinning necessary to facilitate the various skills of planning, strategic thinking, as well as decision making.

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The successful completion of the unit will ensure that the students are capable of critically analyzing, reflecting, and synthesizing the key models and theories involved in the field of marketing communication theory. The students will be able to appraise the efficacy of the various marketing communication skills in order to implement the same while utilizing the strategic skills across the various industries. The students will also be able to investigate the theory, practices and contemporary paradigms involved in marketing communication which are to be based on the industry examples and the peer-reviewed research conducted.

The crucial marketing communication theory for practice will also include the system of marketing communications which will include the context analysis, research, and evaluation, resources, promotional objectives, and positioning. The marketing communication theories to be included are linear communication, models of marketing communications within the computer-mediated environments, one-step model of communication, two-step model of communication, multi-step model of communication, etc. The principal organizations in the marketing communications industry comprise the production and support companies, agencies, clients, and the media.

The various marketing communications industry where the students will be able to find a position will include the securities and investment companies, committees of advertising practice, radio authorities, fair trading agencies, advertising standards authority, and the television commissions. The ethics involved in the crucial marketing communications will include corporate social responsibility and ethical concerns. Thus, the course unit will enable the students to gain an understanding of the advanced marketing communication theories and connect them with professional practices and enhance their marketing communication skills.

Unit details of 116401 Crucial Marketing Communication Theory for Practice

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code: 116401

Location: Canberra, Australia

Level: Postgraduate 

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Brief on 116401 Crucial Marketing Communication Theory for Practice

The course has EFTSL (Equivalent Full-Time Study Load) of 0.125 and has no pre-requisites or co-requisites. The course unit will include the marketing communication theories, ethics involved in marketing communication, and the marketing communications industry. 116401 assessment answers will include marketing communications which is a management process that organizations engage in to develop with various audiences. The behavioral and attitudinal responses of the involved audiences are considered of significant value and the communication environment is considered accordingly.

The students will be able to communicate effectively and adopt an informed, balanced, and strategic approach in their international and professional boundaries. The students will be able to display the drive as well as initiative required to manage their workload and utilise their organizational skills. The students will also be able to work collaboratively as a proper team members and be able to negotiate and resolve any conflict that may occur. The students will also be able to utilise the technology in a creative and innovative way in their learning as well as professional lives. The students will be able to analyze the issues in their profession from the perspectives and opinions of others, from various cultural backgrounds. The students will also be able to employ their relevant knowledge and the skills gained in their professional lives.

The position of the marketing communications theories includes the target audience and the media based on direct marketing, personal selling, personal relations, advertising, and sales promotion. The orientations involved in marketing communication include relational, integration, process and imagery, and information and promotion marketing communications.

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Weightage of this 116401 Course Code in their Semester

The weightage of this course includes 3 credit points and is provided at the post-graduate level. The study level being post-graduate requires the active participation of the students in the online activities. The course provides no practicums, internships, or work placements and hence requires no IT skills. The online teaching activity begins in August and the on-campus module begins in August too.

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