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MGT302A Strategic Management is designed to allow students to completely understand the complex concepts facing current companies while enabling customization towards the preferred business skills. This course takes students through a unique set of skills that will give them a competitive benefit in the labor marketplace. In this module, students will get an understanding of how companies develop strategies related to various environmental factors. Students will also learn how external contexts and internal contexts shape the corporate operations and strategic decisions of individual managers. This course covers several topics, including a holistic approach to strategic management, leadership and competition, external and internal organizational environment, business and corporate level strategy, merger and acquisition strategy, competitive dynamics and competitive rivalry, strategic leadership, and much more.

Throughout this course, students will learn fundamental skills, techniques, and theories about the subject and apply them to a single basic context. As students gain more skills, techniques, and theories of such topics and implement them in more complex contexts, they begin to integrate these applications with other subjects as well. Students have an evident ability to research, plan, and use knowledge, theories, and techniques related to the subject in complex situations. Students will be able to integrate the subject content with other topics in the curriculum context.

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Unit Details Of MGT302A Strategic Management 

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code: MGT302A

Location: Laureate International Universities, United States

Study level: Undergraduate or Bachelor’s degree

The unit is designed to explore the role of strategic management in a complete collection of ongoing processes and activities that organizations adopt to systematically synchronize and coordinate resources within the company. This unit is designed to allow students to analyze the nature of the organization's strategies, goals, and capabilities and specifically, the role of business and corporate strategies as factors of higher performance. This unit includes topics, such as strategic environmental assessment, competitive and industry analysis, strategy control, strategy selection, and implementation, and mission formulation and goal setting. This course also considers environmental and sustainable strategies and corporate social responsibility.

At this level, students will be able to use a portion of their advanced knowledge in professional scholarship and practice as a means of further study. This unit provides students with the ability to think strategically about the company, its position within the market, and how to achieve a sustainable competitive benefit. The unit is designed to develop comprehensive, consistent, and current knowledge in the strategic management context. Students will be expected to apply their technical and information skills for professionally using, accessing, assessing, and managing information.

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Brief On MGT302A Strategic Management Assessment:

Lectures are conducted in a seminar-style and describe the content, provide inspiration and context, and illustrate students' experiences and lesson preparation. Tutorials contain class discussions on research papers and case studies; practice sets and collective and problem-solving projects on group work. Moreover, the assessment often includes group practice and therefore contributes to the development of cultural understanding and teamwork skills. Tutorial participation is an important component of the course and contributes to the expansion of many undergraduate qualities. Participation in tutorials contributes to the evaluation of many topics.

 In addition, online learning resources include classroom materials, reading, answer models for assignments, and discussion and practice boards. Every online material for this course provided by the university can be found on the Moodle page for this unit. Hence, the assessment is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge of theories and techniques in strategic management and to demonstrate the ability to select and use appropriate tools and techniques used to conduct practical investigations into specific corporate issues. The schedule of formal assessment tasks and the major exam for the unit are given by the university. Students will be assessed through the assessment activities, including research reports, case studies, and a final exam.

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Weightage Of This MGT302A Course Code In Their Semester

To pass or excel in this unit, students must achieve a minimum of 50% of the total grades in the subjects available. To be eligible for an A+ grade, students have to submit all assessment tasks in terms of case studies and research reports, including the final exam. Students should not receive any grade whether they do not complete the assessment subjects or participate in the final examination. In addition, students need to meet the minimum grade criteria for specific assessment work. In the assessment, the case study carries 20% weightage, the research report brings 30%, and the final exam brings 50% weightage in the unit. During this course, students will be expected to come to class with the required textbooks and read certain chapters before the tutorial.

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