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The University of Canberra in Australia provides the course on 10191 Foundations of Professional Planning which is provided at the undergraduate level. The EFTSL (Equivalent Full-Time Study Load) is 0.125. The students will be able to address the semester through various learning moments which will include assessments, online material, interactive activities, and the provision of feedback. The students are expected to have no prerequisites for this course however there are certain co-requisites. The students are expected to be enrolled in 365JA Bachelor of Nursing Advanced or 885AA/364JA Bachelor of Nursing. The students must also be enrolled in or have already passed the course unit 9060 Learning for Professional Practice 2 or 10204 Integrating Nursing Concepts 2 (Capstone 1).

The aim of this course unit is to enable the students to be able to provide the health assessment and commence a proper plan of care while developing an understanding of the clinical reasoning necessary for the clinical context. The students will be able to communicate the health as well as patient information to the concerned persons both in oral and written format, under supervision. The students will be able to demonstrate as well as describe the health assessment techniques and conduct a proper discussion of the findings of the 10191 assessment answers. The students will be able to formulate and improve upon a plan of care and describe the proper clinical reasoning for the care plan development.

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The students are expected to display proper initiative and drive towards utilization of organizational skills in order to manage and plan their workload. After successful completion of the unit, the students are expected to communicate effectively especially after performing the health assessment and formulating a care plan. The students are also to remain updated in their field of work and employ the relevant skills and knowledge accordingly. The students after graduation will be able to work in a team and exercise collaboration while being capable of resolving any conflicts, exhibiting their negotiation skills, and implementing the teamwork spirit within their teams.

The students will be able to communicate effectively in diverse social and cultural settings while ensuring their professional capacity. The students are expected to be capable of understanding their issues in the profession and form the perspective of other cultures. The students will be able to implement their innovativeness, analysis, critical thinking, and problem-solving and research skills in order to find solutions for both theoretical and real-world problems. The students are also expected to be able to take pride in their personal as well as professional integrity while ensuring that they are able to utilize the technological advancements in their professional and personal lives.

10191 assignment answers, proper feedback, and the interactive activities provided by the university in this course will ensure that the students are able to achieve the goals as expected by the faculty. The students will be able to properly document their assessment while maintaining academic integrity and present proper written and oral format of their assessments and care plan formulated. The course unit will also empower the students in describing the clinical reasoning skills that they are employing and which enabled them to arrive at the informed decision of formulating a care plan development. The students will be able to devise a proper care plan and ensure that they implement proper steps while performing such an assessment.

Unit details of 10191 Foundation of Professional Planning

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code: 10191

Location: Canberra, Australia

Study level: Undergraduate level

Brief on 10191 Foundation of Professional Planning

The assessments to be provided by the faculty will have specific information and the instructions will be provided on the Canvas site. The students are required to obtain a passing grade in this unit and hence should relate their assignment to the provided details and instructions. The overall aggregate of the marks obtained should be 50%. The moderation of the assessment items will be to ensure that the marking is consistent and fair. The moderation will ensure that the incorporated assessment is according to the marking rubric. The extensions for the assessment will be considered through extenuating or evidenced circumstances.

The extensions will thus need to be applied for before the due date after proper documentary evidence is provided to the concerned authority. The relevant program director or the unit convenor will be responsible for the granting of the extension as well as determining the length of the extension. The late submission of assignments will be accepted only for a limited period of time. The students are expected to present and maintain academic integrity and thus ensure that the falsification of data, plagiarism, and cheating are not present in their submitted work. The students are expected to build on the work of others with proper acknowledgment and attribution.

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The students are expected to complete the AIM (Academic Integrity Modules) at least once during the course of their study so that they have a better understanding of the concept of academic integrity. The university provides text-matching software that helps the staff and the student to reduce plagiarism in their text while maintaining academic integrity. The software is expected to match the submitted text against various materials for instance research articles, journals, published books, and previously submitted journals or student texts.

Weightage of this 10191 Course Code in their Semester

The course presents 3 credit points and the delivery mode is on campus. The course is provided by the Faculty of Health and the discipline is under the Discipline of Nursing. The level of study of this course is Level 1 which is the Undergraduate Introductory Unit.

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