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CO4830 IT Project Management Assignment Answers

CO4830 IT Project Management covers a graduate certification in ‘Information Technology Project Management. This is offered by the ‘College of Engineering and Science’. Interested people can avail of this course which runs for about 5 months. This provides preparation for an in-demand role in the management of IT projects. Those who are already project managers can learn new skills by enrolling in the course.

The importance of this course can be understood for the fact project management has been of vital significance in successfully achieving contemporary IT projects. The course aims at introducing to the various knowledge of fundamental importance to project management with specific discussion on its application to IT projects. In relation to this, this course is based mainly on the international standards as set by the ‘Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)’. So, it addresses the identified contemporary issues in the management of IT projects.

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On successful completion of this course, the applicants will be able to:

  • demonstrate knowledge as essentials to the key theoretical frameworks of project management and also apply those to a bunch of scenarios related to project management
  • develop a good understanding of projects, what roles and responsibilities should a project manager play, professional decisions based on good recommendations, and communication with both the specialist and non-specialist stakeholders
  • abstractly map the recent developments in the IT theory and applications as needed to justify their presence and use in numerous projects contexts
  • critically apply knowledge and skills specific to information technology to new and unpredicted circumstances in the professional practice and exhibit a high level of accountability and personal autonomy.

For which university this course code is associated.

CO4830 IT Project Management, a Graduate Certificate in CO4830 IT Project Management is associated with Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia.

Unit Details Of CO4830 IT Project Management: -

Location: - Australia

CO4830 IT Project Management can be availed at Foots Cray Park, VU Sydney.  

Study level: -It is a graduate-level certificate course in IT Project Management.

Unit Code: -CO4830 IT Project Management Assignment is offered over an eight-week mode. This simply means that applicants will have to cover two units (subjects) over a span of eight weeks. If this is for part-timers who are working somewhere else and also want to pursue this course, they will have to cover a minimum of one unit over eight weeks duration. They will be given enough freedom to successfully complete the course as there will be no need for juggling plenty of units at once. Also, due to the nature of the classes which is smaller and timetable focused and highly collaborative, students will have sufficient time to spend with their colleagues and friends, and industry partners. These all will be helpful in building up a strong professional network. Due to the friendliness of the model the student’s results and their level of engagement have improved in the past. Moreover, it has helped fetch multiple international awards to VU for innovation and excellence.

Brief Of CO4830 IT Project Management Assignment:

Those enrolled in this course will be assessed over four different unit codes each carrying equal weightage. These are:

  • Fundamentals of Project Management

This consists of three modules. Module 1 is focused on enabling participants to identify the roles of stakeholders in the projects and establishing connections between them. In module 2, there will be opportunities to learn about study project initiation, scoping and network analysis, development of a project charter, time management, and quality and cost management. Finally, module 3 deals with collaboration within a simulated business environment intending to produce a case study as vital to answer its various related questions.

  • Project Governance

A project is accomplished by applying technical and human skills to this and more other projects. Project governance will help you learn how to make project-based decisions in alignment with the policies and procedures of organizational governance. These teachings are aligned with the PMBOK (project management body of knowledge). Learners after being through this unit would be able to know what kind of governance framework will be suitable for various dissimilar projects. Moreover, they would get to learn the practical applications of the principles to be taught under this unit on a project. Further, they could prevent their projects from controllable failures by opting for the governance framework.

  • Networking Systems

As the name suggests this presents an overview of networking systems as consistent with the computer system. This unit should lay the foundation for more advanced wireless and wired networking units. This includes perspectives related to the evolution of networking systems as well as their visible future. The topics include computer networks, the internet, network design, sub-networking, seven-layer OSI model, routing, switching, etc. amongst others. The knowledge and skills that will be developed in this unit will be useful in the analysis, evaluation, design, and development of the computer networks basis the real-world scenarios.

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  • Database Analysis and Design

 This unit is focused on discussing the specific skills that are used in designing and utilizing relational databases. It is the core unit in this very applied and advanced IT course. This unit has a lot to offer to students like in-depth knowledge of SQL relational data modeling, daily administration, database design, and deployment of the relational database. All these are broader concepts on their own and can be learned in much more detail than what will be covered here. But the fact is this unit still has much to offer to aspirants and enables them to learn the work environment of IT-related tasks, like database analysis and design.

The Weightage Of This CO4830 IT Project Management Assignment In Their Semester

The total weightage of this CO4830 in their semester is 48 credit points. Each of the unit code carries weightage in their Semester as the following:

  • The ‘Fundamentals of Project Management will be held in terms of the project, presentation, and test. The project will carry 40%, presentation 20%, and test 40% of the weightage. The class presentation carries 20% weightage, whereas the test consisting of an open book and 2 hours carries 40% of the weightage in their unit code.
  • ‘Project Governance’ constitutes a test, case study, and presentation each having weightage 40%, 40%, and 20% respectively.
  • Further, ‘Networking Systems’ is spanned over-assessments – laboratory work, assignment and case study each carrying weightage 10%, 50% and 40% correspondingly.
  • ‘Database Analysis and Design’ contains assessments like laboratory work, tests, and assignments each carries weightage 10%, 50%, and 40% separately.

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