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Intel Case Study

The paper has developed and considered “Intel” Company for the overall analysis that would help in understanding the overall impact on the company in the market. It is essential to develop an analysis and evaluation that would help understand the internal and external vital factors of the company. The Intel Corporation is a significant multinational corporation that manufactures multiple products and technologies. The company is designed to engage with the various designs along with manufacturers the overall sale of the computer products. It would help in delivering the computer, data storage along with communication platforms and networking. The company has a long-term vision that would help develop ultimate and new standards that would enhance the ultimate corporate responsibility and enact the ultimate outcomes. Therefore, it is often considered as the future key platform that would develop ultimate components and technologies.

SWOT Analysis of Intel

Strength, Weaknesses, opportunities, along with threats are the significant four key elements that would combine forming SWOT. The SWOT analysis is considered the assessing tool or technique that would help analyse both internal and external environments.


In the field of semiconductors, the Intel corporation has developed substantial brand value in the global market. The primary strength of the company is its significant partnership with the Microsoft corporation that has helped in continual domination in the ultimate market of the desktop operating system. The partnership is considered as the significant success for both the organisation. The Intel company also has a competitive advantage due to its efficiency in developing the fabrication processes. Another strength is that it is considered as the technology leader and significant brand value. The brand recognition of Intel is high on a global basis and is also considered as the most admired company in many countries that would make it adequate strength.


The adequate element of weaknesses would include the overproduction of products. The company always tend to produce a more significant number of semiconductor chips that would cause flooding within the market. Another weakness is that the company is not diversifying its type of products and would also develop limitations within the personal computer segment. The services are available in developed countries; however, it lacks developing countries due to a lack of technologies.


The demand for the company would continuously rise as the world is shifting and relying on digital approaches. Therefore, it would result in developing adequate diversification of market share and ultimate revenues. The computer era would continuously develop series of opportunities. The smartphone market is rising continuously, and hence, the company may manufacture products or enter within the market that would create chips. Similarly, drones, automatic cars and many other devices would dominate the market, and demands would continuously rise. Therefore, developing and creating potential opportunities in the market.


The threats were political and economic instability that may directly affect the organisation. The dependency on only a single product would increase the ultimate threats to the company. There are competitors such as AMD, IBM, and Dell growing strong and developing threats to the company. It would include the price war that may also impose a threat for the company as multiple companies would provide lower per-unit costs.

PESTLE Analysis of Intel

The framework of PESTLE Analysis would be referred to as the significant concept within the marketing principles. The analysis would include political, economic, sociological, technological, legal, and environmental factors within the PESTLE analysis.


In most countries, government bodies or agencies are continually supporting the concept of globalisation that would develop both opportunities and threats for the company. In the Intel business, the inter-government actions would directly impact and develop support for ultimate intellectual property protection. Any form of bureaucracy, as well as interference in the semiconductor, would result in a significant broad line industry. The trade relationship between two countries and nations would also have a direct impact on the business.


The Intel corporations deal with international business. Therefore, the economic factor such as GDP, level of employment, and any form of economic activity would result in sales and profitability of larger technology businesses. The Asian economy is growing continuously, which would have a positive impact on the company in enhancing the business.


The elements of sociocultural elements are developing dominant factor that has increased their overall role within the international business. These significant elements would directly impact the business patterns along with the revenue and profitability of the optimal international business. The improvement of wealth distribution due to the social changes would also develop opportunities for the company. The wealth distribution would help in developing or enhancing the buying behaviour or capacity of the people. People are developing their attitudes towards ecological products, and therefore, companies need to meet their demand and rising trends in improving or imposing in the product line. The leisure interests, brands value and other specific markets would result in poor business.


The company itself manufactures technology and continuously develops a more significant business that would enhance multiple opportunities and impose various leading changes globally. The company has moved the transition from the existing PC centric business towards the data-centric business. As the tech industry is considered the most significant sector or industry globally, Intel would continuously grow and enhance the portfolio towards the products and services. The technology would also impact the overall product offering that would include the automation led by the technology firm.


Any changes in policies and legal factors of law would develop the overall area of international business. The level of government rules and law in the international business would result in developing the significant impact of net revenue within the business. For instance, anti-trust law within semiconductors along with discrimination law would impact the business.


The company is developing the work towards their carbon footprint that would help in creating and developing a better social image. It has also been found that the investment is seen significantly high in sustainability and CSR. People are focusing more interest on environmental programs. Hence, it would create an opportunity for the company for developing and imposing any form of initiative that would help in overall growth. It is also essential to note that the market is emphasising business sustainability. Specific action plans or approaches such as waste management in technology or recycling and adhering to the laws associated with environmental pollution. Then, the organisation needs to develop an effective impact on the Intel corporation.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that the analysis with the help of SWOT and PESTLE has been implemented that have provided better insights and knowledge about the organisation. It would also help develop any new policies or key factors that would help the company for the overall growth and gain significant outcomes. Understanding both internal as well as vital external factors, it is essential to develop and implement effective approaches that would help in overall revenue growth and enhance the ultimate delivery of services.



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