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Terms Of Use -

Please go through these terms carefully and thoroughly before making use of the services of Students above the legal age can only use the services offered on our website. Any improper usage of our services are not supported and strictly prohibited. Once you are done placing the order on the website, it is required for an individual to confirm that he/she has read, understood, and agreed to all the ‘Terms and Conditions’ mentioned on the website.

Know that if you are making the payment or submitting the request, it means that you would be obliged legally to adhere to all the mentioned ‘Terms and Conditions’.

Terms And Conditions of Simplified For You

  • "Company," "We," or "Our" refers to website, operated by Solvemore LTD, a company incorporated under the laws of Cyprus with a registered office at Evi Building, Floor 2, Flat/Office 201, Kypranoros 13, 1061 Nicosia, Cyprus.
  • The word ‘website’ mentioned on any of the pages refers to ‘We’, ‘Our’, ‘Company’ also refers the same.
  • The terms ‘you’, ‘yours’, ‘consumer/customer’ denotes anyone bidding, submitting, placing an order, uploading their vital information, or making payments on our website.
  • Our messaging system is the software that makes sure the communication between the customer and the writers/customer support representative remain seamless and undisturbed.
  • The term ‘Order’ signifies the actual request for a service sent to our company by a customer. It would involve the specific requirements of the customer and detailed instruction of the resources that should be used in writing. An order would include the work of a customer in its entirety, along with the special requirements of the customer.
  • Service is the result of an ‘order’ that is received in the form of genuine content. This content is drafted and delivered to the customer purchasing our services based on their inquiry as a digital document.   
  • The ‘Order Status’ on the website would demonstrate the progress of the Order and present status of it towards the final completion.
  • In the ‘Quality Assurance Department’ guards and assesses the quality of the products and services offered by us.
  • A special request sent by a customer for editing the final solution to us is considered as the ‘Product Revision’. It is completed on the basis of the initial requirements provided for the order.
  •’s structural unit that is responsible for coordinating and assisting the entire ‘Order’ process is known to be the Support Team (Support).
  • Wallet denotes the personal account of a Customer that carefully store all the credits earned by the customer. The funds that are further added to their personal balance are performed voluntarily to compensate for the price of the orders of the customer at their own discretion.
  • As per the agreement of the company, the writer denotes a person employed by as a freelancer. They are responsible for offering academic research and paper writing services for the company.
  • Finally, the specific program that is specifically designed to target the existing customers of is known as the ‘Affiliate Program’. The primary goal of the program is to reward the daily clients of the company with credits to the personal wallet and also for driving new clients to the website. The commission rates or rewards are solely defined and decided by the company which can be changed completely at its own discretion.

Terms And Conditions For Placing Order At The Website And Registration

  • Know that all the orders at our website are placed only after the completion of the entire ‘Order’ form provided in the ‘Application’ section of our website. We would not be able to offer any service by other means than by request.
  • The ‘Order’ form submitted by each individual should mention clearly the scope of the work, parameters of the order, and the crucial terms of delivery. It is only the responsibility of an individual to provide accurate, clear, full, and the final information to each of the standards while filling in the Order form.
  • Every customer would be requested to register by providing the contact information like name, email address, telephone number, and the country of residence. If you face any difficulties while registering, please contact the ‘Customer Support’ team. Additionally, if any of your contact details change over time, it is only your responsibility to update the profile immediately or inform our Support to make the necessary changes.
  • strictly values the privacy of each its customer. Thus, we would like to inform you that you would be receiving emails on your registered id after signing up with us to avail our services. We treat the email ids or any information shared with us by the customer with the utmost care and guarantee that it won’t be ever shared with anyone else. Therefore, you can be completely assured that all emails sent from us are designed to benefit you solely, and no one else.
  • If comes across multiple accounts belonging to a single customer, it would merge with the initial account that was created during the first purchase from us.’s Terms And Conditions Related To Order Payment And Discounts

  • While a customer is placing an order at our website, he/she agrees fully to purchase the service from us. Only after the payment for any service is completed and authorised, we would begin processing your order.
  • The payment for any order can be completed through debit/credit cards or any means of payment supported by us.
  • As per the Company’s pricing policy, the payment for any service gets calculated. It should be always paid in advance. In no ways would the company be held responsible for the delivery of the requested service until the full payment is made and authorised.
  • We assure to provide equal access to discounts and bonus program information to all our customers of the company with no discrimination.
  • We have the right to provide each of our customers with discount and bonus programs at our own discretion. If a code is not provided to the customer while filling out the Order form, the discount won’t be given for that specific order.
  • The impact of the work to be done to deliver the complete Order can only be determined after conducting a manual review. After the evaluation, the company can request for additional payment or time to complete the order. The customer is allowed to make a decision at their own will. They can agree to new parameters or refuse to cooperate with us. If the wish of a customer is to stop working with us- a refund would be processed immediately as per our ‘Money Back Guarantee Policy’.

