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This is a fundamental unit in the MN603 Wireless Networks and Security, which has a maximum of 12 units (MNet). By improving students' specialized expertise in wireless network security and using security procedures in a wireless channel, this unit satisfies the MNet course learning goals and supports other programs in a related subject. The AQF level 9 (MNet) course includes this unit. Students will obtain a thorough understanding of wireless network communication technology and security challenges in this lesson. Router configuration for local and remote locations is taught to students.

MN603 task answers teach network security measures and cryptographic communication methods for achieving security features such as secrecy, integrity, authenticity, privacy, crypto-key distribution, and security systems in wireless communication networks. The course will look at a variety of security features and ideas that have been taken from current best practices in a personal areas, networks, and worldwide cellular services. We also want to incorporate intriguing security protocols and procedures that are evolving as part of the Internet's evolution.

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The following subjects will be covered in this unit:

  • Architecture for wireless technology
  • Wireless protocols and networks
  • Vulnerabilities in security, attacks, and mitigating techniques
  • The design of wireless LANs and WLANs, as well as privacy approaches
  • WLAN security installation and management

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Unit details of MN603 Wireless Networks and Security

Unit details of this course include the following:

Location: Melbourne, Sydney.

Level: Postgraduate.

Course Code: MN603

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Brief on MN603 Wireless Networks and Security

Learners should be able to do the following after completing this unit:

  • LO1: Evaluate and contrast wireless transmission protocols; compare and contrast standards-based technologies utilized in diverse networks,
  • LO2: The performance of various wireless networks is tested and evaluated.
  • LO3: Apply and assess associated with wireless measures while keeping ethical considerations in mind;
  • LO4: Secure business wireless networks should be designed and implemented.

MIT is dedicated to keeping the course up to date, practical, and relevant so that graduates are "job-ready" and prepared for a lifetime of study. The MIT Graduate Traits highlight the needed knowledge, abilities, and attributes that equip graduates for the industry in order to accomplish this.

Graduate Attributes are addressed at the following levels in this unit:


Graduate Attributes

Extent Covered


Ability to Communicate

The level is handled through evaluated activities in which students take a significant part, such as talks, reading, document interpretation, testing, and exams.


Independent and Lifelong Learning

The standard is handled through evaluated activities in which students can participate actively, including as lectures and conversations, reading, explanation, seminars, and demonstrations.



The level is handled through evaluated activities in which students take a significant part, such as talks, reading, document interpretation, testing, and exams.


Analytical and Problem Solving

The norm is covered through theory and practice, and evaluated activities, such as workshops, lab reports, assignments, presentations, exams, and examinations, are all activities in which students have prominent participation.


Cultural and Global Awareness

The standard is handled through evaluated activities in which students can participate actively, including lectures and conversations, reading, explanation, seminars, and demonstrations.


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Weightage of this MN603 Course Code in their Semester


Assessment Task

Learning Outcome Assessed



Mid Semester Test

LO1 and LO2



Assignment 1

LO2 and LO3



Assignment 2

LO4 and LO5



Laboratory and Problem Based Learning participation & Submission.

LO1, LO2, LO3, LO4, and LO5



Final Examination

LO1, LO2, LO3, LO4, and LO5






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