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CIS5675 Project Management purpose of this unit is to provide an opportunity for the students for examining a particular issue in the field of project management, take a position and defend it effectively. It will also enable the students to use the research resources that can serve lifelong learning. Several IT Certifications have been provided to the students in the field of project management. However, every course is not equitable with one another and they differ depending upon the nature of certification in project management. This unit forms part of the Computer Information Systems course offered by the University of Central Missouri. This course provides an opportunity for the students for obtaining a Master of Science Degree in the field of Computer Information Systems and Information Technology. CIS5675 assessment answers deal with project management in the field of information technology and are incorporated in the module for the Master of Science Degree Course.

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Unit details of CIS5675 Project Management 

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code: CIS5675

Study level: Post-graduate

Location: Missouri, United States

Briefs on CIS5675 Project Management 

CIS5675 task answers would enable the students to expand their theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the field of information technology project management. The computer information systems master's degree prepares the students to secure higher paid jobs and the students will be able to see a faster-than-average growth rate.

After the successful completion of this course, the students would be able to use their knowledge and skills for performing the following:

  • Each student can demonstrate the estimation techniques in system planning and conceptualize the different components of a project plan.
  • Each student can demonstrate the development of architecture and analyze the strategies, and familiarity with the network analysis tools and software tools in the IT environment. Each student shall be able to understand, converse, collaborate, write and present the reports on challenges that are related to financial and personnel aspects of the Information Systems in the field of a corporate environment.
  • Each student would be able to recognize the legal issues, understand the organizational policies, recognize ethical conflicts, and appreciate the ramification of changes in the legal term. The student shall learn how to defend resolutions and make the right choices in a corporate Information Systems Environment.
  • Internet Track – Design, Develop and implement robust Web-based IT solutions.
  • Software engineering Track – Design, develop and implement robust IT solutions with the use of Design methods, contemporary architecture, and varied development platforms.

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CIS5675 Solutions is the unit that relates to project management in the course Computer Information system and information technology program offered by the University of Central Missouri. Under this unit, the students will be provided with an advanced course in the planning and management of all phases of the computer information system projects that comprise of creation, execution, and monitoring of the system project plans. The Prerequisites of this course are:

  • CIS 3660
  • Admission to B. S. in Business Administration
  • MS degree in Information Technology or Information Systems is in an MBA program.

This unit will provide the managerial and technical skills to the students for advancing their careers in the exciting area of growth, with the in-detail understanding of virtual project management. It will enable the students to manage the geographically distributed software development. The students would also be in a position to gain valuable, marketing skills that encompass the governance of large programs and projects for both predictive as well as agile lifecycles. As a graduate in IT Project Management, the students will be prepared to lead and manage agile projects and obtain competency in different roles such as product owner and scrum master.

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Weightage of this CIS5675 Course Code in Their Semester

The CIS5675 has a weightage of more than 35%, while the theoretical examination has a weightage of 25%.

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