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MKTG611 Marketing Management is associated with the Wharton University of Pennsylvania. This is an MBA program course.

The two major objectives of the marketing core course are:

  1. To increase your knowledge of how organizations benefit by creating and delivering superior values to their customers and other stakeholders.
  2. To help you develop your analytical skills, apply appropriate decision-making tools in relevant areas, learn frameworks that discipline your approach to marketing activities
  3. Application of the code
  4. Your decision-making abilities will improve regarding:
  5. Segmentation, targeting, and positioning – the course will teach students to assess market potential, understand customer behavior, focus on appropriate resources on target segments and against competitors.
  6. Brands – how to measure and leverage brand equity and how to position and re-position a brand.
  7. Pricing – How to set prices that reflect and capitalize on underlying value to the customer and therefore capture appropriate firm value.
  8. Distribution channels – How to conceptualize a distribution channel and ways to optimize the methods in which distributors, retailers, and other intermediaries deliver products, services, and information to customers.
  9. Marketing promotions – How to create effective content develop integrated marketing and promotional plans, assess attribution for changes in customer behavior.

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For the communication and distribution of documents (e.g., assignment instructions, practice problems, exam details, lecture slides, etc.) the canvas page will be extensively used.

The required reading for the course consists of:

  • The five cases available on the via the course Canvas page will be discussed
  • Marketing primer which is available on the course Canvas page

Learning Support

There will be two virtual sessions in which the class materials and optional mini cases (emphasizing quantitative methods). Instructions for accessing the review session will be provided via Canvas and email.

The practice exam will be posted on Canvas and the virtual review session will be hosted by professors of the course and will be focused on discussing any questions that one might have.

Unit Details Of MKTG611 Marketing Management

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit Code: MKTG611

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Study level: Post-graduation

Brief On MKTG611 Marketing Management Assessment

Class Participation And Attendance (15%)

Every student must constructively participate in the lectures and class discussions to contribute to the discussion flow at the time. Better comments will be made based on the analysis rather than mere options.

For the case discussion, the student has to discuss the assignment answers and as well as reactions to other key case issues. For the lecture sessions, the student will use the marketing Primer as a guide to basic issues that will be discussed. The student is encouraged to provide feedback to address the gaps and offer insights as and when required.

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Student attendance is a must for every class session. If the student is unable to attend the class, he/she must officially mail the attending professor in advance of the relevant session. However, two or more unexcused absences will result in a grade of zero for class participation and attendance.

Four Short Case Assignments (15%)

For the in-class case discussion, four individual short case assignments are to be completed. These assignments must be uploaded to the Canvas by 9:00 a.m on the day of the case discussion. The assignment can be discussed with others, however, the assignment should be submitted individually and is expected to reflect one's own perspective and thoughts. The assignment must follow the same format as the final exam so that each assignment can be used as exam preparation.

American Well DTC Group Assignment (20%)

One single group assignment will be submitted by a team where each group member will be awarded the same grade. For more specific instructions related to the group assignment, keep oneself updated from the Canvas.

Final Examination (50%)

The details about the final exam regarding the date on which it will be scheduled and other important information related to the exam will be shared in the class. Grades will be posted online. If an error is detected in the calculation of the score, or if the student believes that there has been a significant mistake in the grading, the professor of the concerned exam must be contacted within 1 week of the exam scores being posted. Any grade change request after that point will not be considered. In the request,  the student has to explain the reason for grade revision in detail.

Weightage Of MKTG611 Marketing Management Assessment



Class participation and attendance


Four short case assignments (individual)


American Well DTC group assignment


Final examination




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