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Unit ACC0343 Corporate Governance deals with evaluating the places of shareholder interests to that of stakeholders. The course code applies to initiating the outcome of a corporation’s activities. Assuming the employability of corporate governance, it is concerned with students being responsive to diverse decisions. The decisions relate to what personal experiences are denoted from personal experiences with good and bad managers.

On successful completion of the study, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of corporate governance
  • Determine consideration of good corporate governance.
  • Identify the consideration for poor governance.
  • Determine what personal experiences are derived from good and bad managers.

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This Unit aims to ensure learning from prior management accounting, auditing, financial reporting as well as analysis. The unit also makes the introduction to key theories drawn upon on an understanding of corporate governance. It explores central relationships as well as practices on which effective governance depends. As these issues are explored, the context of Anglo-American systems privileges the interests of shareholders exploring alternative systems in a transitional economy.

Unit Details: 

Location: -

Unit ACC0343 Corporate Governance is studied at Southern Cross University for Australia.

Study level: -

            The study level for ACC0343 Corporate Governance is concerned with how they evolve onto principles of governance from an international perspective affecting stakeholder relationships. The specific issues related to how they have established sets affect the conduct of stakeholders in the culture and modern cooperation.     

Unit code: ACC0343 Corporate Governance

Brief of ACC0343 Corporate Governance Assessment:

Understanding of corporate governance.

Corporate governance is a structure of rules, practices as well as processes that are utilized for directing as well as managing a company. The company’s BOD is a basic force in influencing corporate governance. The basic principles here relate to accountability, transparency, fairness, and responsibility. As such corporate governance is a system that aims to instill policies as well as rules in order to maintain the cohesiveness of an organization. It also helps to hold companies accountable for financial, legal as well as ethical pitfalls.

The term corporate governance encompasses the internal as well as external factors that affect a company’s interests for the stakeholders by the inclusion of shareholders, customers, suppliers as well as regulators. It is a collection of items that makes inclusion for mechanisms, processes as well as relations utilized by different parties to have operated within cooperation. Corporate governance divulges sensitive information as it avoids personal or professional activities if they are to view their conflicts and interest levels.

Companies to be considered for good governance.

Good governance along with improvement and assistance unshackles business as well as prevents it from fulfilling its full potential. As such this assurance implies how it is embraced throughout a company and how these improvements exist in customers' minds. Operating in absence of good governance pertains to looking forward to tolerating corporate governance and how it is applicable for its continual improvement. Some of the companies under good governance include Unilever Plc, Next Plc, DS Smith Plc, Diageo Plc, and Royal Mail Plc. Companies make use of good governance to initiate financial support for their scores. In this aspect of good governance, it is understandable that these limitations fulfill the potential for the business.

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Good governance alongside improvement as well as assurance is linked with unshackling the business from limitations that obstruct it from the fulfillment of its full potential. As such these companies are pivotal in governance and determine the level of effectiveness for fulfilling its full potential. It is significant for the companies to follow good practices of corporate governance. Upon successful enhancement of policies, these practices are applicable for being imperative to the business. From the perspective of human rights, it is likely that evaluative attribute is necessary for the practice of governance.

Companies to consider poor corporate governance.

Poor governance implies accountability to the corporate failures that provide a general implication of its inability to achieve the intended purpose for the company. Several large companies like Enron, Satyam, Cadbury, Walmart are impacted as a result of failures from corporate governance. The issues related to diversity, remuneration as well as conflict of interest, and transparency levels. Poor corporate governance is based on repetitive complaints and highlights a lack of control for strategic alignment

Leadership initiates the motivation and impulsion for making good corporate governance. This usually has a negative effect on achieving the purpose levels and will have a negative effect to be cooperative with the leader. Companies like these have faced massive failures resulting from poor corporate governance. Therefore, as poor governance accounts for all the corporate failures the main implication lies in the inability to achieve the intended purpose for being defeated in nature. Stunning business growth and high levels of waste enhance control and strategic alignment for governance failures.

Personal experiences with good and bad managers.

The personal experiences with good managers lie with how certain people are not able to voice their own experiences over certain matters. Bad managers are to take account of how they are to blame subordinates and other departments for failures. On the other hand, good managers acquire accountability of identifying the potential drawbacks that created failure and view the opportunity to grow and become better. A bad leader acknowledges achievements as well as faults. On the other hand, a good leader has belief in the work that is done by them. The leader has a strong sense of purpose in materializing the menial tasks.

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What is the weightage of this ACC0343 Corporate Governance in their Semester?

The weightage of ACC0343 Course Code is applicable in their semester is applicable for semester examination by people from different grades. In this perspective, 75% weightage is given for constant evaluation and 25% for semester evaluation in major as well as half course. For each course, the identifiable programs are applied to make the evaluation of the constant perspectives of periodic evaluation. It is through evaluation and weightage that they are assigned to a specific code variable. As such this code is applicable for initiating access code applicable for the business.

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