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The course BUSI330 Principles of Marketing is conducted at Liberty University which is located in Virginia. This course is mainly focused on introducing the students to a range of practices that are related to the field of marketing. This is mainly the study of a system of different activities which together form the concept of marketing. This course goes on to discuss various aspects which are related to the idea of marketing. The various principles of marketing are discussed in detail within this course and the students also get to learn about the policies which are created around the concept of marketing.

The students learn about a number of frameworks and how these frameworks can be applied to get the optimum results. The students are taught how to analyze the wants and needs of the customers who are seen as a potential customer for the company. BUSI330 task answers are mainly focused on those people who want to take up the positions of manager in a number of companies. The students also learn to take up an analytical view of the different aspects of a business. The universal application of different theories and strategies with respect to marketing is emphasized within this course. The students in this case are introduced to a range of aspects relayed to the process of marketing and the variables that directly influence the marketing of any product or service.

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The students within this course learn to understand the market and how the marketing of the product is to be done in such a way that the sales for the given product or service are increased significantly. This course also teaches the students about a number of strategies that can be applied to the practical situation only to draw conclusions about the trends in the market and how the changing trends within the market can be analyzed. The process that is undertaken in order to formulate a number of strategies is also brought under question within this course and it is ensured that the students who have enrolled for this course have an in-depth understanding of how each of these strategies, policies and tools are used in order to get results.

By the end of this course, the students gain a clear understanding of the different principles and why do these principles exist in the first place. They also gain a clear understanding of the different tools and frameworks which can be used in a practical situation only to increase the sales of the product or the services. In addition, the students also have an understanding of the range of strategies and logic that is put to use while dealing with any product and mainly to increase its reach.

Unit details of BUSI330 Principles of Marketing

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code: - BUSI 330

Location: - Liberty University, Virginia.

Study level: - Bachelor's level study

Brief on BUSI330 Principles of Marketing

The assessment is divided into two parts. The first part is further divided into two sections and the entire first section will deal with the theoretical parts of marketing principles. The first section of the first assessment mainly encourages the students to indulge in extensive reading. They will have to read and analyze the reading materials that are provided to them. There are credit points that are awarded to this section and the main purpose behind BUSI330 answers is to ensure that the students have the ability to identify the market and different functions that are associated to principles of marketing.

The second section of the first part will focus on evaluating the ability of the students to retain the knowledge that is given to them. There are a series of questions and answers which are often direct questions that need to be answered by the students. The students will have to show the ability to understand different concepts and also the ways in which the different theories can be used by the students to solve issues. The main purpose is thus to test the conceptual understanding of the students.

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The second section of the assessment is focused on evaluating the ability of the students to apply the theories and frameworks in practical situations. They are thus given a number of case studies that will have different requirements to test different aspects of the student's ability to apply the knowledge that is gathered by the students. These case studies would generally include some information about the company as well as different factors that directly influence the marketing. There would also be a set of questions that will be provided to the students which will act as the guidelines to what the student has to do. The students in this case will have to play the role of the marketing executive and thus show their clear understanding of the various principles.

Weightage of this BUSI330 Course Code in The Semester

The course BUSI 330 Principles of Marketing is mainly adding to the overall aim of this semester and this is why it has been a credit score of twenty percent. BUSI330 assignment answers is not dependent on this semester solely and they can easily be taught as an individual course but this semester is somewhat dependent on this course which is why this course serves as an integral part of the entire semester. The students in this course learn about a number of important concepts which are important for the understanding of marketing as a concept.

The students experience advantage in their personal and professional life due to this course and the reason for the same is that the knowledge that is gained by the students within this course can help the students in becoming better marketing experts and thus the range of opportunities increase for the students and they get an edge over their competitor. With the increased competition in the market, most organizations want people who are thorough with the concepts of marketing and can apply them effectively in the practical world.

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