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Explanation Of The 101560 Introduction To Crime And Criminal Justice Unit

101560 assignment answers is entitled with the title of Introduction to Crime and Criminal Justice and it is associated with the University of South Australia. The 101560 assessment answers course aims to construct the knowledge as well as understanding about the foundational notion of law. It will be sufficient to understand the law issues and resolving strategies. It provides basic ideas involved within the contract law and its principles. The elements of the course are listed in the following section

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  • Discharge of contracts performance, agreement, frustration and termination.
  • Remedies damages, equitable remedies and the restitutionary remedies.
  • Invalidating factors misrepresentation, mistake, duress, undue influences, unconscionability, and illegality.

Unit Details Of 101560 Assessment Answers Course

As per the name suggest, the 101560 assessment answers course deals with the understanding of introductory phase of crime and criminal justice. It is an integral part of the field of contract law. According to study, contract is particularly the voluntary agreement within two or more bodies. Court will be the enforcing body of the entire agreement. The obligations and rights created within the contract are applicable for the parties only and nobody else. 101560 is the course that also provides the understanding of all the elements of contracts and contract law which are briefly demonstrated below.

    • Competent parties is the first component associated with the notion of contract. In order to understand the enforcement of the contract, both the participate needs to contain certain legal capabilities. Both the parties need to cover the age of eighteen in most of the standard states. Entering any minor body within the contract, there will be chances of avoidance of the obligations mentioned in the contract by the minor. Hence, it is acknowledged as the voidable contract. Along with this, both the parties need to mentally stable. The party needs to be capable enough to encode or decode the legal terms and conditions.
    • Subject matter of the project second considerable element within the contract is the subject matter of the project. Purpose of the contract need to be legal. The subject matter will be considered as improper if it is not connected with public interest or policy, remains immoral or connected with any violation of public act. It may include the activities including usurious and gambling contracts. Generally, the entire young generation is influenced by the negative influences of globalisation. Hence, they are often indulging into different contracts having connection with any of the criminal activities or criminal offences.
    • Offer 101560 defines the third element of the contract law is offer. According to the study, both the participants of the contract need to be certain about the contract. The offer needs to be valid and there should be a proper communication procedure. Both the parties need to be willing to enter within the contract. Along with this, both the parties need to accept the alliance offered by the contract. The acceptance needs to be in terms of the provided offer. It is effective that is dispatched for putting offeree’s possession. It is called the rule for mailbox. It is reasonable method for both the parties.

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  • Contract type the course also include a proper demonstration of different types of contracts. It expresses through the terms and conditions stated orally or written. The nature of the contract is bilateral. Every party performs a proper role to perform. This contract is known as unilateral promises to both the parties. The effort provided by the experts need to be accepted by the performing body of the contract. Students can study different newspaper advertisement that include different types of offers. The advertisement includes a consideration that solicitate different offers that excludes any impact of the advertiser.
  • Expectations both the parties included in the contract contain certain expectations regarding the written form of requirement. There is a firm negative impact on both the parties related to the requirement of the written contract. The person need to make oral promises to break the grounds and ensure avoidance of any chances of frauds. For preventing the frauds one should ordinarily requires proper writing forms. One should be partial in maintaining the performance between the contracts and the participants. Hence, the promises made within the contract need to be based on the promissory estoppel. Within the field of promises, one should expect the promises that cannot be unenforceable. It prevents injustice to be incorporated in the field of contract.
  • Remedies as mentioned in the contents of the 101560 assessment answers course, it also includes different remedies of various kinds of breaches present in the contract. Within the injured party, one should accept the performance contract that proposed by the defaulting party. It is one of the procedures of maintaining the contract and seeking the damages. Sometimes both the parties need to accept a significant alteration within the circumstances among time and the environment. Hence, course need to accept different types of excuses related to the observed changes.

Brief Assessment Of 101560 Introduction To Crime And Criminal Justice

The entire 101560 assessment answers course is assessed through the procedure of formative assessment. Students need to present their understanding through a formative assessment. Along with this, students will be assessed with their capability of application of course learning. Crime and criminal justice require former understanding of law and the enforcement of law by government. This entire 101560 assignment answers course provides a complete opportunity to the students to acquire the knowledge related to contract and how the notion of criminal justice is associated with contract. They will be able to learn the responsibilities of both the participants to understand contract law.

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Weightage Of 101560 Introduction To Crime And Criminal Justice Course

The entire 101560 task solution course contains a complete hundred credit points. The students will be utilising their knowledge and understanding of the entire course to achieve highest score in this assignment. The score is divided in certain parts identification of any issue in the contract law, analysis of the government policies and regulations to enhance or mitigate the issue, and presenting the assignment in the form of report writing is important to achieve good marks. Finally, maintaining the academic integrity and proper citation of both the course learning and external resources will be verified by the professors.

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