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Western Sydney University has dedicated the purpose of providing 101909 methods of reading courses. This course code has the primary aim to undertake the building of skills associated with interpretation, reading, theoretical analysis, and contextual analysis that are considered critical aspects for the purpose of studying literary texts. In addition to the same, the course code is deemed to be vital for skills that are used in order to define scholarship in the field of discipline of English.

101909 task solution further focuses upon careful and, at the same time, a sustained study in terms of a few literary texts. The unit additionally provides an in-depth exploration of approaches that are technical for the purpose of cultural, reading as well as historical contexts. This assists in the reception and production of texts along with undertaking theoretical approaches in order to carry out interpretation.

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The different types of texts that are provided by Western Sydney University for the purpose of carrying out 101909 methods of reading course involve poems, novels, and plays that belong to historical or the literary period.

There are several benefits associated with 101909 methods of reading course that shall be achieved by all the students pursuing the course and completing it in a successful manner. The benefits are outlined as follows:

  • The students availing of this course gain the benefit of exercising their minds. By undertaking different methods of reading, students engage themselves into several parts of the brain, and as a result, the same comprehensive abilities of students are exercised along with analytical abilities. Furthermore, with the help of this course code, students are able to accelerate their stimulation as well as imagination in respect to memories stored within their minds. 101909 methods of reading course further help in recalling all relevant information along with stabilizing the emotions of students. Mental muscles are further strengthened with this course and are considered as one of the major sources for metal workouts. In addition to the same, with the help of 101909 methods of reading course diseases of students can be reduced as they gain the benefit of mental workouts.
  • Undertaking this course, each of the enrolled students shall also gain the capability of gaining a helping hand in blocking out the noise. Having paid short attention to a specific lecture or an activity has become one of the most common scenarios in their daily life. Hence, to appropriately treat this occurrence, the unit will help the students to obtain the specific ability of juggling between the various tasks performed by them, such as interacting with their colleagues or checking their messages as well as email through their phones. This shall allow the students to gain a specific helping hand in increasing focus as well as efficiently increasing their associated productivity.
  • The 101909 methods of reading course will help the enrolled students to master specific languages across the world or master them, which will allow them to use the same in all kinds of communication carried out by them on a daily basis. Reading is considered as one of the most efficient ways when it comes to learning a new language or might be to gain expertise over a specific language, which will help them to become experts in communicating with different kinds of people from varied regions all across the world. In addition to this, the course aims at learning about the various kinds of words through the relative context of utilizing organic ways for gaining a deeper understanding.

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  • Increasing specific connections with other individuals is also an integral part of the 101909 methods of reading course, which states that books can become the part of great conversations as well as can help the enrolled individuals to increase their bond with other individuals inside or outside the university. Reading books might help the students to have a variety of stories to tell as well as to carry out discussion with, having become the easy center of attraction at various gatherings or meetings, gaining the ability to also critically discuss various issues at all times helping them become popular.
  • This course unit ensures to keep the enrolled students grounded by helping them make reading a constant habit within them, which promises to make them humble. However, the course states that all the enrolled students that the more they read, the more they can realize how much reading on a daily basis has helped them to increase their focus productivity significantly as well as helped them gain mental patience. In addition to this, the course helps the students to become readers, where readers are considered to be more friendly as well as have increased acceptance power. Such readers are always helpful, which states them as minds still under work progress.

Unit Details of 101909 Task Solution

Location: - Penrith, Australia

Study level: - Undergraduate

Unit code: - 101909

Briefs of 101909 methods of reading Assessment

Different assessments are provided to students availing of 101909 assessment answers. One assessment belongs to the poems that are studied by the students, while another assessment belongs to the novel and one assessment belongs to play. The students are required to undertake successful completion of all the assessments for the purpose of getting promoted in the 101909 methods of reading course. The students are not provided with an opportunity for reassessment. All the submissions that are made by the students availing 101909 methods of reading course are considered as the final submission.

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Weightage of this 101909 Course Code in Their Semester

The total weightage of 101909 methods of reading course is 100%. The average marking of all the three assessments is taken for the purpose of gaining the final result of students. 101909-course code requires a mandatory achievement of 50% marks by the students for successfully gaining promotion in the semester. The students who fail in achieving a minimum of 50% marks are marked as fail and are not promoted for the next semester. Therefore, it is mandatory for all the students availing 101909 methods of reading course to score an average percentage of 50% from the overall weightage of 101909-course code.

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