Personal Wallet Of The Customer

  • If the case of partial or full reimbursement occurs, then the customers of the Company can avail the option to either proceed as per the Money Back Guarantee policy. He/she can even transfer the funds to Credits in their Personal Account.
  • The number of credits a customer stores in his/her wallet would be used to proceed with the payment while placing the future Orders of our Company. 1 US Dollar equals 1 credit. This would be saved in Your Personal Account with no expiration date or limit whatsoever.
  • Rest assured the funds would be transferred to Credits at the customer’s will and ONLY with his/her approval. After the completion of the transfer of funds to Credits- the amount that gets saved in the Credit is completely non-refundable. It can only be used to pay for future orders at our company.
  • We can provide you with a certain amount of credits as a part of our ‘loyalty program’ activities. It would be used to further cover payments for future orders.

The Complete Order Process Explained

  • Validation Of The Order- has the complete right to re-check the details of the Order provided by the customer after the payment. This is done to confirm whether the requirements of each academic paper were met as and when asked by the professor successfully. If any such kind of mismatch is found, Support has the right to modify the order to make sure the requirements of each of our company’s customers are followed.
  • Volume Of The Order- At, each order placed by a Customer has a specific volume. This is measured by the number of words to be provided. After the delivery of the Service by the Company, the document received by the customer has to match the expected number of words metric. (the document can have fewer pages than requested by the customer, but it should have an exact number of words as per the 250 words per page double spaced or 500 words per page single-spaced rule). If there is a mismatch of the page/number of words, the customer can request to reformat the final product.
  • Changes To Be Made In The Details Of The Order- Know that the Support or the Customer can only offer changes to an order if the work has not yet been started by the Writer. No changes could be made by us once the work has been researched and work on the order has started. If the details of the order increase in volume, complexity, or narrow the completion terms, the individual have to pay additional compensation for the additional instructions.
  • Essential Resources- It is crucial for the Customer to mention the specific resource material required in the production process. If the Writer has to locate paying for downloading or purchasing the resources, additional charges would be incurred. The payment for such charges should be made before the delivery.

Generally, the following deadlines for orders are in place-

  • The resources are required to be supplied within half an hour of the order placement for all the orders due within 12-24 hours.
  • If the order is due within 24- 72 hour, then there exists a 1-hour deadline for supplying the materials.
  • Communication- Through the Message System of our website, the customer is greatly encouraged to communicate with the writer. If they want to seek more information, they can also make contact with the Support directly.
  • Tracking Of The Order Progress- Through their personal account the Customer can track the progress of the order. Under it, the information about the order and the status is displayed.

Delivery Of The Order- Terms And Conditions

  • By all means, would be held responsible for the delivery of a particular service and meeting the deadline, as mentioned in the Order.
  • After a service has been delivered by us, it is the sole responsibility of the customer to download it timely.
  • If an incorrect email id is provided by the customer while placing the order, then the company cannot be held responsible. If such a situation occurs, the Customer can contact Support for any kind of assistance with the delivery of the ORDER.
  • The funds with the company would be released automatically, after the passing of seven days of the deadline. This is considered to be a part of the protection of our Writer. It is requested to each customer to review the order diligently after the delivery. Once the entire sum of money is received by the Writer working on the order, the work is considered to be complete and no refunds would be made.

Revision Of The Order- Terms And Conditions

  • In order to receive the free revision requested for any order, the Customer is required to submit the revision request in the form of a written form through the Messaging system. This should be done no later than 30/45/90 calendar days after the delivery date of the Order. For any thesis, dissertation, research proposal, thesis proposal, dissertation chapters, or any other huge assignments, the revision request should be made no later than 30 days. If the customer misses the revision deadline, he/she is required to have their order revise by making an additional payment or placing an order after editing.
  • If the revision instructions violate the initial Order specifications, the Quality Assurance Department has complete right to decline the request.
  • If the behaviour of a customer is found to showcase exploitation of the Writer or other unreasonable requests, the Quality Assurance Department of can decline the request or limit multiple revision requests, as per the situation.

