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BG007 Project Management Monitoring and Evaluation would mainly focus on the hard skills that are required in the area of project management and it also helps the student in understanding the opportunities that is before them and also helps the students in exploring the given opportunity to a great extent. The course takes the students through the entire cycle of any given project. This ranges from the early phase of conception of the project or the idea to the final execution of the project. The course also introduces the students with a number of the core concepts. The techniques and framework that is present in the project management is also introduced to the students within the course. The students begin from the aspect of defining the project. The second stage is the creation of the case of business. The third stage was the planning and implementing of control. The course mainly focuses on making the students aware about the implications of the management of the project.

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The BG007 mainly equips the students with the understanding of how the different resources within the organization can be managed to achieve the basic goals that is set by the company. These goals are both short-term or long-term. The students also get to learn the ability to clearly present the materials that is created by them in this course. The course is also giving the students a view about how the different techniques and strategies which is put to use by reputed organisations. This course will ensure that the students who are new to the whole idea of project management will be able to manage a number of projects effectively and in addition to that they will also be able to contributed to a number of projects effectively. The students by the end of this course will be able to effectively analyse a number of project management plans that is carried out by different organisations. In addition, it will also ensure that the students have the ability to formulate a number of project management plan after having analytically viewed all the aspects of the management in general. The course will also have a section of evaluation where the ability and understanding of the students will be put to test.

Unit Details BG007 Project Management: -

Location: - The Open University, England.
Study level: - Undergraduate level course.
Unit code: - BG007

Brief Of BG007 Project Management

Monitoring and Evaluation: The BG007 assessment Answer is mainly divided into three parts where the first part would typically include the reading materials. This section is strictly reserved for reading as the students are made aware about a number of key concepts and framework which can be extremely helpful for the students in making their conceptual understanding clear. This understanding also ensures that the students have the ability to go about with the creation of an effective project management plan which is a part of the second unit. This assessment thus ensures that the knowledge of the person is learning can help them in understanding the whole aspect of management. The second part of the assessment is more focussed at creation of the project management plan. This assessment is going to ask the students to use their knowledge and analyse all the elements of the assessment. The second part of the assessment is fixated at helping the students apply the knowledge that has been gathered by them in the previous unit. The student in this part gathers all the information that is available to them and lay out a plan after the application of a number of theories or framework. The students in this case will have to justify the choice that is made by them while making the plan. The third part of the assessment is going to ask the student to present the report before the mentor. This part of the assessment also provides the students with a number of case studies. The students have to apply their knowledge while presenting their report. The students will have to answer all the questions that come along with the case study. This case study is then evaluated by the tutors based on how well the student has been able to implement their knowledge.

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Weightage Of This BG007 Project Management

BG007Assessment answer does hold weightage in the entire semester. This course helps the student in gaining a critical view on different aspects of management. This course helps the students in clearly understanding how the different functions of the management project works. In addition, since the semester is based completely on the management plan thus this course holds even more importance because it trains the student about how a plan can be created and the ways in which this plan can be implemented in practical situation. The different strategies and framework are also introduced to the students which not only helps the students in this course only but instead it helps the student in understanding and implementing these frameworks in a number of situations. This course also helps the students in presenting the report which is helpful for them in a number of management plans. This course will also open a number of new prospects for the students. The students will be able to interconnect their course reading with their individua development. The personal feedback that is received through this course by the students helps them in understanding the position of managers and also the way in which a management function which is extremely important for this semester. However, this course cannot stand independently and needs to be coupled with other courses in order to ensure complete reading and understanding among the students. In addition, this course requires some amount of background knowledge which is why the course has to be taught along with other subjects and courses for proper and overall development of the student. Thus, it can be concluded that this course helps the students in understanding project management and the entire management system in general which comes handy in this course.  

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