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ITC563 IT Management Issues explores the many different technologies inherent in the field of information technology (IT) and their impact on information systems design, functionality, operations, and management. There are many managerial roles for an IT Manager. Mintzberg's classic role model includes six managerial roles: resource allocator, leader, spokesman, monitor, liaison, and entrepreneur.

On top of these roles, the IT manager has to have an idea about many more management issues, such as change management, helpdesk management, network management, human management, content management, service management, investment management, process management, problem management, incident management, stress management and so on. Today, we should add outsource management with the Cloud computing concepts. Knowing all of these management concepts with the Mintzberg roles, IT managers can better operate their department and serve the business.

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Various universities are focusing on the subjects and chapters related to the IT industry. However the above code is not only theory but also skill development for IT managers and making students job-ready is the aim, the code is associated with Charles Sturt University.

Unit details of ITC563 IT Management Issues

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code – ITC563

Location – Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney)

Study level – Post-graduation

Brief on ITC563 IT Management Issues

There is an enrolment restriction that is all students that have completed ITC574 cannot participate in this course. And the course is available to the following students:

  • Masters of business administration
  • Masters of systems development
  • Masters of information system and security
  • Masters of IT management
  • A graduate certificate in information technology
  • Graduate Diploma in information technology
  • A graduate certificate in systems development

ITC563 assessment answersfocus on the role and value of information, Information Systems (IS), and Information Technology (IT) in modern organizations. It provides students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge relating to the planning, implementation, and management of systems and technologies. Students will also be allowed to develop a critical view and be able to constructively critique processes adopted or employed in organizations.

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When it comes to delivery of the course the university has offline as well as online methods. The university has a student portal that students can access from anywhere at any time for various kinds of tasks. All student material will be available online once the respected faculty members upload it online on the portal and students can access it all the time. There are discussion forums where students can discuss relevant matters for growth and development by sharing each other's views and knowledge as peer support is important and peer learning is effective. Also, the students can raise a request for extra classes or remedial classes that will be later reviewed by the university, and later a class will be scheduled for the student.

The course has the perfect blend of chapters that will focus on covering every aspect of the subject for the students. The university has planned the curriculum perfectly so that the students are job-ready once they have completed the module. The following are the chapters that will be taught to the students:

  • Organizations, environments, and IT.
  • IT: concepts and management.
  • Strategic information systems.
  • IT and business process engineering.
  • Network computing: discovery, communication, and collaboration.
  • Electronic commerce.
  • Impact of IT on organizations, individuals, and society.
  • Transaction processing, innovative functional systems, and supply chain integration.
  • Supporting management and decision-making and intelligent support systems.
  • Data and knowledge management.
  • Planning for IT and IS.
  • IT economics.
  • Managing information resources, control, and security.

The students are expected to be able to perform various tasks that are upon completion of the course the students will be expected to deliver certain things these are the refereed as the learning outcomes of the course. The learning outcomes for this course are as follows:

  • The students must be able to describe the role of information and communication technologies in various organizational activities. How it impacts and its significance in a logical way.
  • The students should be able to explain the important value of information to an organization.
  • The students must be able to evaluate information capability and various delivery options.
  • The students should be able to analyze the correct efficiency of information delivery and must be able to manage the information and information systems.
  • The students should be able to criticize management processes and involvement in planning information systems and information technology only to come up with a better one as advisory.
  • The students must be able to identify and co-relate to the emerging technology issues in management and provide a short balanced analysis report.

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Weightage of this ITC563 Course Code in their Semester

The most important part of a manager is punctuality and discipline hence the university has given attendance 10% weightage. This is the best representation of punctuality and discipline for the students. Then there will quiz that will have 20% weightage the topics will be all chapters that were taught till then along with current affairs related to the subject. Then there will be the mid-term examination that will have 30% weightage and this will follow the traditional question answers format. The chapters that were taught in the first phase will be a part of the syllabus.

Then there will be a report writing project that will have 20% weightage where the students will be given a case study which they will have to analyze. The case study will have a real existing company with current data and realistic problems which they have to identify and provide solutions. The solutions should be justified and should be able to fix the challenge. The last 20% weightage is given to the final examination that will take place in the university itself and will include all chapters taught till then. This will also follow the traditional question and answer format where students will give questions and they will have to write the answers within the given allotted time.

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