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MKTM028 strategic marketing is of strategic marketing and its development among the students. The University of Northampton of the UK is the conducting institute that plays a lead role in educating the students. The course will produce future strategic managers that will occupy the global businesses that will lead tomorrow’s economy and organizations. Strategic marketing is the application of principles of marketing for enhancing disciplines-oriented business and marketing. The goals of strategic marketing are to maintain and develop a massive competitive advantage. Additionally, generating competitive advantage is the major goal of the course, and the materials of the course and designed in a liked manner. The course will also generate a competitive attitude among the students regarding the market and its future use for their professional settings soon to become. Promotion of products, price, and target market will develop an aptitude in them that will guide them further during their professional lives. Hence, a strategic marketing course will provide acumen to the students that how to use marketing in favor of their business and how to maximize profitability from the target market or market segment. 

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Unit details

Location: - Waterside Campus, University Dr, Northampton NN1 5PH, United Kingdom

Study level: - Post-graduate

Unit code: - MKTM028

Brief of MKTM028 strategic marketing Assessment

The assessment will be based on the individual capacity to understand strategic marketing. In the world of competition and rapidly changing business equations, marketing with a proper strategy will give a decisive edge. The course will assess the students’ capacity to adapt to changing business environments and harness the business in the forward direction. Management of marketing is not an easy task indeed. This requires proper planning and a strategic approach that will encompass management at the tactical level and practical level. Implementation of the plan will be based on delivering strategy and how compact and comprehensive the plan is. However, often strategic marketing and marketing strategy are often used interchangeably, which is to some extent true. However, there are differences in the way they are used and applied. Strategic marketing is pronounced more for the bigger organizations or big corporates that have a huge market based and are aiming to expand their business to new segments. The course will assess the application of strategic marketing to the context of big businesses and how they operate interchangeably via incorporating smart approaches in marketing and reaching their projected sales and profitability.  Clear objectives are there in the course that will assess the acumen which a student has developed as far as strategic marketing is concerned.

What is the Weightage of this MKTM028 strategic marketing in Their Semester?

The course has a major weightage of 33 units and its equivalent that will be assessed via both exams, assignments, and participation in other academic activities. The course puts major emphasis on the management of documented marketing strategies. This long-term marketing strategy will encompass major areas of the business and its goals. Moreover, clear objectives will be defined in the game of smart marketing and grasping more customers on the go. However, in the age of misdirecting and fraud-marketing or alike gimmicks, people or customers are not as safe as is perceived. Anything is being sold in the name of some added or intangible benefits that are playing with the future of the customers and most of the time, their health is being risked. Papers, journals, and various newspaper agencies are hence campaigning against too much consumerism and neo-colonial-capitalism. Hence, the course puts major weightage on marketing ethics and committing to the same over the entire course of a student’s career. In case, when they are forced to indulge in unethical marketing by incorporating misleading techniques of falsified or undisclosed details of a product that might harm a major portion of the consumers, the students will resign straightaway.

Any marketing plan has a distinct strategy and documented objectives. However, the application of these objectives in the context of ethical and moral grounds often puts a major chunk of the marketing professionals in an ethical dilemma. Hence, the course puts a major weight on addressing this issue and its management proficiently. Developing sustainable business acumen and marketing intent is what the course seeks to instill among the students. Most of the time, it is also observed that whenever a marketing plan fails, it is majorly because of overlooking the documented objectives and the gaps in their realization or implementation.

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Instilling some of the values hence becomes very essential to the students who will be the future managers of global businesses. Strategic marketing covers a large portion of the course’ time in skill development and imparting proper training to the employees. The strategic thinking process comes into play when the managers are just about to jot down any business plans. Hence, a documented and evidence-based approach while framing a marketing plan will assure them with marked plausibility and reliability. Thereafter, in all plans, the managers shall look into the matters of checking if the goals they are proposing or thinking to chase are in line with the organizational objectives or mission, values, and vision of the company. From there, splitting the objectives down to their palm and generating a framework on how to achieve the goals are the priorities. After defining the objectives, the managers shall come up with the promotion part of what they are seeking to sell and how the customers will be benefitted from the products or services they are selling.

Hence, the course puts major weight on offering the right product or service information and leads the customers to feel why they need these. When the right knowledge of a product or service matches with the demands of the customers, the customers feel more relevant. This is how, the students of the course save themselves from all additional legal, moral, or legislative concussions. The course is also unique in the sense that it seeks to deliver a different approach to marketing in the fast and misleading global business environment where most of the marketing executives are doing illegal and unethical business.

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