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In the 11018 Assessment Answer, students will develop their abilities as agile professionals with the transferable skills related to employability and creativity as well as critical abilities for working across sectors and industries and will also build diverse employment paths.  The students will be able to integrate disciplinary knowledge with the professional skills needed in the industry through real workplace experience, authentic simulated experience, industry projects, or international exchange. This course is associated with the University of Canberra. The delivery mode of the scores will be flexible that will be held on campus. The study level of this course will be level 3 which is an undergraduate advanced unit.

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Unit Details

Location: - Australia

Study level: - Under Graduation

Unit code: - 11018

Brief of 11018 professional practices Assessment Solution

This 11018 Assignment Answers course will help in developing the abilities of the students which will help them to enhance their skills and to apply them in real-life projects or programs.  After successful completion of this course, students will be able to reflect on as well as evaluate the standards of the performance and practice expected in the profession and in the workplace. The students will be able to analyze the role and application of theoretical knowledge and ideas in the professional context. They will also be able to solve problems and make appropriate as well as ethical decisions in the professional context or workplace using professional knowledge, consideration of various perspectives and information. They will be able to articulate, acquire and apply the range of the transferable employability skill that they will be learning from this course unit. 

Graduate Attributes

UC graduates are professional:  They will be able to employ up-to-date and relevant skills and knowledge. 

UC graduates are professional: They will be able to communicate effectively.

UC graduates are professional: They will be able to use research skills, critical thinking, analysis, and creativity for solving theoretical as well as real-world problems.

UC graduates are professional: The students will be able to work collaboratively as part of the team, resolve conflict and negotiate properly.

UC graduates are professionals: They will be able to display the initiative and drive the initiative. They will also use organizational skills for planning and managing the workload.

UC graduates are professional: They can take pride in their personal and professional integrity.

UC graduates are global citizens: The students can adopt a balanced and informed approach across the international and professional boundaries.

UC graduates are global citizens: They will understand the issues in the professions from various perspectives related to culture.

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Skills development

This 11018 professional practice unit course will comprise a range of work-integrated learning offerings to accommodate the students from various degrees as well as with various aspirations. Students in this course will be able to participate in the work-integrated learning activities which will suit the learning styles, requirements, interests, and abilities of students.  This unit course will offer various options with the choice of the students will depend on the degree and the individual circumstances.

This course will include:

  • Internships: 120 hours of paid or unpaid internship in the approved workplace with the workplace mentor who will be professional in the field.
  • Project work: The students will work in multidisciplinary or single disciplinary teams with real clients on real-life projects with defined time limits in various industries. 
  • Creative work:  This will be an experimental study mainly for Arts students who will be interested in creative careers.  In the creative lab of this unit, the students will be discussing, defining, preparing, producing, and developing their own creative projects. The students will also be able to reflect on the creative practice and understand the audiences are the outlets for their works.  In this case, they will also be able to consider the best practice for pitching the work to others.
  • Work-based learning:  this course will be available by application to the students who will be working full-time in the discipline.

Student Responsibility

Participation requirements

The student will have to confirm the participants and requirements in the relevant discipline information on their Canvas.

Required IT skills

Particular and relevant skills required in this course will be included on the Canvas. The students can check the relevant modules for the information.

Work placement, practicums, or internships

This unit will involve various types of work-integrated learning and the student responsibilities will be needed to the described factors in this unit. Integrated learning will need strict adherence to the professional practice principle as well as ethics. The students should always maintain confidentiality including the assessment items like essays and reports.  The professional nature of the unit will also need the participation of the students in the learning activities such as a workshop, lab, and lectures as per the schedule. If the attendance requirements are not satisfied, this will be recommended to the students that they can meet with the relevant director for scheduling the unit for a future semester. The student should have them to the university policy during now work-integrated learning which will include the student conduct rules, work-integrated learning procedure, work-integrated learning policy, assessment procedure, and assessment policy. This 11018 professional practice unit course will have pre-placement requirements and the students will need to complete the details on the website of Canberra University.

What is the Weightage of these 11018 Assignment Answers in Their Semester?

The credit point of the 11018 task solution course unit will it will be 3. The students will have to secure 50% of the total marks. There will be three assessments, which the students must have to appear for. There will be one group work report which will weightage 30% of the total marks. There will be one individual assessment, which will weightage 50% of the total marks and there will also be a presentation on the individual report that will weightage 20% of the total marks. In total, 100 marks will be allocated in this course unit.

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