Terms And Conditions Regarding The Use Of Products

  • While paying for an order at our Website, you agree that it is only for personal and non-commercial use.
  • It is vital that you agree not to modify, distribute, reproduce or display our service by any means on the World Wide Web. You cannot even use the content through a hard copy over a permissible limit essential for personal use.
  • When the writers who work on behalf of our Company hand over the delivered products, the transfer the full ownership of the products we offer to our customers.
  • All products we offer are provided solely as an example of reference, research, samples or for learning performances. The Company has all the Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright for the products.

Terms And Condition In Respect To The Responsibility Of The Company

  • We have a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism, academic dishonesty, or fraudulent activities of any kind. In any cases, the company cannot be counted accountable if such illegal and unethical use of the products and the Website content takes place.
  • strictly abides by all the Copyright Laws of the company. Any opposing activity would only be the responsibility of the Customer if they happen to break the Terms and Conditions of the company.
  • Note of Disclaimer For The Links Used On Website-By no means, we approve, condone, or guarantee that the links provided on our websites abide by the company’s terms and conditions. We are not responsible for, contribute, or control the content going out from the posted links on our website. Visiting such links is agreed upon the risk of the customers as per the user agreement that is submitted by them along with the order form.
  • Security and Privacy- Visit the Privacy Policy Page of our website to know more about the personal security information. completely possesses the rights to contact any of our customers through the email for informing about new services, discounts, special offers, or any other useful information for the customers.

But, we highly value the privacy of our customers and guarantee to disclose any essential personal or billing information to any third parties. As a matter of fact, to make sure all the data of our customer remains protected, the Company processes all kinds of transactions through a safe and secure online payment system.


Once you are done submitting the order or the payment, you agree completely to acknowledge all of the below-enlisted statements-

  • Any and all information, as well as the ideas that would be used by our Writers from the provided resources should be cited accurately if they are used at a later date.
  • Other than the permissible number of printed copies for personal and educational use, the publication, transmission, distribution, modification, display or any derivative works should not be drafted from the content of the Company without taking prior written consent.
  • When you use our services, you agree completely to receive essential promotion information like specials, contests, and discounts offered by the company. If you wish to unsubscribe or subscribe you can do so from your profile directly.
  • We make no warranties in respect to our website or the materials, stated or implied, that arises by law or otherwise. This incorporates a warranty of suitability or merchantability for a non-infringement, specific purpose, implied guarantee or warranty that occurs with from the usage of trade.
  • We cannot be considered responsible for any consequences of any errors that occur on our website. We do not in any way guarantee that our operation would run smoothly and in an error-free way.
  • The customers are strictly advised to seek professional opinions before they make use of any available services on the website.

Terms And Conditions Regarding The Limitation Of Liability

When any customer agree to all of the above-mentioned Terms And Conditions, it implies that they are acknowledging not to hold the Company, other Consumers, the employees, agents, directors, representatives, shareholders, or any third-party providers for any kind of loss, damage, rights, actions, claims of any nature that comes from or are related to the company.
These services include but not in any ways limited to-

  • Failed, unclear, delayed or incomplete computer transmissions and communications
  • Any situation that arises due to the events lying beyond the control of the company which causes services to be delayed, disrupted, or corrupted
  • Losses, damages, injuries of any type that occurs with a consequence or in connection to using our services
  • Any printing errors in any of the materials associated with the services of the company

Further, you agree not to hold our Company and its affiliates reprehensible or responsible for any demand, suit, or claim. This incorporates the fees of the attorney, fraud done by another third party, or simply breaching the Terms and Conditions. By no means, under any circumstances, should be held liable for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, punitive, or special damages that are in any way related to the use of the provided information on the website.


If the information initially given by a customer contains any misleading information, conceals, or omits any information we consider to be relevant, has the right to terminate a customer’s right to use the Services even after they have made the full payment. If any action to undermine or harm the server of the website is found, it would be subjected to automatic termination by the website. This incorporates the spamming, the transmission of innumerable viruses, or by linking to files and sites that distribute them.
The Company would be sole adjudicator as to what can be considered as the violation of the agreement.


You, as the consumer of, agree and acknowledge that these Terms and Conditions could be completely changed by the company without giving any prior notice. We recommend highly that all the customers of the website should read these Terms and Conditions every time before placing the order to notice if any changes are made.

Governing Law

These Terms of Use and any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with them shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Cyprus. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or in connection with these Terms of Use, or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof, shall be finally settled by courts of the Republic of Cyprus.

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