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Explain BUS302 Entrepreneurship Assignment Answers Course Code

BUS302 Entrepreneurship Assignment Answers course taught in the California State University is a core course which the students have to complete those who have taken up B Bus Management and Finance. Along with this, it is also an elective for those who have taken up B Bus Accounting. For BUS302 assignment answers course the Institute has very carefully worked on the student workload as well which is the amount of time, they will be spending in order to know and understand what is being taught in the course.

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Along with this, it is also important to note the fact that BUS302 assignment answers course is designed to give students a preliminary idea about the nuances of entrepreneurship. It is devised in a way that is aimed to provide students with the understanding of how to plan and manage a business. It actually gives students a clear practical guide about how to run a business or start their own business. Even if they are working in an organization they need to know and understand the basics of how a business functions in order to ensure that they tackle the industry-related problems that the organization might face.

This is very vital because is precisely the quality that the recruiters are seeking in the students. Most importantly the BUS302 assessment answers course is designed in a way that will help the students to learn and execute planning of an entrepreneurial venture. They will also learn and understand the different types of processes and considerations that are important in all kinds of business ventures. This is one of the most essential skills which the students will develop by studying the course.

Unit Details

The BUS302 assignment answers unit is designed in a way to ensure that the students are able to develop different skills and they get to understand the different kinds of theories and concepts which is associated with the process of setting up a business or an entrepreneurial venture.  The BUS302 assessment answers course unit is also divided into three levels, the first level is the foundational level where the students learn the very basic skills, the necessary theories and techniques associated with the subject.

Moreover, the larger idea is to ensure that the students are able to apply them in the necessary contexts. The second level is the intermediate level where the unit ensures that the students are trained to develop more skills and the techniques which they can apply in more diverse and complex contexts. In the advanced level, the unit trains the students to develop critical thinking and research skills which is one of the aspects that the recruiters will also focus on. The unit is designed to ensure that they are able to understand all the challenges that is associated with entrepreneurial creativity as well as innovation and the process behind it.

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They will also learn about the different kinds of business model forms that is associated with business ownership as well as franchising buying an existing business as well as starting a new business. Along with this, the course will also give the students the exposure to know about concepts like market research and strategy formulation. They will know and understand the four kinds of marketing principles. The other aspects of the BUS302 assessment answers unit also teach the students about the legal, tax, and intellectual property issues. Furthermore, the unit will also train the students to develop a financial plan which is very crucial for starting or managing any business. The larger idea is to ensure that the students are able to incorporate all they learn in the practical field. Finally, the BUS302 assessment answers unit also teaches the students the importance of managing growth and transition is business which is important because this is what keeps the business floating in the market.

Location: California State University

Study Level: Bachelor's or Undergraduate degree

Course Code BUS302

Brief Assessment Of BUS302 Entrepreneurship Course Code

Through different assessments in BUS302 assessment answers course, both group and individual the larger idea is to ensure that the students are able to respond to all kinds of critical issues that they might face in the practical field. Moreover, the assessments assess the knowledge base of the students as well as assess how they will perform in the practical situation. Along with this through the assessments the students will get to know the different kinds of solutions of the different kinds of problems which is encountered by different kinds of business ventures.

These business ventures can be small and medium businesses and through the assessments, the students are expected to demonstrate knowledge about how to manage all kinds of business ventures. Along with this these assessments are also expected to demonstrate the analysis of how to solve different kinds of business problems through the help of different kinds of case studies and academic literature. The students are also expected to show how to analyze the financial and strategic plan for small businesses. Along with these the assessments are also meant to enhance and develop the skills in report writing as well as verbal communication and collaborative decision making.

The students through the BUS302 assessment answers course assessments are also meant to articulate the importance of ethical conduct especially in the sector of commercial management. Having said that although the idea of the assessments is to strengthen the theoretical knowledge of the students about the subject but the group projects are designed in a way to ensure that the students develop the art of communication and negotiation as well as are able to demonstrate some amount of leadership skills.

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Weightage of BUS302 Entrepreneurship Course Code?

With regards to the weightage of the BUS302 task solution course, it is very important to note the fact that the course carries four credits in total which is divided in different kinds of assessments. The first is the business plan evaluation which carries 20 percent weightage. The next is the business proposal which is a group project which carries 40 percent in total, the report is 30 percent and the presentation is 10 percent. And the last one is final examination which carries 40 percent in total which is of two hours in total.

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