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MA619 Accounting Research Assignment Answers Course Code

MA619 assignment answers is a course offered by the Melbourne Institute of technology that provides full insights into accounting research. In the graduate based students usually learn about the different aspects of accounting while in this program they learn more about the micro perspectives of accounting.

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They indulge themselves in these aspects with the guidance of their supervisors. Students are encouraged to enter into the arena of research work also. They learn about the detailed structure of the research. They also learn about different methods of research, research philosophies, case studies, quantitative and qualitative research. It is important to note here that the students are encouraged to understand the support activities of research. These are ethical aspects of research, sampling techniques of research.

Unit Details

Location- Melbourne institute of technology

Study Level- Post Graduate program

Unit code- MA619

No of units- 2

Assessment Brief Of MA619 Accounting Research

The MA619 assignment answers course organizer must approve this course in advance. Prospective students should identify themselves as candidates for this course and contact a supervisor. Students should present their suggestions to their assigned supervisors. Students should develop their perspectives on the accounting research project's structure and deliver them to the supervisors. The supervisors must discover the gaps in the pupils' perspectives.

Assessment assignments have been created to encourage students to reaffirm their previous knowledge on how to undertake an accounting research project. This is the highest level at which pupils may comprehend their knowledge, skills, and abilities. A student can detect the gaps in his or her skillset within the regulated limitations. Supervisors will be able to determine what should be done next based on the students' learning outcomes and performance standards.

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Students will be able to grasp how research might assist them to understand crucial accounting elements and how to address them after completing this course. Students will be able to choose a topic from a variety of accounting aspects at the end of the course. The students will also be able to identify important information for the study assignment. Finally, they will be able to choose the information that is most critical to the project's success. Within the restricted constraints, a student can find gaps in his or her skill set. Based on the students' learning outcomes and performance requirements, supervisors will be able to choose what should be done next.

After finishing MA619 assessment answers course, students will be able to comprehend how research can help them understand critical accounting issues and how to handle them. After the course, students will be able to select a topic from a selection of accounting topics. Students will also be able to recognize critical facts for the research project. Finally, they will have the ability to select the data that is most important to the project's success. Another key part of this study project is the critical analysis of the sorted data. Students must first choose a specialized field of accounting management to study. They are then expected to give the supervisors an overview of the project.

If the supervisors are satisfied with the chosen topic, they can accept it, or they can have the students rework it. Following the selection of a specific topic, the students are expected to begin collecting basic data. The most crucial part of this undertaking will be data collection. The pupils are expected to describe the approaches they will utilize to acquire data. Students are required to choose a data collection method before beginning their research assignment. The MA619 assessment answers course coordinator advised the students to choose both qualitative and quantitative data. Students will be able to understand different parts of the same issue using two different sources of data. The collecting of qualitative study data will aid students in comprehending the arguments made by earlier researchers.

It is also critical for students to think about quantitative data collection in addition to qualitative data collection. The examination of data gathered from diverse sources is referred to as quantitative data collecting. The MA619 assessment answers course instructor has told students that they should think about primary data analysis when collecting quantitative data. The lecturer specifically stated at the start of the course that students will be required to consider case studies. Case studies are one of the most effective techniques for assisting students in gaining more unbiased or less biased perspectives on any managerial topic. Students must read critical literature after deciding on a data-gathering approach.

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The literature review will be the next critical stage in the process, and it will assist students to understand what scholars have done before this current student project. The students will assess the material gained from these studies. The students will examine the researchers' arguments as well as the facts they offer. The literature review will make up a significant percentage of the students' final report. Students will present the hypothesis before the literature review. Students must assess the variables and generate both null and alternative hypotheses based on the primary analysis. Students are expected to develop the conceptual framework after presenting the two hypotheses. The conceptual framework will present ideas connected to the submitted ideas' theoretical formulation.

The conceptual framework will show how different variables are related. Students must discuss their data collection process in detail after presenting these three features. This will be an element of the accounting research design as a whole. The data-gathering phase will also include data processing and missing value calculations. The student will use the master data to determine certain sample size. The master data will be used to create the final sample. The data processing will be followed by the decision-making process. The supervisor will be given a clear ethical statement. This is a requirement for students to produce because it ensures that they have not engaged in any unethical behavior.

The students will demonstrate a detailed research technique. The research methodology will include a thorough schedule of the whole course, including all of the units, as well as a research philosophy and data analysis approach. Every student's reflection will be provided to the supervisor at the end of the final report. It's the act of pupils reflecting on their learning and practice. By enrolling in this course, students commit to attending all conferences, seminars, and another web-based program in their full. If students are to succeed, they must plan their activities regularly.

Weightage Of MA619 Accounting Research

Total weightage of the MA619 task solution course is 60% and the total marks is 100.

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