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IRHR2270 Introduction to Human Resource Management course code is associated with the University of Newcastle, Australia. This course is available in 2022. The units associated with this code are 10 units. This course is available at the PSB Singapore, Ourimbah, and the Newcastle City Precinct.

This course will be fully online for offshore students and onshore students will commence face-to-face learning at the beginning of semester 2 and may return to online learning on the re-introduction of the COVID-19 restrictions.

IRHR2270 assessment answers is associated with human resource management (HRM) links people-related activities to business strategy. The course helps a student develop a critical understanding of the role and functions of various human resources activities in an organization that provides students with a comprehensive review of key Human resource management concepts, issues, and techniques.

The topics of this course include job analysis and design, recruitment and selection, evaluation, performance management occupational health and safety, and the strategic contribution of HRM to organizational performance and evaluating of HRM effectiveness. The students will have to work on contemporary case studies for which they will be able to engage in collaborative and individual work processes.

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Unit details of IRHR2270 Introduction to Human Resource Management

Unit details of this course include the following:

Location - Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

Study level – 2000 level

Unit code - IRHR2270

Learning outcomes

On the successful completion of this course code, the student will be able to:

  1. Define strategic HRM
  2. Analyze human resource planning and forecasting techniques
  3. Investigate and interpret the key procedures in recruitment and selection
  4. Create employee performance management and rewards systems
  5. Describe and analyze training and development
  6. Illustrate the essential features of a human resource information system
  7. Analyze and evaluate significant contemporary issues in human resource management including HRM's contribution to organizational performance
  8. Apply and communicate the appropriate theoretical models in HRM discussions
  9. Employ self-analysis to evaluate and reflect upon personal academic outcomes and apply it to affect improvement.

The prerequisites for this course are that the candidate must complete the course IRHR1001 or MNGT1001 or SOCS2100

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Brief on IRHR2270 Introduction to Human Resource Management

There are three different types of assessment related to this course code, they are:

Presentation – HRM Group challenge

Written assignment – HRM Individual challenge

Formal examination – Final examination

Every student is expected to complete four hours of guided learning via online presentations, lectures, interactive discussions, group discussions, and self-directed learning and an additional six hours of independent study per week.

Assessment 1 – HRM Group challenge

Assessment type – Video

Purpose of assessment – This assessment is developed to provide an opportunity for students to work through the issues that are related to scheduled course topics and provide an opportunity for the students to improve and demonstrate their knowledge of the HRM issues.

Description – The students will form a group, assuming that each group is s HRM team in a hypothetical company. The groups will create a video out of HRM-related issues and topics which will be viewed by other classmates who are part of the hypothetical case, who play the part of the employees of the concerned company. In the video, the students will identify insights, techniques and other basic theories of HRM. The video will be uploaded on the Blackboard for the classmates to review. The video can include a mini case study, role-play, exercise and lecture.

Length – 12-15 minutes

Submission method – Online via blackboard

Assessment criteria –

  • The insightfulness of the video
  • Application of and relevance to essential knowledge and HRM concepts demonstrated with evidence
  • Engagement of audience
  • Effectiveness of communication throughout a video

The students will receive feedback and marks online.

Assessment 2 - HRM Individual challenge

Assessment type – Written assignment

Purpose of assessment – This task will test the student’s analytical and writing skills knowledge and the ability to critically apply and reflect on the knowledge developed throughout the course.

Description – The student will submit learning diaries. The learning diaries will cover at least 3 videos from assessment 1 uploaded on a blackboard. The students will synthesize the theories, integrate the learning and reflect on how these insights are best put into practice and how the students will be able to apply the knowledge from the videos in practice.

Length – 2500 words (including tables, figures, references, and appendices)

Submission method – online

Assessment criteria –

  1. Synthesis and analysis of learning from multiple sources
  2. Application of theories and concepts
  3. Critical analysis, reflection, and thinking
  4. Revelation of real-life cases and circumstances
  5. Clarity of communication

The students will receive feedback and marks online.

Assessment 3 - Final examination

Assessment typewritten

Purpose of assessment – The examination will test the student’s knowledge, analytical and writing skills and the ability to apply the knowledge and skills developed in the course.

Description – Students will complete a series of questions related to the contents covered in the course.

Length – Online via blackboard refer to instructions on the course blackboard under “assessments”

Submission method – online

Assessment criteria - Online via blackboard refer to instructions on the course blackboard under “assessments”

No feedback will be provided for this assessment and the assessment will not be returned.

Assessment grading




High Distinction (HD)


Distinction (D)


Credit (C)


Pass (P)


Fail (FF)


Academic integrity

Every student must adhere strictly to the ethical and legal academic integrity standards of the university. These standards include the ability of the students to remain honest and genuine in an academic environment.

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Weightage of IRHR2270 Introduction to Human Resource Management






HTM group challenge

Week 6




HRM individual challenge

Week 10




Final examination

Formal examination period





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