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Audi Case Study Analysis 

Audi is one of the foremost finest car brands, well-known worldwide for its sophisticated vehicles, advanced technology, and deluxe driving practice. The Audi Group also retains Lamborghini and the Ducati brands and the company is itself a portion of the Volkswagen company. The brand is experiencing a strategic revolution that will allow it to provide more efficiently to meet the demands of the customer.  There are a few core areas that Audi will emphasize in the upcoming future consisting of digital electric cars, technology, and autonomous driving. Assignment Help Service Main Advantages

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The brand has strategies to invest billions of Euros in these segments in recent years. Furthermore, it has preserved its strong spot in the best-quality vehicle market of China. As a part of its planned alteration, the organization has also engaged its local suppliers and traders whose role is serious to the fast growth and development of the Audi group. In 2018, manufacturing and sales of cars by the group saw a minor decline associated with the previous year and so did its net income. The worldwide automobile industry consisting of China has entered an interesting phase in 2019.

The competitive burden is also enhanced. Tesla’s destructive behavior run to control the electric car marketplace in the top section is also a contest for Audi. While Audi's case study assignment help is enthusiastic about electric cars, the orthodoxly mechanical cars will still continue a big part of its collection and a chief source of income. 

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SWOT Analysis


As a part of the strength of the organization, the leading position of the company in the automobile market of different countries of the world specifically in China can be mentioned.  All the foremost auto companies consisting including Audi are investing in China through tactical cooperation with local companies, and emerging local organizations,s and rising their saturation of the market by manufacturing locally. China is nowadays the number one automobile marketplace in the world and the requirement for quality cars in this marketplace has also grownup very quickly. Audi also investigates technology and suppleness tendencies in the Chinese market and includes them in its products straight. In near future, Audi is preparing to sell extra one million cars every year there. The tactical standing of China for Audi as a car market has also grownup for more than one reason which is the rising requirement for electric vehicles in China.


Audi has been particularly watchful concerning the quality of the product and discharges as well as rider security since the Diesel fiasco. The diesel matter affected the company economically as well as affected its image in a negative manner. Such matters distress the status of the company and can alter the confidence of the consumer. Audi and VW have refurbished their commercial policy since the topic was to reinforce the image of a brand in the market. Though, in 2018, Audi had to make an important number of recalls.  Another weakness of the company is associated with legal problems of the company. Audi is facing an important amount of legal difficulties since the diesel issue had come forward. Not just in the US, but in the EU too numerous investigations were launched against Audi and VW officials. While the organization has been able to positively close numerous of these inquiries, the problem still remains to distress it. The European Commission started the processes in this context. As a result, Audi has amplified its emphasis on obedience around the world and investment in the training of its staff connected to obedience. Legal issue disturbs the processes as well as the bottom line of the company. Cumulative compliance prices upsurge in functioning costs and can also cause operative difficulties.


As a part of the opportunities of the company, it can be stated that electric mobility is considered one of the main areas in terms of the development and research of the company. The expanding nature of the electric vehicle market in the Chinese market. Audi does not want to let this chance go. The company is arranging to enlarge its collection of electric cars and hybrids meaningfully in the upcoming future. The company is investing billions of Euros in this area to advance research and enhance the number of electric and hybrid models. Apart from Audi, its players including BMW have also released numerous hybrids and completely electric car models. The rivalry from Tesla, the market leader in electronic cars is previously strong.

All the foremost auto companies are participating heavily in independent driving. Technology allowed changes that are important for the automobile business into a new era. Between 2019 and the end of 2023, Audi strategies to invest €14 billion in parts consisting of independent driving, electric flexibility, and digital facilities. Moreover, the organization is associating with other companies to advance research and manufacture faster in these parts. Volkswagen has joined with Ford in the segments of electric as well as independent driving. The two brands are investing in Argo AI to carry their self-driving cars to the marketplace.


As part of the threats of the company, intense competition in the car market is a major threat to Audi. Audi is foremost in the world’s main market in the best car segment. However, rivalry from other brands consisting including BMW is stronger than ever. Tesla’s fast development in the quality electric car segment also poses a threatening contest before Audi. With higher rivalry, the working costs of Audi have also grown greater since the brand will invest more in the process of research and development as well as advertising.

Regulatory burdens in the automobile business are also creating a challenging business environment for automobile brands. Audi and Volkswagen have already faced a very tough stage following the diesel fiasco. In some portions of the world, the guidelines and guidelines are harder as compared to others. In the Western marketplaces predominantly, Audi has to be more carefully related to compliance and else risk a great loss in the form of penalties as occurred in the previous two-three years. Rising regulatory burdens are also driving effective costs greater for auto companies.

PESTLE Analysis

Political Factor- As a part of the political factors of Audi company, it can be reported that the organization operates in approximately more than 100 countries and as a consequence, it is quite possible that the working conditions of the different countries are different which can affect the company’s business as well. The current trade conflict between the China and USA posed a critical problem to the garage sale of Audi. The business war between these countries influences their financial prudence, particularly the Chinese economy. The business war reduced Chinese development and thus the intense appetite of Chinese customers was reduced which is affecting the business of the Audi.

Economic Factor- Audi is a luxury brand of cars and consequently the financial steadiness of a country controls if Audi can endure in that marketplace or not. When the global marketplace drops, it becomes problematic for luxury car manufacturing businesses to collect the assets required to produce the cars and then generate the demand for such a finest product as the customers will be short of money. Also, with the rising technology, there are numerous companies that develop more effective cars with improved service and thus promotion becomes one of the most significant features. The cost involved in the promotion of these products upsurges hugely.

Social Factors- Each country has dissimilar culture and societal tendencies and business firms are required to assist them as per the exact demand of definite countries. The requirement for Audi cars is increasing in emerging countries, particularly in China and India, with the increase in the disposable pay of individuals and their rising preference for buying premium goods.

Technological Factors- Audi is popular for its high class of technology in the market of premium cars and in this changing world of technology almost every day new innovations are recorded around the different countries of the world. To endure competitiveness, industries need to be one step forward for their participants and deliver diverse experiences to their clients on a regular basis. Therefore, the greater technological skills of the company can help in increasing their business as well.

Legal Factors- Companies doing worldwide business have the legal attachments to work inside its framework. International companies operating in dissimilar countries have to trail individual countries' rules and guidelines. Legal obedience is very significant in the case of car industries as there are security issues and conservational issues related to it.  Any type of legal scandal of the company can impact the image of the company in a negative manner and eventually the overall business of the organization hampers as well.

Environmental Factors- Audi is endlessly making efforts to attain sustainability in all its procedures and therefore give its involvement to the atmosphere. For a similar cause, Audi has decided to invest 5 million euros in the Audi environmental foundation which exactly focuses on ecologically minded detections of the common good. Moreover, it is outstanding about Audi that the company is making car engineering sustainable.

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