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CHCECE017 Foster the Holistic Development and Wellbeing course will specifically focus on how children should be nurtured and kept in a safe environment. In this course the students will be expected to demonstrate the following required skills: - planned and provided at least three opportunities for children of varying ages to develop in a range of areas, including facilitating and supporting emotional and psychological development in children; encouraging self-help and independence of children; planning opportunities to foster children's positive self-concept and self-esteem, and; providing a positive and safe environment to encourage children to express thoughts, feelings and ideas, and; - performed the activities outlined in the performance criteria of this unit during a period of at least 240 hours of work in at least one regulated education and care service. Thus the Victoria University Australia ensures that the students get proper knowledge and access to all the necessary resources in order to build a strong learning environment.

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Unit details of CHCECE017 Foster the Holistic Development and Wellbeing

Unit details of this course include the following: 

Unit code: CHCECE017 

Location: Victoria University, Australia

Study Level: Postgraduate Level course

The course structure is planned in a very strategic and specific manner. The reason that the whole course has been divided and subdivided into many units is to enable an easy understanding for all the students and every unit has a good balance of information which will actually help in managing the stress of the students. The topics that would be discussed in these units include: fostering physical development, fostering social development, fostering emotional development, fostering cognitive development, fostering communication development.

Along with this, the course will also contain several on-ground projects and dissertations as well as group projects that will actually help the students understand the subject in deep. Group projects, as well as industry visits, are also an essential component of this course to analyze the hierarchical structure of a real business organization, their overall work process, and how the organization plans the aspect of people management within the organization. Therefore the main focus of the course unit design is to help the students get an in-depth knowledge of these topics from the course and get them industry-ready.

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Brief on CHCECE017 Foster the Holistic Development and Wellbeing

CHCECE017 assessment answers will actually help the students understand their psychological and cognitive well-being. The week-wise division of the whole unit will enable the professors to understand whether the students actually understand the different concepts as there are midterm exams scheduled between several units that will actually help the students gain better clarity of the whole course. The topics are also arranged in a very systematic manner to avoid any sort of confusion.

The weekly assignments and tests are included in the unit in order to make it more interactive as well as interesting for the students. The course unit also comprises guest lectures and speaker presentations where industry experts are invited to share their real-life business experiences focusing on the topic of organizational behavior and people management.

These guest lecture sessions are arranged for helping the students look beyond the realms of books and help them in a proper understanding of the real business scenario. There is also a study guide provided in the course unit to help the students understand how they can improve their understanding of this course concept. This study guide will also help the students understand the chronology that needs to be maintained for the course so that the subject is understood in a better manner.

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Weightage of this CHCECE017 Course Code in their Semester

This is a full-time post-graduation course that is extended by the university hence it will carry 100% weightage where exams will carry 80% weightage and 20% will be given for the weekly assignments. There would be two-semester exams along with group projects to help the students understand the loopholes and how they can improve the same. It is important for the students to score a basic of 40% in this course to pass the semester and get promoted to the next semester.

The university is also very strict with its guidelines and quality of students hence students should never vouch for taking help of any unfair means for completing the course. CHCECE017 solutions will also largely focus on the student's performance concerning their on-ground knowledge through several group projects. It is also necessary to keep in mind that in each semester it is very important to quality in the theoretical exam as well as in the practice to reach the next semester.

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