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The unit is designed to provide the students with holistic knowledge about both the technical and people management aspects related to construction. The technical aspect of the course includes the technical mechanisms related to project control. Project control covers a wide array of aspects including procurement, supply chain management, quality management of the materials, among others. The resource management aspect of the course is related to the inventory and preservation of the raw materials required for construction projects. The unit highlights the core knowledge, analytics tool, and skillset associated with budget management of projects. The cost of the entire project is one of the critical aspects of the unit. Costing involves negotiation skills, the economy in terms of minimizing the expenditure within optimal levels during an ongoing project.

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The unit is a platform for the student to familiarize with the key concepts related to stakeholder management. Stakeholder management involves coordination with the suppliers, range of vendors, laborers, and other integral members related to the project. One of the key features of the technical aspect of construction management is related to contract management. The unit familiarizes the students with the technical knowledge related to drawing contracts with the stakeholders, negotiation, and systematic documentation of the terms and conditions related to the agreement. The knowledge regarding contract management is considered one of the key aspects in terms of future employability opportunities in the industry.

The people management aspect of the unit familiarizes students with the development of leadership skills and coordination, effective communication skills. The risk assessment will be a key subject area of the unit. The unit will familiarize the students with the systematic approach towards identifying, classifying, and prioritizing the range of risks associated with construction management projects. The tools, technology, and protocols related to risk management are also accommodated as part of the overall curriculum of the unit.

In the present age, construction management is being integrated with technological knowledge and sophisticated analytical tools. The unit is a holistic platform for the students to learn and adapt the software and IT-related knowledge required for the efficient execution of construction management projects.

The range of software tools that the students are familiarized with includes resource planning, project management, financial analysis, among others. Awareness regarding the forecasting and budgeting tools are also critical aspects of the construction management unit. The students are further exposed to the planning and coordination aspects of construction management projects.

Information management is one of the critical aspects of the unit that equips students with the required knowledge that is essential to identify, manage and analyze the complex set of data that are associated with construction projects. The required software-related training will be provided through the unit in this context. The core objective of the unit is to create a bridge between the theoretical and practical aspects of construction management.

The core details regarding project management and resource allocation, coordination are critical aspects of both the scenario-based practical approach and the written assessments. Ideally, the written scenarios will be complemented with the overall practical assessments. Contingency planning is one of the integral aspects of the unit. The curriculum, in this context, is related to the probable disruptive scenarios that may arise during the course of a construction project.  The objective is to provide a platform that will help the students to be well-equipped in terms of the overall process of construction management.

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Unit Details

Location:-University of South Australia, South Australia
Study level:-Postgraduate
Unit code:-105617 

Brief of 10214 construction project management Assessment

The unit and assessment are related to the recent developments and emerging issues in the construction industry. Both national and global contexts are considered in this case. The assessment curriculum has been developed in collaboration with the key partners of the construction industry. The students are offered the scope of visiting key industry projects and learning the key details related to the practical management of construction projects. Moreover, the assessment is divided into the core categories of civil engineering and construction management. The approach adopted by the curriculum, in this case, is based on a case study mode. The unit provides the scope of participating in live case studies related to both civil engineering and construction management projects. The live case studies are designed to ensure that the students gain practical industry-based experience.

The assessment will also involve a range of written assessments. The written assessment tasks will be based on a range of critical elements related to construction management including risk management, project financing, conflict management, leadership skills. Dispute resolution will also be included as part of the stakeholder management aspect of the overall curriculum. The environmental assessment will also be considered one of the key aspects of the unit curriculum. Moreover, the assessment will include a range of projects based on simulation exercises. The simulation experiences will be based on the replication of the actual set of contingencies that are part of the construction management projects. The unit will also include the assessment of the software analytics and information technology skills of the students related to construction management. The students will be required to display their skillset in terms of handling the knowledge management and human resource software tools associated with the construction projects.

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Weightage of 10214 construction project management in the semester

10214 construction project management is a full-time course that will offer the students a relevant degree after successful completion of the assessment tasks. The weightage of the assessment sub-categories is distributed equally with a minimum qualifying criterion of 50%. The overall assessment is divided into certain sub-categories including project planning and execution, risk management, financing and budgeting, cost and revenue management, human resources management. Each of the sub-categories of the construction management will be associated with a uniform weightage of 20%. The students are required to attend regular classes of each of the construction management sub-categories, as per university protocol. The assessment sub-categories will be divided into written scenarios and practical assessment sections. The written tasks will be associated with a weightage of 35%. The practical assessment section will be associated with a weightage of 15%. Collectively, each of the subjects will be associated with 20% weightage.

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