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Explanation of PUBH6006 Community Health And Disease Prevention

The PUBH6006 Community Health And Disease Prevention assignment answers course seeks to provide details of community health and disease prevention to the students. The recent failure of the global healthcare system in front of the COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated the importance of disease prevention, mitigation, termination, and sound management of all relevant areas of community health and public health at large. The US, the UK, and other European nations have failed on their mouth as far as the management of the pandemic is concerned.

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Lack of new methods, cohesion, and proper management in a decentralized manner have given birth to millions of cases of COVID-19 and consequent deaths to the tune of millions, especially in the UK and the US. The two nations are perceived to be with comprehensive and robust healthcare policies and marked expertise as compared to the rest of the countries of the world. Lack of compactness and coordination among various levels of policymakers and the executives of the modern democracies have indicated a total failure of public health agencies that have contributed to millions of deaths and complete collapse of community health authorities across the world keeping few of the countries as an exception due to their robust and resilience response form their bureaucracy and healthcare experts.

However, the ego of the West has fallen as their trusted healthcare infrastructures failed to contain the claws of the pandemic. Now is the time that global universities can use in their favor as far as designs of public health courses are concerned. Hence, practical, data-driven, and state-of-the-art methods of teaching and course designs are the only ways for dealing with future alike crises. The course is designed in such a way that all of its students can lead the global public health institutions when they will pass the course.

Unit Details

Location: - Maryland, the United States

Study level: - Postgraduate

Unit code: - PUBH6006 or Community Health and Disease Prevention

Name of the University: Laureate International Universities

Brief Assessment Of PUBH6006 Community Health And Disease Prevention

The assessment of the PUBH6006 assignment answers course will be based on community health and disease prevention techniques and their detailed understanding. The students of the PUBH6006 assessment answers course will be assessed on the basis of community health and its betterment. Extermination and ousting diseases are later stages of the course but fundamentally the PUBH6006 answers course seeks to generate the right set of awareness among the students regarding community health and disease prevention.

The role of various stakeholders such as private players, funding agents, owners, policymakers, bureaucrats, and other concerned people associated with public health or community health management will be discussed in detail in the assessment of the PUBH6006 assignment answers course. Most of the times, community health workers or public health experts fail due to the incapacity of coordination among these various agencies and stakeholders. However, intricacies and complexities associated with coordination and policy coordination result in tremendous and massive setbacks leading to catastrophic outcomes as far as community health outcomes are concerned.

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Hence, prior focus shall be given in assessing various levels of stakeholders, emphasis on coordination and collaboration, structuring healthcare systems, supporting necessary health policies that are very pragmatic and realistic in nature. A proper audit of all the information associated with policies and how they are getting feedback and their overall crux shall be evaluated on a regular basis for supporting the policymakers decisively. Hence, the PUBH6006 assessment answers course will assess the analytical abilities of students and how far they can relate with various feedback and reviews gained form the people. Sharing these reviews in a hierarchical manner can elevate the overall health outcomes as far as community health and disease prevention are concerned.

What is the Weightage of this PUBH6006 Course Code in Their Semester?

The weightage of the course PUBH6006 task solution has 2 credits in the semester with marked weightage on various healthcare-related policies and their statistics form the past. Hope for the future policies are also there in the PUBH6006 assessment answers course concerning how to use public health policies in such a way that people are not infected by a lot of public health concerns or diseases of concern such as the present COVID-19 pandemic.

In the context of the recent disasters experienced in the US concerning the recent pandemic, it was really disastrous and catastrophic. Levels of cataclysm involved in the present case were unprecedented and exposed the real image of the Centre for Disease Prevention (CDC), US. They have made a disaster as far as management of the pandemic is concerned which is however being indicated that the experts and professionals working CDC were driven old and obsolete techniques and approaches of managing the pandemic on the basis of the efforts and way practiced during the late 1960s.

Health science has developed since then effectively and marked emphasis has been given to management and prevention rather than mitigation of disease since then. Definition and orientation of various courses are tormenting the outcomes of them and hence a new methodology and practically has shall be incorporated in various courses for enhancing the scope of work for the students passing the courses can serve the nation in its darkest hour. However, CDC has served its role as a savior over the years but however, this time their old tactics and approach fell short of the actual deliverable to serve the people. The entire country of the US is being stigmatized in terms of its leniency of COVID-19 management which was indeed evident in the defeat of the President and his failure in the management of the pandemic.

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However, with normalcy in the number of cases, people started to see new hopes but a challenge still exists regarding the efficacy of CDC in disease prevention and management of such situations in the near future. Health promotion is something that the PUBH6006 task solution courses of the present day shall emphasize on which is however being neglected in the congregation of factual information and unacceptable definition-oriented studies that are gradually losing their relevance of disease prevention and community health management. The PUBH6006 assignment answers course has thus given massive impetus on the management of community health and mitigation of prevalence of diseases and their outcomes concerning the future pandemics.

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